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 The law book
Posted: Nov 25 2011, 09:36 PM

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Group: Admin
Posts: 7
Member No.: 1
Joined: 19-May 11

oo1 Respect is the key to everything. Respect all members, and staff as well. The Memoir staff understands that you may lose your cool, or that you may not like everyone here, but that doesn't give you the right to disrespect others. So please respect everyone, if you break this rule there will be severe consequences.

oo2 On Memoir we operate on a three strike system. For those who do not know what it is or want a better explanation a three strike system is simple. If you break a rule, you get a written warning. If you continue to break the same rule after the written warning, you will be suspended for a certain amount of time depending on the severity of the situation. When you are allowed back, and you break the same rule yet again, you will be banned.

oo3 Drama. I want none of it here. I've seen drama destroy a site, I've seen it hurt peoples' feelings. I request that if you have a problem with someone, please take it up with one of the three owners. Do not spill it over into the chat, into your character's actions or personality(OOC to IC), don't confront them if you think you'll lose your cool.

oo4 Please do not plagiarize. Do not take whole personalities, names, and direct looks from a book, movie, television show, etc. Using names from those are fine, using a picture is okay too but do not have the same name as they're are attached to. Taking a few traits of a personality is okay as well.

Registering and auditioning

oo1 When you register to the site, make sure your username is both the first and last name of your character. If your character does not have a last name, which is uncommon, please let us know in your audition.

oo2 One character per account please. This allows us to keep track of all the characters on the site more easily

oo3 When it comes time for you to audition, please put your character's last name then first name as the title.

oo4 You must use the audition code that we have provided you with. This is just to start. Once your audition has been accepted, and moved to its appropriate board, you may customize it til your heart is content. Until then, use the code. Applications that do not have the code, will not be accepted until the code is in use.

oo5 Please put your best effort into auditioning. Appearance, personality, and brief history sections must be 150 words long, longer is better, but 150 words will do.

oo6 Be sure to check the face claim records to see if the play by you want is taken. If it is, please do not be upset. There are plenty of other models, celebrities, and other photographs of people out there that you can use. Do not let not being able to use a certain face discourage you from joining. As soon as you join, your play by that you will be using will be added to the list.

oo7 While we are on the subject of play by's, please do not use anime, drawings, video game, etc pictures. We want this site to be as realistic as possible, therefor use only real life photographs.

oo8 When you apply to the site, and are doing your application you MUST have a race and class for your character listed. Failure to do so will result in your character not being accepted until the site until you provide both. Example; Sally is a Walker, druid BUT Naanaa Sally's role player has put only Walker and failed to put in Druid after ward. So Naanaa's character will not be accepted into Memoir until she has both.

oo9 Also when you are auditioning your character MUST have an age. Whether it is written out in letters, or numbers, you must provide us with your character's age. This prevents anyone from cheating the set race ages. You may not have 'unknown' in the age slot. If you do your character will not be accepted into Memoir until you do.

o10 When you are auditioning as your character, you MUST post your audition as the character you are applying with. Example, Sally Joe applies to Memoir, but posts Sally Joe's audition on Jim Bob's account. If you do this staff will notify you to please switch accounts to post it on the proper character. oo8 Currently we do not have a character limit. Have as many characters as you want, just as long as you can stay active will all of them. If you feel that you cannot do so, please limit yourself.

o11 Your application must be complete in order for you to get accepted. Once it is complete then staff will post on there letting you know. So check often.

o12 When you cannot post on the site for a while, PLEASE post an update in the lounge, or on the absence board, that way people will not bother you for responses to the role plays that you are currently in.

o13 Those who fail to post it activity checks, or those who request it to be, their character account will be switched to 'inactive', and your profile will be moved to the appropriate forum. When you come back and wish to play your character again please post on your profile forum located under 'inactive characters/profiles' that you are back and to re-activate your account.

