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Title: Isabel Cortez
Description: Human Confederacy Secretary

Asyla - February 25, 2011 08:01 PM (GMT)
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    Isabel Cortez

    Penelope DaSilva




    The Bacalou Skulls, Maelstrom Inc.



    Secretary of Yousuf Abdul Mo'alim, Business Liason and Instructor to Maelstrom Inc.

    Ambience / Combat

    Seemingly born to be beautiful, Cortez' blue eyes are adorned by soft, pure skin and long, blonde hair. Having the correct proportions just about everywhere, Isabel is a very rare sight on Omega, where she spends most of her time these days.
    Isabel is not the shortest woman, but she is also not uncomfortably tall. It would be impossible to believe that there wasn't some genetic or surgerical treatment involved in all of her beauty, but scars or other blemishes that would be left-overs from such procedures are distinctly lacking. She doesn't look very strong, though, seemingly lacking 'ripped' muscles that may give her an edge in combat.
    But is there more than meets the eye?

    Well-spoken, polite and loyal, Miss Cortez seems rather attached to Mister Mo'alim, making it clear the two have some sort of relationship going on. She doesn't boast her body to others (most of the time), usually clad in mostly modest clothing to mirror her position in the Confederacy.
    She acts relatively modest for someone of her standing, not having an ounce of arrogance despite all her advantages.


    Born on the Citadel into a rich family, Isabel never had it really hard in life. Isabel spent the majority of her childhood meeting with other species, so she got quite open-minded about them. When she got into school, she was the rather average girl. Maybe a bit too average, because after her equally average graduation, her parents had to use their wealth to get her into University.

    Isabel originally intended to study medicine, but after learning anatomy and then having to dissect an animal, she quickly learnt that she wouldn't be able to stand the pressure that the profession of a doctor required. Thus, she switched to intergalactic tourism. Not as hard as medicine, and she got to know more people. Isabel has high hopes for the future, eager to try out her luck in the galaxy and jump at good chances. She is currently on holiday as all of her professors were called off because of something to do with the Confederacy.

    Not that Isabel minded, just the time she could use to refresh her sun tan in the local solarium or get to know a few new people in the cafés. However, after meeting a friendly woman who wou--dl-- sl-

    Fr£esh off university with her law degr○♣ee, having graduated with flying colours at the top of her class like the brilliant mind she was, Isabel travelled to Terminus Space. In light of her préevious history, she impressed the right people.
    Like she had aéalways wished, she managed to approach one rather bright-minded individual, one certain Yousuf Abdul Mo'alim. Over the y-years she became a loyal supporter of the Confederacy and also became Mister Mo'alim's secretary. And beyond-d

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Vita - February 25, 2011 08:21 PM (GMT)

A minimalistic bio is new for you. :P I like that you left things implied and showed the cover-up through style instead of just typing it out. Creative.

Though a little clarification on where the codename "Morrigan" comes in wouldn't hurt.

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