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Kingmaker - February 5, 2012 02:30 AM (GMT)
That old saying about how credits make the universe go round is still valid. Living proof is millionaire Ottoman Freyr.

Low-profile is not a common lesson for Mr. Freyr. His questionable lifestyle has left nearly half a dozen or more young boys with nightmares and destroyed childhoods. He's never been caught, however, as his pockets seem to mirror the pockets of those in power who know of his heinous acts. Due to his recent leave from powergroup 'The Nexion', his presence has become more noticeable and his lifestyle apparently dangerous and hazardous to society. His recent appearance in Omega for unknown reasons has raised the suspicions of both new and old acquaintances, mainly because of the extremely elegant cloaks, accessories, and canes. He owns several buildings and seems to have paid off a small private army full of mercenaries and security agents from his Nexion contacts. Freyr is considered to be extremely dangerous and ridiculously calculated. Current whereabouts are unknown, but if you know the right questions to ask and the correct trails to follow, he can be found. He will be found. And he will be brought to justice, by death, incarceration, or castration.

"He's too young."

In what seemed like the asshole of a dirt-born pig, several naked, shivering, young boys stood in a lineup. Most were scarred and dirty. Below standards.

There were three doors. One led to the pin that they were all rallied into, like an entire prison the size of solitary confinement. The second opened into the corridor of absolutely nothing, except for what seemed to be a never-ending circular hallway with an unknown exit, obviously not visible to the naked eye. The third would lead a young boy into a dark room, barely lit by stale cherry candles and layered from what the eye could see with a gigantic bed that had humongous covers and pillows overflowing the confines of the room. The first step would be the creepiest as the foot lands in some extremely cold liquid before the boy gets pushed into the plethora of soft materials and the door behind him gets closed.

Left, right, and center entrances to hell.

The time was nearing.

"He's looks strong... but his lips are too big."

The creepy old man glared at one of his guards in the dark corner of the room, only to flap his cloak behind him as he heard one of the boys he passed clear his throat. It was deep. Manly.

The man twirled around and raised his old hand to the boy's face and violated his mouth with his tongue. Detaching himself, he pulled the cane to the boy's crotch and gently caressed it. "I want you... I just want you to want me too."

His eyes flashed to the door of the trifling room of no return, the boy immediately shedding a tear. The man grabbed the boy's shoulder and carefully led him into the room, pressing his body against the reluctant boy's to urge him into enjoying this new life experience. The door whizzed as it opened, and before it closed, the young one looked back at his lucky friends as they stared, sadly, at him.

Then... that was all she wrote.

judodave - February 5, 2012 03:36 AM (GMT)
Nicolai had been doing some fairly basic but well paying work recently, mostly revolving around protection jobs for overly paranoid Voluses but the pay was good so he wasn't complaining.

He was currently in the apartment of one of his "acquaintances", an attractive woman in her early 20s with shoulder length black hair and blue eyes, who he had slept with the previous night, she was still asleep and he was in the middle of preparing breakfast for the both of them.

"If there's one thing my dearly departed mother taught me well, it's how to cook." Nicolai thought as he fried some eggs, he heard footsteps behind him and glanced over his shoulder seeing the woman getting dressed, it was a small apartment and as a result he could see her getting dressed from the kitchen since her bedroom was directly opposite the kitchen. "Not that I'm complaining or anything but you might want to close the door whilst your getting dressed." Nicolai commented making the woman jump.

"Oh Nic, I thought you had left." The woman said with a smile as she put on her top, she closed the door and ten minutes later she was dressed in a T-Shirt and jeans and enjoying her breakfast.

"Forgive me Sara but you seem distracted." Nicolai commented as he ate the breakfast, Sara sighed in resignation.

"Yeah, I am, you remember Tommy my son?" Sara asked and Nicolai nodded.

"Indeed, I just assumed that he was visiting your ex-husband on Ilium." Nicolai said with a nod, Sara shook her head and Nicolai frowned. "Somethings happened to Tommy?"

"Unfortunately yes, have you heard of a group called The Nexion?" Sara asked and Nicolai nodded.

"Ya, I briefly did some business with them." Nicolai said as he ate the food. "Why do you ask?"

"A former member of the group recently set up shop on Omega with a Private Army to boot, he........has a special interest in young boys." Sara said and Nicolai's expression darkened once it dawned on him what she meant. "He has kidnapped Tommy."

"I will get him back, make the monster pay for hurting those boys." Nicolai said pushing the plate away from him having lost his appetite due to the subject matter, Sara shook her head.

"Nic, I can barely pay for this apartment let alone hire you." Sara started but Nicolai put his hands up.

"Do not worry yourself, I will do this mission free of charge." Nicolai said before standing up.

"I was about to say that there's a bounty on his head." Sara said handing him a datapad, "Dead or Alive."

