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 Set fire to the rain[M], Vinc & Shay
Calista Sinead
Posted: Dec 1 2011, 07:26 PM

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Group: Mortal Human
Posts: 23
Member No.: 33
Joined: 29-August 11

Setting; Ten at night, cloudy with freezing rain. Sin's condo.
Role play status; unfinished

     Sin -- Her mind mauls over her interaction with that alluring exotic vampire in the tavern only several nights ago. The woman haunts her dreams, but in the most wonderful way possible. Ameera's images chase away the nightmares she has been having since the riots, and she is able to sleep peacefully now. Tonight is dedicated to relaxtion instead of going out and searching for the caramel flesh vampire. Dressed in baggy gray sweat pants, and am ivory white beater she relaxes in the large plush lounge chair reading the latest Game of Thrones book. Drawn to it by the lure and fantasy she finds herself pulled in, hazel pools scanning over the inked words. Beside her a glass of red wine in a crystal wine glass, and a few grapes and thin small slices of cheese on a little saucer plate.

     Vincent -- Relaxed. He could sense it now and it stirred him from his doings to pursue after her again this night. Strength embodied the woman. There was something about her that drew him to her and thus, he was there again, standing just behind her as she read but out of her light so it would seem he was never there. How many times had he done this? How many times had she asked if he was just a dream, fictitious and he would let her believe it. Vincent J. Coldwall never existed. "Always drink when you are enjoying literature?" His voice is low, deep as he stands behind her. Knowing she full well may lash out at him for scaring her or for her not recognizing him. He would just let her know she had fallen asleep while reading. He was nothing but a figment of her imagination.

     Sin -- Outside she can hear the pit patter of the freezing rain colliding with the chilled window panes of her condo. It is a fitting relaxing night. On the other side of her condo walls the temperature is below freezing, rain and ice coating the roads and sidewalks, and she is glad she has off tonight. Immersed in her book she is content on reading before heading to bed for the night. Light chocolate depths glance briefly at the clock noticing how late it is. It is then she hears his voice from behind her, and she jumps out of fright for she hates being startled. "Vince!" She shouts a little bit furious. "Please stop scaring me. One of these days I'll shoot you." Sin answers as she marks her place in the thick novel and sets it down. Turning in her chair slightly she motions to the couch not too far from herself. "Sit. I'm surprised you aren't freezing cold."

     Vincent -- The man only gives a small grin on those chiseled features when she jumps out of fright. To see the expression on her features, the way that she stiffened but would instantly relax in his presence. Oh, she was wrapped around his little finger and she had no idea. "I would like to see that dove." He would step towards the couch, taking a seat, relaxing back into the confines of the furniture. His eyes never leaving her for a moment. He had won her trust, something that had taken some effort and some time but it would all be worth it in the end. "The cold doesn't bother me so much though, warmth is always welcome. Come sit with me. No one should be alone on a night such as this." And he would hold out his hand to her, inviting her to him. His dark brown eyes staring into hers. Watching, waiting.

     Sin -- She stays lounging in her comfortable seat, and she watches him with much caution. Trust wasn't something easily attained with her. Having been raped at the age of six by the male vampire who killed her parents made her weary of everyone. Vampires, and men included. Around Vincent she felt calm, safe, and after all this is a dream so why wouldn't she be? Yet she still was weary none the less, there are such things that go bump in the night, she found that out the hard way as a child. "It's my dream so I can control it." Tacked onto the playful statement she sticks her tongue out at him. As his arm out stretches she recoils back into the chair. Debating it briefly she lets out a soft breath before standing and walking to him. Seating herself at his side she relaxes. "I'm sorry I just...cautious when it comes to men." Sin breathes out. "On my sixth birthday two vampires broke into the house, and killed my parents, and the man raped me." She had no issue sharing intimate details of her life with Vince.

     Vincent -- The man would simply put his arm over the back of the chair behind her. A small possessiveness he felt for the woman as she sat with him. His lips pulled into that roguish smile of his. "I know my dear. Such terrible things have happened to you but you are only stronger in the end." He would brush his fingers along her cheek. "Look at you. You've grown from that experience and become this beautiful young woman before me." His arm would then gently fall over her shoulders, his eyes on hers. "And after all, I am just an image of what you've desired for these years." He lets out a small chuckle as he would let her get comfortable. It always took some time but in the end, he played to what it was that she desired. Someone who understood. Someone who didn't judge her.

     Sin -- As his arm circle's her she knows she should tense up because that is usually what she normally does, but it doesn't wash over her. Completely at ease with him so near to her she views this as awkward. "Thank you for your kind words Vince." She answers offering him a meek smile, yet hearing his last comment vibrations rock her throat as a small giggle bubbles up in her throat. Scooting away from him on the couch she places a foot of space between their bodies. Bringing her hand up she pats his broad shoulder. "Oh hun I'm a lesbian. There is no desire for man in me." Shaking her head a little her smirk grows more wide.