Accounts & activity

oo1 At Memoir we completely understand that not everyone can reach a computer every day in order to get on and do replies. We ask that our members be understanding about this, and not get impatient with people they are involved in role plays with. If you absolutely have to contact that person in a site message, and be civil.

oo2 If you are going to be absent or inactive for an extended amount of time please post in the library so everyone may be aware.

oo3 There may come a time where you are not able to reach a computer for a lengthy stretch of time, or your muse may have hit rock bottom, or you failed to post to an activity check. If any of these happen please tell staff to make your account inactive until you are able to be active once more. Upon your return all you need to do is contact Jojopie through the c-box or site messaging and she will reactivate your account. No one on Memoir is ever deleted unless they become banned.

Role playing

oo1 Memoir is rated mature due to explicit content. Considering there are several supernatural races there is bound to be war. With war comes gory violence. Other things such as strong language, and intimate scenes are played out in the forums. The site is for a mature audience only. So before joining, please know what you are getting into. People may role play out their explicit scenes as much as they'd like, but remember this is not a pornographic site, so try to keep it to a minimum.

oo2 Strong, foul, language is allowed. We will not put restrictions on how much you can use it in character. Please though try to refrain from using the obscene language in the c-box.

oo3 No god moding/power playing/meta playing. Please no god moding, power playing, or meta playing. God moding is when someoneís character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries and no one can do any harm to them no matter how hard they try. Power playing is when someone controls another personís character. Meta playing is when your character knows everything, even about people they donít even know. An example of meta playing is: Lets say person A is a elf druid, and has a wolf companion that attacks strangers that come near her. Suddenly person B knows this without even talking to people who have encountered the druid and the wolf, or has never, themselves, came in contact with the druid and wolf. If you do any of these, you will receive a warning. If you continue, you will be suspended. If you still persist you will be banned. God moding, power playing, and meta playing will not be tolerated at all. You can power play however with the permission of the other person. If they give you permission please put that you have permission in an ooc note with that person saying that you gave it to you.

oo4 We do no discriminate on anyone for their writing style. All types and levels of writing styles are allowed here, so please respect others for how they write. Not everyone can be a top notch role player and writer.

oo5 Please try to use spell check on your posts. Itís okay to make a few spelling errors, but a post full of them is just ridiculous. Before you post also check your grammar and punctuation please.

oo6 Any tense, and person is allowed. We will not try to ever limit that.

oo7 Put effort into every post you make. Each post has a minimum, and that is 150 words. Make sure that you can give the people you are role playing with enough to respond to. Also you do not need to always mirror others' posts, but make sure you give enough to them that way they are able to make a nice post as well.

oo8 Here at Memoir we allow private threads. Just because we allow them does not give you the right to exclude those you do not like, or to have your character constantly dodge major drama such as getting harmed by another. If anyone abuses the private thread privileged we will easily take it away and have no remorse for it.

oo9 Titles :: [P] -- private, [M] -- mature and must be used when an intimate, rape, or gory violence scene occurs in a thread, [AW] -- anyone is welcome. Please mark your threads with these so others are not questioning.

o10 No post, or spot claiming. This clutters boards, and staff has to go in an remove them upon the request of the thread starter. If you doubt your activity with that thread you wish to join, contact the thread starter and express your concerns. There is to be no spot holding, it holds others up. You may post part of the reply that you have, but only and only if you can finish the post within the hour.

o11 You MUST have a player's permission in order to kill their character. There will be a forum for you both to fill out, and staff will review it to make sure that it is legit. People spend hours, upon months working on their character. No one wants their character killed off in a week.


oo1 Post and text scripts are allowed. Please do not judge others talents just because they can make something beautiful. This is a place to better writing, and to have fun. Just because you have something nice, or can make something extravagant does not mean you are better than everyone else.

oo2 Avatars are to be 175 in width, and 250 in height. Any bigger and it will stretch the forums and boards, and we do not want that. So please make an avatar that size, or less than that. If you do stretch the boards, the staff of Memoir will ask you to change the image size or take it down.