"How convenient." Nicolai said off handedly. "Ottomen Freyr, 80 years old sexist against women, racist against Asari, homosexual, "interested" in young boys, I will take great pride in delivering justice to this monster." Nicolai thought before pocketing the datapad. "Thank you for the wonderful night Sara, I assure you that when next we meet you will see your son." Nicolai said before leaving her apartment. "First stop, my apartment." Nicolai thought before walking down the street.

Kuran - February 5, 2012 07:31 AM (GMT)
Daniel flipped through the briefing pages once more, fighting the ever-present waves of nausea that the text and images brought. It had been several months since he had started his first tour of duty with TFP, but his first time dealing with anything like...this.

Crime scene images of dead children, their bodies stripped and broken. Reports of kidnappings, murders, and the kinds of things that kept parents awake at night. All reportedly, though unconfirmed, down to one man.

Ottoman Freyr.

Daniel had never heard of the man before, though that was hardly surprising. It was a big galaxy after all. What had surprised him was that he had been given the task of setting up a surveillance operation on the perverted bastard. After well over a year of military espionage training, a criminal matter was the last thing that Daniel expected to be assigned to.But he was all too happy to help take down someone like this.

Leaving his cabin and ascending the stairs to the CIC, he nodded to those who looked up at his approach as he made his way to the bridge. Patting the Helmsman, Jessie, on the back, he glanced over the displays briefly.

"Are we ready to go? He asked. Jessie nodded once. "Yes sir, pulling out now." As Daniel turned to head back to the CIC, he heard Jessie clearing their departure with Arcturus Control, and the slight lurch beneath his feet as they detached.

Fifteen minutes later, they were through the Mass Relay and on their way to Omega. And Daniel was studying the file again, trying to work out how they were supposed to set up surveillance on a piece of scum like Freyr.

Viet - February 5, 2012 01:20 PM (GMT)
A Turian diplomat on Omega, the thought was almost funny. At least Septima thought so. She was already on the station itself. The Turian had arrived some time ago and had settled down in an old cargo hold that was quieter than the places she had seen immediately after arriving. Here she began looking over her file on the demon that was Ottoman Freyr.

Back on the citadel she would be sat at a desk having meetings with businessmen, soldiers, military police and others, but here she was reliving her old life. With orders to make sure this man was apprehended or otherwise, she had been given temporary leave from her job.

The Turian Hierarchy had no vendetta about the man for going after children, in fact this was more of an act of revenge. Ever since that day on the citadel, Turian families had repeatedly called for revenge. Until now he had gone unnoticed, but once Septima’s superiors got their hands on the information they decided to send someone after him, with little cost to themselves. That charge ultimately landed on Septima’s charge. She was aiming to organise the hunters who were hounding after a piece of the wretched man. There would no doubt be a lot of people gunning after him, even those who would do it for free, but alone they would not get anywhere. Even if they could find him alone, chances of successfully getting to him would be slim. They would only succeed with cooperation. Septima just hoped she was the one to do it.

Septima was new to Omega, but she knew how things worked. If you had a big gun, chances are people would leave you alone. Keep your mouth shut, and avoid the gangs as best you can. Credits go a long way, further than in council space anyway. All she had to do was pay the right people and all that were needed would be notified, whilst keeping information leaks to an absolute minimum. For this task, Septima had enlisted the help of a homeless boy. With food and money, the boy gladly told her all she wanted to know, but it was soon like feeding the pigeons. More children arrived and then she had more than she needed. So she gave a few more credits without desiring anything and gave her location to the children. She then asked them to tell her when new people arrived at the station, not only that, she told them to direct those people towards her and then she simply waited.

Children were easy, show them kindness, reward them for their deeds and they were yours, even the most untrusting if kids wouldn’t argue with a free meal. It was the adults that were a problem. As she sat in her quiet room, surrounded by empty cargo boxes, she considered her options. Those who wouldn’t need pay had reason enough to fight with as much ferocity as possible. That was reason enough. The mere existence of these people would lighten the greedy others. Those who weren’t getting paid were increasing the wage of those that were. Septima’s borrowed ship was currently waiting need the mass relay, it would be called when needed. Currently it held the equipment she would supply for those who needed it.

With her plan set in motion, all that was left to do was to study the profile more and find some weakness hidden in the data.

judodave - February 5, 2012 02:09 PM (GMT)
Nicolai was now back at his apartment on Omega gearing up to go after Ottomen, he knew it wouldn't be easy so he had contacted an Elcor Shadow Broker agent who owed him a favor and was waiting on the response, sure enough as he was tying his hair up in a ponytail a voice came from his video messenger program on his laptop.

"Impatiently, this had better be important Nicolai." The Elcor said and Nicolai smirked.

