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 DeLane, Kymera, WIP
Kymera DeLane
Posted: Aug 28 2011, 06:06 PM

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Group: Auditioning
Posts: 0
Member No.: 32
Joined: 28-August 11

Kymera Angeline DeLane
To all the angels of broken wings, Fly again, you're flyin' again, you're flyin' away. Would you fly with me?
Statistics & Information
Alternate Names Kym
Origin Brazil, Indiana
Education High School graduate
Occupation Waitress/Bar-back
Race Human
Date of Birth May 12, 1981
Current Age 30
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Parents Adena DeLane - Bartender, Father - Unknown
Siblings Only child
Played By Olivia Wilde
Written By Nyx

Character's picture
Appearance & Mannerisms (150 Words minimum)
Personality & Characteristics (150 Words minimum)
Kymera is generally a happy go lucky kind of girl. Most of it is just for show, keeping a lot of things pent up and not letting anyone know what's really going on in her head. She'll flirt with just about anything on two legs, but that doesn't mean she wants them to get in her pants. She'll flirt if she wants something, as a distraction, if she's bored, she really doesn't need a reason, and she probably isn't interested in them sexually, it's just what she does. Perhaps it's a survival instinct, being a waitress, it certainly helps bring in the cash. She also has a bad habit of giving everyone some sort of pet name, most of the time forgetting their real name because she either favors the pet name, or doesn't plan on sticking around them long enough for their real name to matter..

One little vice, is a severe oral fixation. More often than not she is going to be seen with something in her mouth. It might be a cigarette, a sucker, her fingernail, anything she can chew on. If she is without something to chew on, the likelihood of her becoming extremely agitated is almost a given. Since she likes to keep her happy go lucky appearance, she almost always has some sort of candy in her pocket.
History & Relationships
She usually doesn't like to talk about her life before Memoir, generally replacing her absent father and alcoholic, slut of a mother with something much more pleasant, usually your nice, normal average businessman father and teacher mother, after all, who would want to admit to coming from such a fucked up background? At times it gets hard to keep her lies straight, so, when given the opportunity, Kym would change the subject as quick as she could.

Given that it is so hard for her at admit her real past, she lacks in long term friendships...she lacks in long term anything for that matter. Bar patrons are fickle and most of the time drunk, so she rarely had to worry about any of them remembering a word she said, and she would take a one night stand over a lasting relationship any day.
Writing Sample
Another long ass, boring night, but there really wasn't much else to expect smack dab in the middle of the week. The daily grind kept everyone but the most die-hard alcoholics at home and in bed by nine. Bed, that was exactly where Kymera wanted to be, but instead she was here, feet propped up on the bar, nail file in hand to take care of the nasty snag she had suffered while busing the only table that had been full during her shift. Hazel eyes flicked to the clock on time too many, still three hours left on her shift, was it ever going to end?

Just as she finished repairing the snag, leaving the nail a bit shorter than the rest, just one more thing to get on her nerves, she heard the door swing open. A customer? Now that was a shock. Long legs swung down, planting feet on the floor before stretching on tip-toes a few times to work out the kinks. She pasted her best 'I'm harmless, let me take care of you.' smile on her face and turned to face who ever it was that needed to get their liquor fix in the middle of the week. Fully prepared to set eyes on a grizzled old man, she felt her smile slip when reality slapped her in the face.

The last thing she expected to see was the tall drink of water standing at the other end of the bar. At least six foot three, shoulder length blonde hair, broad and the bluest eyes she had ever had the pleasure of seeing. It was like someone had taken her favorite wet dream and plopped him down right in front of her. Kym couldn't help but wonder if he had a voice to match all of that pure, unadulterated sex he was blessed with.

It took a good fifteen seconds for her to regain her composure, fake smile replaced with the one she saved for the customers that came in smelling of money, the smile that said 'Play your cards right and I just might jump in the sack with you', the smile that always worked and one she never meant...at least until now.

Kymera flipped the bar towel over her shoulder as she approached him, hips swaying temptingly as she moved, but the effect was lost, after the first, brief moment of eye contact, his gaze had shifted, now he only had eyes for the door. Knowing the way her luck ran, he was waiting on a date. "Well, hello there handsome, what can I get for you?" If she had had the right set of vocals, the words would have purr from her lips, the simple sound promising all sort of lewd things. She was rewarded with his full attention, blue eyes sparking as he turned his attention her way, taking a few moments to take in the sight of her. "Well, now that depends, are you one of the options?"

Oh lord, that southern drawl. She was more convinced now than ever that someone had seen her dreams and had plucked the best one out of her head as a reward.

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