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Title: Terrence Mcginnis
Description: BATMAN(FUTURE)

Terrence McGinnis - October 30, 2011 12:16 AM (GMT)
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' B a s i c s

Nickname/s |Terry, Batman, Batman Beyond, Bats, Bat-Freak, the list goes on really
DOB | February 17th 2013
Age | 18
Sexuality |Heterosexual
Occupation |He was a personal assistant for Bruce Wayne/Member of the League of Avengers/College student
Loyalty |League of Avengers, Himself, any hero opposed to the Supreme Lords
Canon or Original | Terry is a canon character from the series 'Batman Beyond' as well as the comic series, although some aspects of his history has been altered
Celebrity Face | (Insert here)

' A b i l i t i e s

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Powers | (Insert here)

Abilities | (Insert here)

Weaknesses | (Insert here)

' A p p e a r a n c e

Height | (Insert here)
weight | (Insert here)
Hair color & Style | (Insert here)
eye color | (Insert here)
Overall Appearance | (1+)

' P e r s o n a l i t y

Likes |
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    ' three -
Dislikes |
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    ' three -
Flaws |
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    ' three -
Habits |
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Overall Personality |

' H i s t o r y

Birthplace | (Insert here)
Mother | (Insert here)
Father | (Insert here)
Siblings | (Insert here)
Other Relations | (Insert here)
Overall History |

' O u t o f C h a r a c t e r

Hello my name is (Insert here). If you do the math I have been alive for (Age here)Which means I have been Rping for(experience). I have heard of this site from (insert here) If you would like to contact me you can do so via YIM, AIM, MSN, PM.

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