"I wouldn't be contacting you if it wasn't Xaltan." Nicolai said simply before sending him an e-mail. "I just sent you an e-mail, I need you to dig up any information you can on the man."

"Emphatically, that's it? You called me just to send me an e-mail?" Xaltan asked plainly and Nicolai pinched the bridge of his nose.

"It's for a job, a very high paying very personal job." Nicolai said plainly before smirking. "How about this, you get a cut of my profits from this job once it's complete?"

"Suddenly interested, well since you put it that way." The Elcor said before doing the research, a few minutes later he responded. "Horrified, this is who your going after?!"

"He kidnapped the son of one of my female acquaintances, however all she could tell me beyond that is that he has a bounty on his head, that he's homosexual and that he "likes" little boys." Nicolai explained with a frown. "As you may imagine that last part put me off my breakfast."

"Sympathetically, I don't blame you." Xalton responded before sending him an e-mail back. "This contains the info you requested and then some, this man has some powerful enemies."

"How so?" Nicolai asked as he opened up the e-mail.

"Expository, there is a Turian diplomat here on Omega with similar goals to you." The Elcor explained and Nicolai raised an eyebrow. "She is coordinating bounty hunters in an organized assault against Ottomen."

"Hmm, maybe some cooperation is in order." Nicolai said as an idea started forming in his head. "Can you get me her e-mail?"

"Already included in the e-mail." Xaltan said before hanging up, he downloaded the info to his onmi-tool and found the e-mail quickly enough, he sent her an e-mail which read:


How I got your e-mail address is unimportant, what is important that we have a common enemy in Ottomen Freyr and it is in our best interest to team up, interested?

Signed: Nicolai Yusuf."

Nicolai didn't wait for a response before leaving the apartment, he didn't want to risk Tommy getting hurt or killed and if the diplomat refused he would find another way, only thing was that the diplomat might get in the way.

Sini - February 5, 2012 03:51 PM (GMT)
Kolvant Karnex

Omega. The place reeked familiar. Karnex had been here often, formerly on Clan Kolvant business or his own tribe, more recently because of the abundance of contracts. A Krogan had a healthy appetite and to feed said appetite one needed a healthy amount of creds.

People kept out of their way. A single Krogan was already considered dangerous, let alone two of them. And both of them were full grown bulls, armed and armoured. And not just with their skin and martial skills. Karnex was wearing a dull crimson armour with a pistol, SMG and rifle, while his accompanying Krantt-member wore a white and black one, armed also with a pistol and a shotgun with incendiary rounds.

Trank and Razz were off on their own to pursue a contract, so only Urek remained at his side. Wiggling his hump in his armour, Karnex made his way along the dimly lit street of the station. The Vorcha, or vermin as he called them, were everywhere and made his quad and hump itch. By the ancestors they were ugly and smelly...
“Razz and Trank are too young to be sent out alone, Karnex. They lack the experience and discipline.” Urek, a black plated Krogan, objected in his low timbre. He was only five years younger than Karnex and the two had know eachother almost the entire three centuries of their lives.

“Would you rather have me drag them along forever?” He retorted and only gave his companion a quick irritated glance. “We need the credits, they need the experience. For that they have to go out on their own without a fine bred bull like yourself holding them down.”
Urek laughed, scoffed rather and threw a playful punch at Karnex’ hump. Their conversations were mostly like this, short and to the point; with a sarcastic undertone.

They were making their way to a secluded part of Omega to speak with somebody considering a job offer. Orphans and street kids had pointed their way and Urek was vigilant. “How do we know this isn’t a trap? Why are we going through this trouble?”
“Because you’re getting fat, Urek. And we need the creds.” Karnex grumbled and watched the surrounding, trusting on his keen reflexes and peripheral view. “We’d have smelled a trap by now. Who would hire kids to lure us in anyways?”
Urek answered with a low hissing sound coming from his throat.

Finally they arrived at their destination, according to the street urchins. Urek growled. “I don’t like this.” Karnex simply nodded and advanced with care. They were in a decrepit and abandoned part of Omega, the part of town were shadowy deals were struck and lots of goods and money exchanged hands. But also the part of town where a lot of gun slinging happened and scores were settled. Karnex and his Krantt hadn’t pissed off anyone high or powerful enough, they’d been careful. But that didn’t mean other members of the competition wanted them gone.

Creeping from box to box they made their advance into the hangar bay. Nobody appeared to be present, yet this was the place the younglings had shown them. Urek and Karnex exchanged looks and nodded to come out from cover, their pistols drawn.

