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10,388 C.E.


The Rainy Season Has Begun




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 Frequently Asked Questions
Posted: Sep 24 2011, 01:29 AM

STaRK's Most Wanted

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Questions & Answers

Feel free to contact a Mod or Staff member if a Question you have is not answered here. We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

I. General Questions
Are there Activity Checks?
How important are the Key Characters?
Can the Key Characters die/Be defeated?
Are there posts minimums/maximums?
Can I reclaim old characters if I leave and come back?
What about AWOL players?
Can I post a Work In Progress?
How long after Registering do I have to post a completed template?
Do I have to file a Face Claim?
Do I have to use an image/avatar of my character?
Can my character be connected to another's/a Canon?
How do I address questions that don't pertain to my character?
How long should my characters history be?
Why do you only accept fantasy images/Artwork?
Can I alter the Character template?

If I play <Blank>, which Datasheet should I fill out?

II. Setting Related Questions
What is the Megaverse?
What is the government like in the setting/Who is in charge?
What is the technology level like in this setting?
How did STaRK come to be?
Can an Axion/Synthoid enlist in STaRK?
Can I work for BLOOD Inc./Dethtek?
And, how did they get so powerful?
What kind of corporations are they?
What sort of jobs can a human have in either company?
Are there social classes here? What are they?
What year is it?
How big is the Megacity?
What about World War IV? Does anyone remember it?
What happened to all the Animal life?
Can we 'leave' the Megacity?
You mentioned 'Space Exploration'...
If some characters have arresting power, does that mean they can arrest me/my character?

III. Species Related Questions
What is a 'Human'?
What is an 'Axion'?
What is a 'Synthoid'?
Can I be a Hybrid?
What types of jobs are they for Synthoids?
What is the total population of <blank> within the Megacity?
How long do Synthoids live?
Can I play something other than what's listed?

IV. Technology Related Questions
How many pieces of Tech can I have/How advanced can it be?
Can Tech be upgraded?
Can I suggest new Tech for the general population?
Who has access to/can use advanced tech?
When designing Tech/weapons what is 'too powerful'?
How do I acquire new Tech and upgrades?
What is a 'Limiter'?

V. Superpower Related Questions
How many powers can my character have?
How many weapons can my character have?
What do you mean by 'Related Powers'?
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