     Vincent -- The man can't help but give a small laugh. No desire for a man? "If there was no desire then why am I here? I am your dream." He would then slide over a little closer to her. "I am at your disposal. Always have." Yes, make it seem as if she is in complete control. After all, that's what is in a dream isn't it? But he would not be too forward. He knew that if he were to push too much she would push further away, dream or not in her eyes. That is why he has played this game for so long and has been so careful.

     Sin -- "Because I want comfort. I need it. Recently my dreams have been haunted by nightmares of the riots. I watched my best friend, my partner (not romantic partner, but work partner) get slaughtered. His death plagues my mind, and I blame myself. I hardly sleep anymore, and I fear something like that will happen again. Everyone fears it." Giving a soft sigh her hands lift, slender fingers running through the long brunette tresses. "I met this girl at the tavern in Hook Harbor the other night. Not girl, woman, and she's a vampire. I don't know how to act around her. I want to love her, but at the same time, I'm afraid. I live in fear day to day Vance, and when I dream of you I don't worry. There are no nightmares with you. If only you were real. If only I desired men. I think things would be less complicate this way. What should I do?"

     Vincent -- Attentive. He was always attentive to her. To his lovers from the past even, he would never be seen as cruel for that. "The world is a cruel place. The riots are now at ease and will be for some time." He wants to be a bit bitter about this but it does not show. He lets out a soft sigh before locking his eyes with hers and yet, he wants to let them roam all over her. He can't help the want but he knows that she needs his eyes. "Fear is part of life but I'm curious, what if I were real? What would you do if I were?" His eyes are filled with this curiosity as he watches her.

     Sin -- "For the time being, yes. Honestly though peace cannot last forever. Sooner or later violence will break out again. Is God's absence from the city that important to people that they act primitive? How can we even begin to trust the Band of Nine? God abandoned us, who is to say they won't do the same?" Listen to her worrying so hard. "I'm such a worry wart!" She whines putting her face into her hands and shaking her head. Drawing in a deep breath she steadies her nerves and glances back up to him. "Marry you most likely. I have never dreamed or thought of a man so perfect. We'd have a family together. Three children, a cat, and dog. We'd live in Orchid Meadows, and have a picket white fence. You'd be a doctor, and I would give up my profession to raise the children." It sounded like the most serene life imaginable, and she wants it to be real for she fears Ameera, fears being hurt.

     Vincent -- The man raises a brow at her comment, moving to sit close to her again and putting his arm around her once more. To keep her close. "Whether they abandon us or not. You are strong and I know that they'll hear your prayers." There is a knowing in his voice as he pulls her to him to keep her close. Marriage, how curious. But this only gives him confidence. She would be his, he was tired of waiting. "Then let us have this dream. I will never abandon you." His words confident. No, she would be his subject and once she was blessed with his children, she would forever be in his debt. For his subjects were only the strongest of women and men. And she, she was strong. He would then bring a finger underneath her chin, lifting her face to his as her lips are barely inches from his. "What harm is living a dream?"

     Sin -- "Thank you Vince I appreciate your kindness." She murmurs, but this was all a dream. He was suppose to be this sweet and caring to her because she dreamed of it and so it shall be. "I'm afraid you are only saying these things because I made you that way." She almost sobs at such a realization. Firm comforting arms wrap around her, pulling her against his chest, and she allows it. Her head comes to rest upon the front of his right shoulder, her left arm lifting for her hand to hopefully come to rest upon that sculpted muscular chest of his. She can feel her heart flutter, thrumming rapidly within her chest. "There is no harm." Sin whispers, sweet words purr past her lips. If this was just a dream then she will have nothing to fear from Ameera, from that exotic woman who claims her so possessively.

     Vincent -- No, she would not cry. She was a strong woman and if she gave into him, she would always remain strong. "I show you kindness because I wish it my sweet Sin. Not because of what you made of me." His words soft before he would close their distance, his lips meeting her and meeting her with a passion that only he can give her. A passion he knows that internally she wants and he is very willing to give. He would then pull her almost tighter against him.

     Sin -- No words were given in response for Vince claimed those lush folds of hers. Briefly does she shudder against him. Thrill pours into her veins, and she feels it mingling in her blood. Thrill for this is the most interesting thing she has done since the riots, excitement for a part of her knew some how that he was dangerous for no human man should be this tempting, this irresistible. Gradually does she become arouses, a dull ache forming between those beautiful thighs. Vocal cords hum together, a light moan vibrating inside of her ample chest. Withdrawing slightly she stares into those hazel eyes, breaking that passionate and fierce kiss. "I've never been with a man." Sin whispers. (Willingly that is.)

     Vincent -- The man had very little control now that he could feel her willingly against him. His victory is met, he will have his woman. As she pulls away those fierce, dark brown eyes look at her and he smiles at her. "Then we'll have to change that won't we? Don't worry, I'll handle you with care." His words are warm, reassuring and his eyes are on hers. "Are you afraid?"