Some twenty meters from them sat a Turian, female by the looks of it, skimming over some files. Both reptilian giants let drop their pistols, but refrained from holstering them just yet. “Turian. You are a fine target for malicious souls.” Karnex spoke first. Urek would not speak unless spoken to or given a clear gesture from his Krantt-leader. Indeed, Krogan had decorum and etiquette. “I could’ve pumped a bullet into your mandibles without you noticing.” After having made sure no trap had been set he marched closer, cocking his massive plated skull a little, as if assessing the female. Which was actually exactly what he was doing. “You smell of a rookie.” He grumbly conveyed. But rookies often had money. This one came from Citadel Space, if he’d care to take a guess. “Some little birds told me you were hiring, Turian.”

taarza - February 5, 2012 04:14 PM (GMT)
Fai Tsung left the transport and walked out and he inspected his surroundings, he had recently been contacted by a number of people to track down this man who had kidnapped children, he had read up on this guy "sick bastard, can't wait to strangle him myself" he proceeded to walk until a kid came up to him "are you looking for Ottoman?" Fai looked down at the child and nodded "follow me sir" Fai followed the child.

After a few minutes of walking the child led Fai to a Turian women and two Krogan "hello compatriots, are we all after Ottoman" Fai stood infront of the female turian wondering why he was brought to her by a child.

Kuran - February 5, 2012 09:14 PM (GMT)
Daniel opened his eyes slowly. Something had woken him, but...what?

He noticed the alarm on his bedside table winking it's light on and off, and it came back to him gradually. He had returned to his room to catch some rack time before they arrived in the Omega System.

Dressing quickly, he made for the Bridge once more. Finding the Navigation Officer, Ericka, he cleared his throat.

"The dossier pointed to this system. Anything of interest out here?" He received an acknowledgement. "Yes sir. Three planets, an asteroid belt, and the Omega station." Daniel nodded before returning to the CIC.

He had heard of Omega station, with it's nearly eight million inhabitants and rampant lawlessness, but he had never actually visited it before. But if they were going to find a sadistic paedophile, this was a good place to start.

"Jessie, take us in, fast and quiet. Hold position one thousand klicks out from the station, full stealth mode."

And so, as the ship cruised towards the station, completely hidden from heat sensors and far away enough that nobody could possibly spot them visually from the station, Daniel proceeded once more to consider how he might find Freyr.

Darksword - February 6, 2012 12:54 AM (GMT)
Walking silently along a abandoned street, a lone armored figure walked towards the general area of one of the lower, less reputable districts of Omega. Known for it's crime and infamy, the lower levels got even worse then it was publicly known in the galaxy. Slavery, rape, assault, murder... It all doubled down lower where protection became less frequent and the slums grew.

Kurt Hawkins knew this. And he knew it was perfect location for bounties to hide in with the right money. Scrolling through his recently-updated bounty database, Kurt's eye caught sight of a potentially juicy bounty. Ottoman Freyr. Rich, old man with a self-destructive pattern of 'taking advantage' of young boys... Pathetic. Scum such as him deserved to be locked away or dealt with as befits them. And today, Kurt would ensure this man got his justice. Earned in the fires of cruel lust and unforgiving heartlessness, the man's fancies would deliver him a justice he undoubtedly would not like to face at the hands of whomever caught him.

Opening the database's file open and reading over the dossier and critical details known about the man, Kurt's eyes flew over the paragraphs of data. Finally, his icy blue eyes locked onto the credit value. 500,000cR's plus whatever the man might have on him... Or 870,000cR's for a dead man. Tempting, both very tempting. Shrugging to himself, he shut the file and set his helmet's sensor on high alert. It would now be searching for the face of Freyr in case he happened to be stupid enough to be wandering the streets.

Most likely though, Kurt would be searching for his informants and finding out everything he could. Pulling up his communications files and pulling out the information needed to contact his trusty rumormongers and dealers, Kurt turned down one alleyway and pulled rested his hands on his trusty pistols. Armed to the teeth, like always, Kurt was ready.

Suddenly a audio feed opened up. "Why hello there my friend! Good to know your still alive and well." Kurt replied as he always did with his flat, unemotional and audio-altered voice via his helmet's audio modulator. "Benjamin. I need to know everything you know about a one Ottoman Freyr. Now." The man's placating voice continued. The annoying conman couldn't help slick talking with anyone, even with Kurt (though he hadn't dared lie or hold back information from Kurt for nearly the three years they had been business associates). "Of course my friend! I have heard something here and there. That is my job. I'll make sure to send you what I got over this channel in just a moment. I have heard that your new soon-to-be acquaintance has been on Omega for more then a few weeks. He is located in the lower levels, the semi-uncontrolled territory. Helps with him operating out of range of the Blue Suns and the like with his unusual... appetites. Someone reported early over public channels that they had a lost child. Reported one level up, near the west district. Should be something for you to start with." And with those words said, Kurt saw a single blip that showed he had received the files the man had spoken of.

