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 Zinda Blake, Lady Blackhawk
Lady Blackhawk
Posted: Mar 5 2011, 08:12 AM

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Group: Admin
Posts: 12
Member No.: 130
Joined: 5-March 11

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' B a s i c s

Nickname/s | Lady Blackhawk
DOB | July 16, 1930
Age | Her birth certificate says she's 82 but thanks to the joys of time displacement she has the body, appearance and energy of a 29 year old,
Sexuality | Heterosexual
Occupation | Shield agent, former soldier, freelance pilot & chauffeur
Loyalty | Good
Canon or Original | Canon
Celebrity Face | Leslie Bibb

' A b i l i t i e s

Powers/Abilities | [Credits to DC Database and Apps. I have used in other places.]

Aviation: Zinda is an ace flyer, able to easily handle any type of aircraft. In addition to her ability to handle a fighter plane, Zinda is also an expert in aerial maneuvers and combat.

Marksmanship: Zinda is a fine markswoman, skilled in the use of a variety of weapons as well as having an uncanny knack of turning whatever object she can get her hands on into a weapon. Comes with her militaristic background.

Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Zinda has superior abilities in hand-to-hand combat also due to her Blackhawk training as well as studying and training extensively on her own & various sources since arriving in the present day.

Zinda can practically drive anything with wheels on it, Has a side job as a chauffeur for hire in her spare time and is not only well skilled behind the wheel of a vehicle but also reckless and equally crazy as she is in a plane whenever she needs to be. In other words, this gal is dangerous.

Bilingual: Lady Blackhawk is well skilled in several different languages. In fact the legend has it that she can order beer in at least 30 of them. Zinda also possesses her own stockpiles of weapons and vehicles. Firepower of all kinds. A plane known as Aerie One. A helicopter: Aerie Two as well as personal vehicles such as a corvette, motorcycle and even a boat.

Weaknesses |
Zinda is brash and impulsive and always ready for a fight. While this characteristic can often times prove beneficial, it can also be a detriment and has landed her in dangerous situations that she could have otherwise avoided. + Her dark alter ego and the skeletons in the closet:Due to her periodic subjection to brainwashing in one form or another at the hands of Killer Shark in the past, Zinda is more susceptible to it than even the average human. For an enemy that has done their homework and studied up on her past that can be trouble waiting to happen. She has tried very hard to put those experiences behind her but the nightmares still remain. + Still human: Despite all the attitude and skills that she possesses to back it up, Zinda Blake is still only human. She can be hurt or injured as one therefore..

' A p p e a r a n c e

Height | 6'0"
weight | 147 LBS
Hair color & Style | Long, blond, & curly
eye color | Blue
Overall Appearance | A hot blond, drop dead gorgeous, and can make sackcloth look good. Throughout the years her uniform basically remained the same except it's a slightly darker shade of blue than in the old days. When she is out of costume she always dresses casual and isn't a fan of dresses. That about sums her up.

' P e r s o n a l i t y

Likes |
    ' one - beer, hot guys, & wild partys
    ' two - anything with bullets or wings
    ' three -a good bar fight
Dislikes |
    ' one - anti-patriotism and flag burners
    ' two - Being brainwashed
    ' three -Dancing with the stars
Flaws |
    ' one - temper
    ' two - overconfidence
    ' three -a bit reckless at times
Habits |
    ' one - combat training
    ' two - sleepwalking occasionally
    ' three -Cussing like a sailor
Overall Personality | Zinda Blake bleeds red, white and blue but is not blind to the Government's faults. She will defend them to the death as long as she believes they are on the right side which is a majority of the time. When she gets riled, hell hath no fury like Zinda Blake scorned. She loves to party and go crazy whenever time allows and is also fiercely loyal to her teammates and friends. Will charge hell with a squirtgun or crash through a brick wall if they need it that way.

