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ncsunbabe62 - March 2, 2009 04:51 AM (GMT)
Hi everyone, I am a female 46, I would like to ask any and all that use this site. Is anyone allergic to any of the meds. for N? I just found out after tring Xzyrem, that the signs I noticed with it was the same ones that I had with all other med. Let me fill you in. I found out in Aug of "03 that I have a severe case of N. Started on Provigil, 200mg then went to 400mg that still was not enought for me to work a 40 hour week. So we uped it to 600 then added 20mg ritlin, then another 20mg. I noticed that my skin would take a red tone to it after I started my meds for the day. Not my sleep dr. or my reg. dr could tell me way. In summer of "o7 i went to my reg dr. complaining of swelling of my legs. Guess what my liver enzemes was high 3 and 4 times the normaL. I can off all meds and we started again. Provigil at 100,150,200 then we swiched, to20mg of aderall. It worked for a while but caused my stomach to cramp so bad it landed me in the hospital for a week. The drs. thought I had a heart attack or stroke. so I was put though the ringer, I know now I have a very healthy heart. GREAT. Then we swiched to timereleased ritlin, the red tone skin came back and it was not strong enought at40mg. So I asked to go back on Provigil and a month later the red tone came back. So since red tone and swelling was what I had when we found out my liver enzems was high, I get a blood test, come off med and out of work again. In Dec. I got my xzyterm. it was womderful for the first 5 days, then I noticed a rash and red tone skin again. The pharmsits at the xzytrem company let me know that the red skin tone is a form of an allegric reaction. Now I am off all meds again an out of work agsin. Thank you for listing sorry it was so long. talk to all later have a good night and a good day tomorrow. ncsunbabe62

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