Nodding to himself in satisfaction, Kurt wired a small amount of cash to Ben's account. "Will contact when the job is done." Cutting the transmission, Kurt immediately began reading the files as he headed for a nearby bar he could get some more information from. This was going to be a interesting hunt, he could tell... Especially if there were going to be other hunters or assassins involved. Had to be, or the hunters of today were probably going stupid. Very stupid. Had to take that variable into account on how he was going to find and capture this man. Shouldn't prove too hard, depending on who would take interest...

Thinking on all these different thoughts while reading, Kurt disappeared down another dark alleyway and into the back of a bar, knocking quietly as he entered the dark interior...

The Hunt was on.

Kingmaker - February 6, 2012 01:13 AM (GMT)
Two knocks on the door raised Ottoman's head from the covers. Smeared blood on his gray, hairy chest was quickly wiped by an even bloodier hand, which somehow found its way to spread across his weasel lips.

The door slid open as a tall man clad in black armor handed the old man a datapad in silence. Ottoman barely flinched.

"Transfer it to the codex. Finish the next load and ready the third, fourth, and eighth squadrons."

His eyes squinted at the man's helmet before he handed the tablet back to him. "It appears that my stay on Omega will be cut short. Retrieve me when what I've asked of you is done."

A slight step back from the door allowed it to close. He stared at it for a moment before quietly whispering to himself, "Permoveo velociter..."

He spun around, studying the sheets and the motionless foot jutting out from underneath. He placed his hand on a syringe and caressed the boy's toe. He poked the untreated skin with the needle and shot the thick, clear solution through the foot. After tossing the syringe to the side, he kissed the toe before sliding back underneath the covers to continue his ravaging.

[The Pit]

There was a belief that the eyes adjust to the darkness of a room when forced to rely on the smallest amount of light to illuminate the night. It's still believed to be true, and there are even enhancements to the eyes that can be bought or pilfered in order to achieve the perfect balance. But when there is no light to depend on, and nothing but pure black to set your eyes upon, that colorless film is all you see. What you can smell, taste, touch, and hear will never truly reveal the truth... the truth of endangerment. The risk of becoming extinct. For the seemingly unlucky boys of Omega, this reality was much too real.

"Tommy.. you there?"
"... ... Are any of us here? We'll wake up in beds. We'll smell the blueberry pancakes and warm syrup poured on them like ripples in the ocean. We'll here our mother's voice and safety will no longer be as distant as it seems... ..."
"My mom makes banana pancakes. She's allergic to blueberries."
"We're gonna get out of here, Tommy.. and the rest of you guys. This kind of thing can't go on forever. Somebody will save u-"

The sealed door slowly opened, heavily. As it finally neared the top, the dim lights behind three dark figures revealed assault rifles in hand. As the boys attempted to hide their eyes from the rare shine, Tommy's insane laughter erupted as flashes of light accompanied by the ripping gunfire scattered into the room. The door slowly closed shut as the figures walked away.

Viet - February 6, 2012 03:31 PM (GMT)
“On a first name basis?” she asked herself as she sat there looking at the email through her omni-tool. “It seems I have a new recruit.” Immediately she set upon replying to the email. Her reply was as followed:

‘Good evening Mister Yusuf,

You are correct in your evaluation of the situation. Freyr cannot be taken out without cooperation with several operatives. Head down towards the old cargo holds, on the way you will find a group of children, tell them Septima called you. They will then deliver you to me. I have to go, company has arrived.

Signed, Septima Varus.'

The reply was sent off as soon as it was finished. She closed up the omni-tool and went back to waiting. She knew there were people heading her way, she could hear them. Settling down against an old crate, her head turned away from the door she appeared to be intensely focused on the datapad. In actual fact she was keeping still and listening. There was movement down the hall. It was good to be in such a quiet place.

Two Krogans were making their way towards her; she smirked a little to herself. Krogans were certainly useful in hunting down scum. They would certainly prove their worth. Krogans were good soldiers, to be used on the front lines. Built like tanks with the strength of five humans, she would make use of them to charge against their enemies. There was no doubt about that. First off though, she would need to evaluate them, and decide whether they were smart enough to follow her orders precisely. Hopefully they were, but Krogans weren’t known for their smarts.

“Krogans may be many things, but stealthy is not one of them. I heard you coming; Krogans have heavy footsteps as a general rule. Besides, if you wanted to have killed me, you’d have done so already, as is the Krogan way.” She replied Septima slipped away from the crate she was leaning against and turned to fully face the two that entered.

When one of them made a remark of her being a rookie, she laughed. “Maybe your nose is broken. I’m more than qualified to be here. But yes, I am hiring, I trust you already have knowledge of the contract?”