' H i s t o r y

Birthplace | San Antonio, Texas
Mother | Steven Blake (deceased)
Father | Elizabeth Blake (deceased)
Siblings | None
Other Relations | Unknown
Overall History | Zinda Blake, determined to become the first woman member of the famed World War II fighter squadron known as the Blackhawks, trained herself to pilot a wide range of modern aircraft and made herself an expert in various forms of combat and weaponry. Her first attempt to join the group took place in Africa when she helped rescue a member, Olaf Bjornson, from a modern-day pirate called the Scavenger. Despite her able assistance, Zinda was told that the Blackhawk codes forbade a woman from joining the team.

Only a short time later, the Scavenger returned and managed to capture the entire Blackhawk Squadron, holding them prisoner within his floating island citadel. Blackhawk sent a radio signal to Zinda who arrived just in time to help extradite the captured Blackhawks and defeat the Scavenger. In recognition of her resourcefulness and bravery, Blackhawk decided that she could become an honorary member of the team. She came to the Blackhawks aid once again when she helped rescue them from Penelope, ruler of the island nation of Xenovia. Penelope captured the Blackhawks when she mistakenly believed that they were agents of a rival known as the Iron Duke.

After a number of adventures with the Blackhawks, Zinda became the victim of the villainous Nazi operative Killer Shark, who used drugs to brainwash her, forcing her to take up the identity of the costumed Queen Killer Shark. Zinda battled her former comrades a number of times before she was freed of the effects of his control. He would however return from time to time and continue to haunt her, forcing her to do his bidding after ambushing or catching her by surprise. it was during her last encounter with Killer Shark that the Blackhawk Squadron arrived in time to intervene and rescue her for what she hoped would be the final time...and it was but not the way she planned. Due to the time-warping effects of Zero Hour, Zinda was thrust into the present looking no different than she did in 1959. During the Crisis in Time, Zinda befriended other heroes, including an alternate-universe version of Batgirl. They had several adventures in various time periods, including the Wild West. Ultimately, the small group was separated by the events of the event. She later served as an employee and colleague to Guy Gardner and worked at his super-hero themed eatery, Warriors. Zinda was instantly accepted by Guy and assisted him and his makeshift team against various super-villains, often serving as a pilot. Zinda's companions included Arisia, a former Green Lantern, Buck Wargo, a millionaire adventurer, and 'Tiger-Man', a half-tiger, half-man.

Eventually she left his employ & Zinda began service as the team pilot for the Birds of Prey. Team leader Oracle recruited Zinda Blake as the team's fourth member. Since Zinda was looking for a change, she gladly accepted. After leaving Gotham City, Oracle established a headquarters at the Dalten Towers in Metropolis. Zinda appeared with a new helicopter, the Aerie Two, and handed out new jackets bearing a modified Blackhawk logo to the other Birds of Prey.

Blake soon resigned from the Birds of Prey rather than see Oracle forced to dismiss her under orders from the group's new leader, Spy Smasher; she marked her resignation by punching Spy Smasher in the face. However, she came to Oracle's aid soon after, and rejoined the team when Oracle's command was restored.

And then came the merge.

Due to fate's seemingly sadistic pleasure in kicking the crap out of her, Zinda's whole world was turned upside down and rebooted one more time with the past being little more than a memory. She remembered everything...barely but it was another lifetime ago now. With the changes wrought by the merger, gone were the Birds of Prey. Instead Zinda Blake now spent all her working hours in some sort of service to the government. after they had discovered she was still alive and well in the present age. She still has a her charter airline and chauffeur service on the side but the government comes first and God only knows if the flock of gals that were formerly her closest friends will ever spread their wings and fly together again.

' O u t o f C h a r a c t e r

Hello my name is Alan. If you do the math I have been alive for 40 yearsWhich means I have been Rping foryears. I have heard of this site from an ad. If you would like to contact me you can do so via PM

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Inspiration comes from the many that are out there.
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