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 DuBois, Nayeli, work in progress
Nayeli DuBois
Posted: Apr 12 2012, 07:54 PM

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Group: Auditioning
Posts: 0
Member No.: 61
Joined: 12-April 12

Nayeli Sharita DuBois
I'm wired a different way
Statistics & Information
Alternate Names Li(pronounced Lee)
Origin Bali, Indonesia
Education Home school
Occupation Too young
Teen; mechanic
Adult; airplane mechanic
and test pilot
Race Walker, Lycan
Animal form; White Bengal Tiger
Date of Birth June 21st, 2003
Current Age 8 years
Orientation Too young
Teen; bi-sexual
Adult; homosexual
Odessa (mother:neuro surgeon)
Lily (step-mother:nurse)
Siblings Aine(step-sister)
Played By
Child play by; Abigail Breslin
Teen/adult play by; Emily Blunt
Written By Jojopie

Character's picture
Appearance & Mannerisms (150 Words minimum)
Personality & Characteristics (150 Words minimum)
   As a young girl she certainly knows how the world works. Incredibly intuitive her knowledge of life extends far past the naive blissful boundaries that surrounds a child's mind. Surviving the harsh wilderness for eight years has taught the girl not everything in this world lasts. She has seen the cruelties of animals and beasts, and in order to survive in this world you have to be strong, and unwavering. Due to this the girl's trust is extremely valuable and precious for it is difficult to achieve. At a young age her own mother gave her to her aunt, also leading to the trust issues she has. It may be hard to gain her trust, but it is oh so easy to break it. Once you have betrayed or forsaken the young woman, she will never trust you again. Naturally is the girl weary, and since she has trust issues, there are walls that guard her heart. Content on keeping everyone at arms length she hardly allows anyone into her heart that isn't her family.
   Faltering and failing is not an option for that is when you die. Her survival instincts are sharpened to a lethal point. Eat or be eaten is the motto that was instilled into her since birth, and she follows that to the fullest extent. Much like her mother Odessa, this young lady is very predatory. Taught little manners at the most vital stage in life, she tends to ignore propriety, and anything that is socially acceptable. Like using a fork and knife when eating. She'd much rather use her hands and teeth to rip her food to shreds for consumption. Please and thank you does not exist in her vocabulary, so often if she receives a gift she will just walk off without showing any gratitude. In the wild there is no need for impeccable mannerisms, so living there for all her life she hasn't been taught the valuable life assets such as civility. No doubt it will take her a while to learn such things, but eventually she'll get it.
History & Relationships
   Conceived by a one night stand between her sire and dam, Nayeli's conception was a mistake. She was never to be made, to be born, for Odessa never wanted a child for she severely lacks those motherly instincts. Certainly Nayeli is an unwanted child, but unbeknown to her and the rest of the world, she is truly loved by her mother. At birth Odette gave her only child to her sister Ivette. Ivette has four of her own children, and knows how to be a mother. Wanting, needing, a better life for Nayeli she tore herself away from her young child and gave her to the cheetah. Raised in the wilderness of Bali Indonesia for her entire eight years, Nayeli has always been in her tiger forum, and has never reverted into the body of a human having no need for it. Now with the slaying of Ivette, she is sent back to live with her mother, and must learn how to stay in her human bonds, and learn how to be civil and refine rather than living like an animal.
Writing Sample
   Another day gradually comes to pass within the city of Memoir, and the fringes of the town. That blazing star hanging above the distant horizon in the west, basking the beautiful Mediterranean villa house in golden illumination. Rays kissing the surface of the pool outside, reflecting from the clear fluid. Double glass doors gradually open as the neuro surgeon steps slowly onto the back patio. Nimble bare feet touch the stone that radiates heat from basking in the sun's light throughout the day coaxing an audible groan from lush folds. Taking several sweeping strides forward she stands within the blinding golden light of the sun set. Ebony silk to the lavishly decorated kimono robe glistens in the caress of the blazing star. Untying the robe slowly, her cranium shifts to the right, delicate features angling down as lids flutter shut. Tresses of satin auburn ruffle in a passing autumn breeze, the fabric of the kimono brushing against the smooth light caramel creme flesh. Finally the knot is pulled free, and the robe falls from the lithe canvass of the predator's human bonds, pooling in a puddle of velvet cloth around her feet. Standing in the sun set is the ravishing creature, completely exposed and bare to the world. Thankfully the nearest neighbors are four miles in each direction awarding her with an abundance of seclusion and privacy. Just how she enjoyed it. That meant she could saunter around in her tiger build freely with no worries or concerns of prying eyes.
   No pain, no anguish is felt as she rapidly shifts into her natural form. Her family believes with all their hearts that their curse is a blessing, that their natural body is that of their animal side. Falling onto massive paws, and stocky limbs a beautiful white Bengal tigress towers where Odessa's human physique. Ebony ivory lobes swivel about the tigress's cranium as she draws in the various fragrances of the evening. Once more it was time to go stalk her precious, fragile flower, one Miss. Lily Duffy. Every night was spent lurking outside of her home, always watching but never entering. Having claimed this woman two years ago as her own, she has yet to announce it to anyone even Lily. That long tail whips behind her flicking against her heels as she begins to trot out of the back yard and down the rocky drop offs behind her villa. With majestic ease she leaps from ledge to ledge, climbing down to strip of land more steady. Darting quickly into brush cover she uses it to hide herself as she makes the trip to the nurse's home. It wasn't too far from the tigress's layer, and for that she was pleased. Odessa would walk for eternity over hot coals, shattered glass, and nails if only to reach the woman of her desires and heart.