There was then an arrival in the form of a human male. Septima looked him up and down. This man certainly had the assassin look in the bag. She smirked a little at him. “Good day human. We are not all there is, at least I hope not, but yes. We are all here for the head of the human male named Ottoman.”

“First things first as the old saying goes, I’m not about to brief you all on my plan, at least not until we have a decent number of people at our side. I’d just have to repeat myself. So for now we will have to get to know each other. I’ll need to know all your skills, and your weaknesses to put you to best use. Yes, that does mean I have assumed command over this hunt, is that a problem for any of you?”

Darksword - February 6, 2012 04:36 PM (GMT)
A short time later, Kurt had found out much about the situation with this one Ottoman Freyr and what was being done against the sick bastard. Apparently more then a few different parties were interested in this hard merchandise. A turian named Septima was gathering hunters of varying levels to hopefully take down the bastard. So far, no one of huge note had joined The Hunt, but it still was competition. So now, Kurt had to decide: contact the turian or take the target himself... or both? Shrugging, Kurt might as well alert them to the name of the game.

Pulling up the email Ben had sent to him in the virtual packet of data, Kurt quickly wrote up the message and sent it.

Sent to: Septima Varus
From: Kurt Hawkins

Ms. Varus.
I have gained knowledge of your intentions to take down a one Mr. Freyr. I have decided to do so as well. I would prefer we did not interfere with each others work, but that is the nature of bounty hunting. It is a constant competition to see whom may acquire the prize first. Be forewarned, I will be in close proximity to said merchandise. Please take note and do not have your recently acquired hunters shoot me, mistaking me for some mercenary.

Thank you,

Tapping the send button, Kurt stood from the table he had been sitting at in the bar and quickly exited the premises. He had a lead on the man and where he was located at, but he would need to move fast. Freyr was not a idiot, he would know just like everyone else about the woman's intentions to hunt down the old pervert and obviously end him. He would be moving out very soon, if not already. Kurt needed to be ready and move in, before even those hunters gathering were even ready to move in. He might be skilled, but he needed to move fast, precisely and without hesitation. They had numbers against him and they wanted that bounty as badly as he did. Competition in this business always became deadly at some point.

Marching down the back alleys of empty streets to where he estimated district location of Freyr would be, Kurt involuntarily checked his weaponry and equipment. it had been the tenth time that day, but he couldn't help it. He was about to come against some heavy firepower and needed to be ready. Whether he took to killing from long-range as he hated to do or came in close, he would need every scrap of firepower himself.

judodave - February 6, 2012 04:52 PM (GMT)
Nicolai was making his way to the lower levels when Septima sent a reply to him, he knew the cargo holds where not that far from his current location so he made his way down there, the pathway to the area was littered with hookers of various races and on any other day he'd hire at least two of them for some "fun" but he had a job to do.

"Business before pleasure." Nicolai thought as he eyed an Asari hooker, not long afterwards he found the group of children and approached them. "Good evening children, Septima sent for me and I was wondering if you could take me too her?" Nicolai asked politely, the children eyed eachother uncertainly before a young human girl led him to where the Turian was hanging out, when he was there he found two Krogan, another human and a Turian. "Good evening Ms. Varrus, I am Nicolai Yusuf, more commonly known as The Reaper." Nicolai introduced himself before looking at the rest of the Turian's company. "Good to know that the rest of Omega isn't suicidally stupid." Nicolai muttered under his breath before giving a respectful nod to the two Krogan.

taarza - February 6, 2012 06:09 PM (GMT)
Fai looked at Septimus "not a problem, just show me to the defiler and he will drop to the floor" Fai held his hand out to Seprimus "my name is Fai Tsung, im a ninja assasin from the Kakushi misuto, and it's my pleasure to meet you" Fai thought about the people here, a human bounty hunter a turian female most likely important somewhere and two Krogans, Fai couldn't believe this Turian needed more than one Krogan for the job, it must be a heavily defended one, Fai stood infront of the Turian waiting to shake her hand.

Kingmaker - February 7, 2012 06:54 AM (GMT)
The darkness. Feared by most. Embraced by few. Scared, used, drugged, and mugged. Innocence stolen. The idea of a tragedy is never tangible until the moment it happens to whom speculated. What emotion is appropriate? How would one recover? The first step is to recognize your pain.


The boy's entire body ached. As if out of a nightmare, fear of such a thing being reality had settled in, and realization that such a situation did take place only made him burst into tears. The lower half of his body was numb, but he could feel the trickles of what could only be blood oozing out of what could possibly be wounds.

His arms were weak. He slowly pulled back the layers of covers, groaning after every incredibly painful motion before his eyes revealed the only light he had seen in-- who knows how long.

He squinted, wanting to shade his pupils from the dying candle, but decided to get out of the disgusting bed as soon as possible. Pulling on what he believed to be the edge of the bed, he fell headfirst onto the heavily carpeted floor. 'Carpet?'