     Sin -- Was she afraid? Not in the slightest. Maybe a little because she is so excited by this simple act. An act she never thought she would do with a man since she was raped at the age of six. A little hesitant, yes, afraid...no. "No." Sin answers honestly. "I'm hesitant because I've never done such a thing. I'm nervous because I don't know how she will react. What happens if she finds out?" (Why do I care?) Glancing away from him she takes a steady breath in. Giving a small exhale she summons up the courage that she has, the strength he says that she possesses. "Make love to me Vincent." After all this is just a dream.

     Vincent -- She. Ah, she was worried about the woman. Well, if something were to come out of this then the woman should be honored. After all, this was all a ruse in the end. He just smiles as he would pick her up with his strong arms and put her in his lap. His lips finding her neck as he would kiss along her neck, one hand running down her back and holding her close to him, his other moving to pull up her shirt a little so that his hand can run along her skin at her side.

     Sin -- Within the pit of her gut she can feel butterflies fluttering about, coaxing her breaths to become light and uneven. Oh how she can feel that muscle tap dancing within the cage of bone and cartilage. That lithe, fragile mortal physique trembles gently with each touch of him. His flesh is so warm it sends chills crawling over her own pale skin. They are like positive and negative ions colliding in a brilliant show of forbidden, and unexpected passion. Sparks flying into the air around them, the air heating and sizzling with intensity. Firm masculine rims dance gingerly against her delicate neck, and she can feel her pulse leap. Broad and protective hands exploring her, roaming over the vast slender expanse of her structure. Goosebumps dotting the heating porcelain flesh of the detective in the wake of his hands. Larynx jitter again together, another soft moan being coaxed past silken lush lips. Sin has never felt so alive before, and she hoped this dream would last because currently Vincent is the only good thing in her life. She has yet to bond with Ameera, to become far more attracted to her on more than just a physical level. "Oh Vincent." His name drips from the tip of her tongue in a sensual purr, rasping out with a husked tint to it.

     Vincent -- The woman almost gives in too quickly and he is pleased. As his name drips from her tongue he only grows a little rougher with his touch, teeth grazing against her neck lightly before he would push her shirt up until he would reach to her arms. His body would pull from her a bit and look to her eyes for a moment as if asking permission to take the shirt off and if given that permission, he would remove it. His hands going to roam over her body, exploring each inch of her skin.

     Sin -- How odd this was to her. Not but a few weeks prior to this he had first appeared to her, and it only took that short about of time to trust him. She felt safe with him, like no harm could come to her, and of course this is but a dream (to her at least) when in fact it is actual reality and she is not sleeping. Either way the aura around him is powerful, screaming of strength and protection, so she has no issue caving to his requests. His hands would push her shirt up to her underarms and those slender arms would lift to allow the shirt to be pulled off and tossed to the side. Once more his hands are in motion, gliding over thin porcelain flesh again, more goosebumps flooding her skin. Spine arching she leans over him slightly to where those soft velvet rims aim to consume his prominent mouth in a fierce kiss that speaks of her rising lust and arousal.

     Vincent -- Fierce! Oh how fierce she was and it causes him to grind into her slightly, his own arousal becoming more and more prominent. He can feel his jeans becoming a little too tight but he can wait. He is enjoying her body far too much. His right hand would reach up and his fingers grace through the long tresses of her hair and pulling her head closer to his lips, making the kiss far more intense.

     Sin -- Pressing into her inner right thigh (for at this point one leg was draped over each side of his hip in a straddle position) she feels him grow. That shaft of flesh, tissue, and blood vessels grinding into the baggy, loose gray sweat pants that house her lower body. Fabric covering her right limb bunches up toward her crotch from his slight grind. Lips dance together in such a vicious desire, them both doused in a the carnal need for lust. Sin cannot recall the last time she has been so aroused, so excited, longing so for someone's touch. She gives a soft groan of satisfaction, a wide smile curving those velvet folds pace as she continues their intense kiss. While she has only had sex with women, her body some how knows what to do as if it is instinct. Gingerly her left hand aims to slide down his muscled side, memorizing each contour and groove. Placing her arm between them, delicate fingertips aims to grab his mass through those tightening denim jeans wanting to tease him.

     Vincent -- A groan would illicit from his lips as her hand grabs at his bulge, his hips reacting in his carnal instinct to press further into her grasp. His lips would part from hers, even slightly tugging at her hair if she were to protest but nothing to hurt her but show a form of dominance. Oh she may be the one on top but he would make sure she knew he was the one in control. Lips would viciously attack her her throat, trailing down the collarbone as his other hand trails along her spine, snapping the clasp of her bra with precision as it would loosen about. He would move the straps from her arms, helping her get it off to release the bountiful breasts. Lips would press against the rotund flesh before his teeth would graze along the right nipple to elicit the sensitivity that he knew should be present. Lips consuming the sensitive piece of her flesh as he sucks on it. His left hand would come up and massage into the other so that it is not forgotten, stimulating her pleasure of course but he gets pleasure in it as well to know that he can create such feelings in a woman. His right hand would remain at her back and keeping from moving too far away from him should she try.

     Sin --

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