   Jogging by a creek she begins to slow her gate to more of a casual saunter, being behind Lily's house now. Slowly does the monstrous feline approach the small river, that wide tongue snaking out to lap at the water. The tip curls to create a dip for the clean, crisp liquid to flow into. Scooping it up into the dangerous mouth full of dense, long enamels, she purrs with pleasure feeling the freezing fluid trickling down her throat. Content she drinks more, but something isn't right. Shouts from above, and the sounds of furniture over turning, and screams split into the peaceful autumn night. Ripping her attention away from the water, the tigress is in motion, running swiftly up the hillside at the steady speed of forty miles per hour (yes tigers can run that fast) those heavy paws slam into ground, ebony claws extending to grip at the soil to give her traction. Behind her that three foot long tail lashes steering her with each turn, and straight dash. Arriving at the crest of the hill, she pads in silence over to a series of bushes at the back deck, the sliding glass door perfectly in her range of vision. Joints bend keeping her crouched to the earth.
   Inside those steel cerulean pools notice the keeper of her heart, of her soul, standing by the back door. A man enraged storms over to her, gripping onto her right arm before slapping her hard across the cheek. Powerful muscles shudder throughout that colossal figure of the tigress. Toes splaying as her mandible slacks, her larynx snaps harsh together, several long snarls below out into the chilled evening. Lily collapses onto her knees sobbing as the man towers over her, his hand shooting down to grab her hair as he begins to relentlessly punch her in the face. Snapping violently inside of her a nerve is broken completely, fraying at the ends, and she unleashes herself. Dashing at forty miles per hour from the bush, Odessa charges at the sliding glass door. Thick hind legs rocket her into the air, propelling the predatory cat to the door. Before her those stocky front limbs lift, paws stretching outward to slam into the glass, causing it all to shatter and splinter into hundreds of fragments. Splinters imbed themselves inside large pads on oversize paws, but she does not flinch. Instead she lands firmly onto them, her back feet soon touching the carpet. Crimson fluid seeps onto the tan carpet, and each step she takes now causes the glass to drive deeper into her paws.
   Komrid had been startled by the shattering door, and the appearance of the tigress. His fear smells like putrid piss staining the air, and he grabs at Lily yanking her onto her feet before dragging her to the door. Odessa goes to chase and tackle him, but he yanks the woman to his body, using her as a shield, and all the white Bengal tiger is halt her steps. Velvet lips curl over dangerous fangs and teeth, snarls rumbling into the living room. He backs out of the house slowly keeping the broken woman held tight to him. Odessa never allowed the duo to leave her sight, and she paces after them still letting out low growls. Pulling the passenger door opening, he pushes Lily inside and runs to the driver's door getting in before the tigress has the chance to get him. Backing out quickly the vehicle flies down the road. Odessa runs out into the road, not carrying if anyone saw her, before running rapidly after the car. Muscles coil and release within her stature as she seems to soar over the pavement, chasing the car down. In his panic, Komrid crashes the car into a tree by the Tranquil Meadow. Pulling Lily out he begins push and pull her through the tawny fields in the setting sun. "Come on you bitch shift. Shift or I'll kill your whore daughter." He snarls withdrawing a handgun from the back of his belt, pressing it into the underside of Lily's throat.
   Not long after the crash, and no sooner does he press the barrel of the gun to the underside of her jaw, the ivory tigress begins to bound through the meadow. Murdering the distance between herself and them, she snarls loudly, the roar cutting through the cold air. Turning he shoves Lily onto the ground, and turns to face the tiger. Lifting his arm he points the barrel directly at the predatory feline. In one second the trigger is pressed, sending a flurry of actions into motion. Leaping into the air, Odessa aims to tackle the man to the ground. The bullet pierces the space between them, cutting through flesh and muscles around the tigress's stomach, lodging itself inside her gut. Blood quirts out, but she doesn't stop. They collide with each other, and the force of a five hundred pound tiger slamming into him causes him to stagger and fall to the ground.
   Oh how does Odessa prolong his agony, sharp talons racking down flesh and clothing, ripping both to hell. Crimson fluid spills out of his wounds, staining the dirt and grass beneath him as he thrashes around beneath the tigress. Torturing him she pays every ounce of abuse he put Lily though back onto her attacker. After ten minutes of prolonged anguish, and making sure he knows only pain in his final moments, she ends him. Dense, elongated enamels tear into the precious trachea, ripping it from the man's throat. Spitting out the flesh and vital tube, her attentions turn toward Lily. Claret liquid paints that ivory pelt around her jowls, her chin, and along her chest and toes. Slipping from her prey she pads nervously over to the collapsed woman. Shifting back into her human bonds, Odessa is covered in blood. Shards of glass embedded into her nimble hands, and a gun shot wound bleeding profusely on that taut flat stomach. Kneeling by Lily she aims to place her head onto her bare lap. "Lily come on love wake up. Stay with me." The tigress chokes out near tears as she pulls Lily close aiming to keep the wounded woman warm with her body heat. "Don't die on me, I cannot lose you. Not now, not ever."
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