This thought only came to mind after slamming the right side of his forehead into it, the rest of his body lifelessly following. He tried to remember the floor when he was first ushered into the room, believing that it was some sort of cement tile. Perhaps he was wrong, although he had been correct from the moment he thought today wouldn't be his last.

His useless body was indeed proving its worth, which was nothing for now, but that would soon change as he dedicated his time to massaging the numbness out.

[The Maze]

Through the hidden doors, half of the immediate squadron led Ottoman through the Underground. Not many know of such a place, and if anything, most try to stay out. It seems like the ideal way to maneuver without being seen, but the dangers of such extremely uncharted and unclaimed territory are beyond comprehension. Vorcha are it's main inhabitants, but the ones on the surface don't even compare to the filth that reside in the Underground. Black Market? Forget about it. How about Shadow Market? You make deals with the darkness.

But everyone has a price... throwing a figure out in the still air is enough to have these Vorcha watch you closely, but an even bigger number can ensure one's walk in the park.

The other half of the squad went through the concealed wall, determined to layer the entire warehouse with explosives (5 bombs, to be exact). There wasn't much going on in the building after all, with crates of miscellaneous home supplies towering over even more stacks of material nobody cares about. An elite security specialist, a YMIR Mech, and more than a dozen foot soldiers made this ticking time-bomb of a building dangerous, if not non-existent.

Not to mention it's blended surrounding environment (more warehouses) and maze-like corridors. Its easy to get lost. And even easier to get ambushed.

crepe100 - February 8, 2012 04:29 PM (GMT)
Thomas sprinted down an alley, it was small, two men wide at most, sometimes further blocked by flaming barrels and small market stalls ran by scavenging Vorcha.

The Salarian he had been chasing for about an hour now was starting to slow, Mordus Holarin, a Red Sand dealer. Thomas pulled out his sub-machine gun, and pointed the sights at the Salarian, he was about to pull the trigger, but he accidentally bumped into a volus, knocking his sights.

Thomas sped up his pace clearing the market and alley, and entered a wider street. The Salarian started climbing up a nearby wall, this gave Thomas time to pull his sub-machine gun up and calibrate his sights again.

He aimed at Mordus as he lifted his leg. The trigger was greased that day, so it snapped shut immediately with his finger. The bullet raced at the Salarian and blew his arm clean off.

He approached the screaming Salarian, and put his foot and the drug dealer's throat to stop the screaming, non-surprisingly no one stopped to look. Thomas kneeled down, and put the barrel of the gun into his mouth.

"I bet you wish you weren't selling this stuff to thirteen year olds now, hm?".

The Salarian started to cry and choke on the gun as Thomas pushed it further down his throat.

"Shame you never knew about me".

Everyone nearby turned their heads as the back of Mordus' head sprayed across the wall behind him.

Darksword - February 8, 2012 06:57 PM (GMT)
Having searched the most likely locations in the district, Kurt had narrowed down the prey's hideout to one last place. Working his way through a narrow tunnel to where he had been told would be a likely location, Kurt kept absolutely silent as he went through the ventilation duct into what should be the prey's home. Unless he had already escaped...

Mentally shrugging as he was forced to turn a corner down another mini-corridor, Kurt looked down one grating to see that the room wasn't occupied. But it did have some interesting, if gory, sights. Using a small plasma cutter on his wrist, Kurt began cutting through the grating, eventually allowing gravity to take it and clang loudly to the floor. Crawling forward and letting his bulk slide feet first through the hole, Kurt landed in a crouch, both his pistols out and aiming about the dark room. Looking down through his night vision goggles at the bodies of the young children, obviously massacred by gun fire, Kurt dipped his head in respect for the dead.

A cold fist clenched in his gut as he had a brief glimpse into the past, of his own family... Innocent people murdered. Looking over to a corner to see a few rags, Kurt went over and took them, covering the small, broken bodies of the murdered youth after shutting their eyes. Sending a brief prayer to his family and all fellow hunters with them in The Great Hunt to be with these innocents, Kurt focused back on the mission at hand. Turning to face the large door, Kurt activated cryo and incendiary ammunition in his two different pistols before aiming at the door control and where the lock would be. Firing several cryo rounds into the controller as he fired the incendiary into the lock, Kurt picked up speed and momentum to suddenly kick at the door.

With the combined firepower and momentum of his body, Kurt kicked down the structurally-weakened door with another loud clang, aiming his pistols through and glancing at his motion sensor. Nothing, abandoned. Ejecting his older clips and slamming in new thermals, Kurt immediately began exploring the warren. as he had suspected, the prey had escaped. Or at least moved to a new location. Where, he had no idea. The Maze was very close by... most likely there. Checking another door, Kurt tapped the door control to let it slide open. Revealed to him was yet another sad sight. A lavishly furnished bedroom, he could see a small body on the ground near the bed. A bloody figure. Walking forward, Kurt noticed a surprising fact: this one was alive.

