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Posted by Celly - 01-1-12 20:43 - 0 comments

As a new years present I would like to present Mayhem and madness v2!

...read more
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 M&M Version 2
Posted by Celly - 12-24-11 14:12 - 12 comments
if you've been around for longer then a day you probably noticed m&m isn't the most active. we know this. it pains us. the staff have tried for months to keep m&m going but sometimes the time to say good-bye comes. have no fear, we a ...read more
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 New staff, New start!
Posted by Celly - 11-2-11 15:47 - 0 comments
M&M Needs you!

I am looking for....

Gallery mods X 3

Gallery mods will be solely in charger of the gallery section of the site, you will work with the critique mods when it comes to promotions and will make s ...read more
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 Gallery News!!!
Posted by Celly - 10-9-11 10:06 - 0 comments
We the staff are giving you the opition to restart your galleries, we know from time to time you like to have a clear out and remove old comments so here is your chance.

All you have to do is make your new gallery, making sure credits are ...read more
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 An update
Posted by Celly - 09-23-11 14:27 - 0 comments
Hello our beautiful members,

The site has seemed very quietly lately but there are a lot of changes happening behind the scenes bear with us and by the end of the month you will see a lot of changes.

Over the next few weeks thi ...read more
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 About Site-wide Clean Up
Posted by urban native - 09-6-11 22:21 - 0 comments
Site-wide Clean UpHello lovely faeires!I just want to let you all know that a site-wide clean up is going on. This clean up includes, but is not limited to:Deleting dead members (if you haven't logged in in over 3+ months)Deleting old galler ...read more
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 Staff Changes
Posted by baotuyet! - 05-3-11 16:43 - 14 comments
As a result of the many staff changes M&M go through.... I've decided to have a semi-permanent stickied thread to keep to tell you of who has been added as staff and all read more
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