oo3 Post scripts, and text scripts are not to be any bigger than 480 pixels in width. If they are they will stretch the forums, and we will request that you change the size or it will be removed.

oo4 Signatures are to be no larger than 480 pixels wide. It will stretch the forum if they are, and you will be asked to re-size the image or remove it completely.

oo5 Post and text scripts, avatars, and signatures must never contain pornographic, or gory images.

oo6 When saving your avatar image upon your computer, before you upload it onto tinypic, flickr, photobucket, etc, make sure the file name is small. Example: av.png Long urls tend not to work. So keep it short and sweet.

oo7 All boards are HTML friendly, but in order to use it you must input the tags. Put dohtml between [] brackets. Make sure you end it with /dohtml between the same brackets.

oo8 When you want breaks between paragraphs you have to put br between <> signs.

oo9 DO NOT steal graphics from other members. If you do so there will be consequences.

Time, aging, the works

oo1 Time does occur on Memoir. So your character will age with the more time that passes, keep that in mind.

oo2 There is such thing known as 'liquid time'. For those of you who need a better explanation it means that your character may be in more than one thread at a time just as long as they do not conflict with one another time lime wise.

oo3 Seasons will change every six out of character weeks. This means there will be two in character years per out of character year. So each season has three months. So the in character months will change every two out of character weeks.
1 in character season = 6 out of character weeks
1 in character month = 2 out of character weeks

oo4 Children get their own aging system considering it will take many out of character years in order for a new born to age into a young adult so here is how the system works. There will be several tiers. Tiers = child development stages. These tiers have a minimum of when you can age your child character. DO NOT FALL BENEATH THE MINIMUM! Now after your character passes the set minimum you can choose to age them then, or draw out their age. Staff will be keeping detailed records of births so don't try to sneak in aging, we'll know ;D
Infant to toddler(Tier one) = two out of character weeks
Toddler to child(Tier two) = two out of character months
Child to pre-teen(Tier three) = two out of character months
Pre-teen to teenager(Tier four) = two out of character months

Say your infant character is born in January (ooc) by the second week of March you can have them be a child. Note; If you adopt an infant from a role player, they have a say in how you age your child if you are a twin or triplet. If you are a single child you should contact the role player of the parent and ask about how they wish to age the character. We implore that role players of the parents be very gracious with aging that way the person playing the young character will not grow bored and drop it.

When your character reaches the teenage stage it will start aging like young adults, and adults. Meaning it will age one year that passes in game.

oo5 When an in character year passes, your character will age a year.

oo6 Each month several contests will be held. Other times there will be special contents for major holidays. Such as scavenger hunts, and even a snow ball fight in December. The winners of each contest will get a special prize.

oo7 Site wide plots will occur at random times. Sometimes they will be minor, at times they'll be large and effect the site. You have the option in participating in them at times, but sometimes you will not get a say. We try to be fair about how we do things, so if it is something HUGE you will get a say in participating.


oo1 The creator of the NPC controls the NPC. No one else can, without being given permission from the creator.

oo2 NPCs are meant for small plot purposes, not for major events.

oo3 Pets and animal companions are npcs, and the creator or the owner of the pet will be the one controlling them.

oo4 NPCs CANNOT attack another member's character unless the person gives the NPC owner permission.


The c-box is a gift to our members. Our admin put out real life money to keep it at premium. We don't have to do this, but we do it to be nice. If you troll, harass, spam, advertise, or bully another member or guest, you will be removed from the c-box. Your IP will be added to the ban list on the c0box account, and you will be unable to use the chat for an amount of time. Please do not abuse this gift.


DO NOT take OOC to IC and the other way around. OOC to IC is taking your emotions, or thoughts of a character into in character. It means your characters actions against another is influenced by how you feel out of character. In character is by taking offense or taking something that happens to your character personal. If you do any of these, you will be punished to the fullest extent.
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