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Title: Knightly Endeavors [pt. 1]
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Ezra Vanderbal - March 25, 2012 01:05 AM (GMT)
Some have said that war was the last argument of kings. What, then, was it when a war was between a father and son? Ezra contemplated this as he roamed among the sea of towers, a sea that stretched as far as the eye could see. These towers were the veins of the city, funneling billions of bytes data a second; an invisible stream that most were utterly unaware of. Most, but not him. As the sole figure strode amongst the metallic columns, the silent fiber optic streams were like a hymn to his ears. E-mails, passwords, music, Datalog calls; even hacker activity. All of it was laid bare to him. He often came to this place when his soul had descended into a place of longing and sorrow. No, not for soul searching; he was well aware of what his plight was, and who was to blame for his current ordeals.

The real scar on his soul was what would he do about it? COULD he truly go through with it? A war against his own father…

He removed the black glove from his left hand; the heated surface of a nearby tower warms his hand. Many would have expected it to be cold, but he knew better. The servers working behind the metal walling, diverting data to and from its source, kept this region quite warm in fact. Normally, there was a sublime comfort he found in such a place, but not today. Today was quite different than any other day. Today he would no longer hide; no longer would he and others like him have to run, hunted merely for existing. Today… he would announce his declaration of war. ”…If only there was another way…” Shutting his eyes, he falls into the datastream…

Physically, he stood perfectly still. Mentally, he rode the infostream, deciphering encryption with ease, overriding fail-safes, divided the data he sought from the billions upon billions of bytes of information that meant nothing to him currently. The time dilation was in the arena of several minutes; in reality, hardly seven seconds elapsed. But, for what point and purpose had he come here? The consequences of his actions, though not seen, would be felt an entire district away… He’d done his part in the ‘war’; he could now only wait and hope his allies meet with equal success in theirs.

The entire thing made him tired emotionally. His weight is set against a tower as he leans his spine against it, slowly sliding down to a seated posture. He often came here when his inner turmoil grew to a level that threatened to consume him. Here, among the nanite arrays, he felt at ease. Not surprisingly, this region’s calming affects were less than stellar… Considering that along with releasing the security locks at the Positronic Reactor, he also sent an E-mail to the High Marshal. He wanted him to know. He did not hate him for what he did. He wanted him to know one thing.

That he forgave him...

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