Stepping next to the body and kneeling down, the hunter leaned forward over the barely-conscious boy. Looking him over, Kurt reached forward and tapped his omni-tool to scan the boy while his other hand quickly pulled out a medi-gel packet. Administering it to the few wounds he could see on the abused youth, Kurt watched his wounds heal. He knew it wouldn't be enough to save the boy without medical assistance, but it would help a little. His omni-tool bleeping, Kurt got a readout just as the boy's head turned and his zoned out gaze seemed to focus a little and look at the armored figure in front of him. Groaning in horror, the boy tried to move away from the hunter, only succeeding in a few inches.

Kurt held up a hand and gave a placating gesture. "Don't worry, your safe. I won't harm you... conserve your strength." Despite the boy not seeming to believe him (probably because of his voice modulator and his emotionless tone in retrospect), he did stop. Kurt looked at the readout and sighed quietly. The boy wasn't in a good state and he didn't have the time to deal with him properly. Pulling out a small serum to help counteract whatever was injected into the boy's system, Kurt injected it into the boy's near-lifeless leg, ignoring the boy's nudity.

Opening a single public com channel, Kurt spoke quickly into it. "We have injured children at the following coordinates. Available medical personnel, the injured individual doesn't have much time." Kurt didn't wait and shut off the com after uploading his current position, then quickly shut off the channel and proceeded to cover the boy partially with a nearby sheete for modesty's sake. "Help is on the way. Stay here."

He doubted anyone would actually come, but he had to try. He needed to fulfill his role as deliverer of justice. That required hunting, not healing. Standing and moving out quickly, Kurt ended up slipping his pistols into their holsters and pulling out his shotgun instead, knowing firepower was going to be needed and soon. Searching for the exit out, Kurt found the secret door into the underground and it's maze he had heard of a great deal in this district and began his journey through it, keeping an eye on his motion sensor for any potential hostiles. Better to avoid the varren and other dangers in this area then engage them.

Shotgun ready and pulled up to his shoulder, Kurt made his way at a jog down, up and around corners, straight corridors and stairs as he followed what appeared to be the trail of a large group of men having recently moved through here in the past hour or so. Slowing down to check corners and ensure his sensor got a accurate reading of the area, Kurt knew caution and patience was needed. He partially thought about when the other hunters and such would get around here... He would need to prepare for that possible encounter. not to mention for trying to get Freyr off the station if Kurt chose to capture instead of kill.

OOC: Take note, I changed Kurt's armor appearance. On his profile!

Viet - February 8, 2012 10:14 PM (GMT)
“Looks like we have competition, one who is not willing to be part of the team, what a foolish man he is. He’ll get himself killed, but fine. Well it ooks like we have a secondary objective.” Spetima stood firm, as she received another report, this time via her ship. She sent off the reply. “Our equipment is on its way, I had planned to allow a little more time, but with this cowboy gumshoeing his way, we’ll have to proceed without more people. That being said I’m sure you are enough. It also means you’ll get paid more.” An instant morale boost, Turian knew how to play mercenaries, all it took was the chance for more money.

Unfortunately for Septima, another human walked into the room, and she turned towards him. “It is good to have you with us, Reaper.” She said gratefully. “Formal introductions will have to be put on indefinite hold; we have a fox in the chicken coop. In other words, our competition has riled our target, and we have to move within minutes.” Septima glanced around.

“As much as you all would like to have him killed, and torn apart piece by piece, I would personally find that very enjoyable to watch, I have different orders if at all possible. So I suppose this is the time to tell you our objectives, tell you my plan, and then we move out pick up the equipment I have supplied, and then we strike after the target.” She took a moment to catch her breath, choosing to ignore Fai’s handshake as matters proved more important than manners.

Septima spoke calmly and in a militarised fashion. “The main danger here revolves around Freyr himself. He is highly dangerous and if we go in there guns blazing he’s more likely to blow a hole in the station than to come quietly. This being said we cannot do that, otherwise we’ll all die. We also have a secondary danger in that Freyr is obviously not working alone, that means he has backup. If he has backup it is likely to assume he has a squad or several highly armed and highly skilled troops with him, also blotting out the option for a full frontal assault.”

Her monologue continued.

“Our main objective is this. Capture Ottoman Freyr alive if at all possible. If that fails, you are to use whatever force necessary to bring him down. So far we have three secondary objectives. The first secondary objective is to capture a member of the enemy squad alive, Ottoman Freyr has friends in high places, and if we can link anyone to him, we will need to do so. Our second objective is to find and aid any, who have suffered at the hands of Ottoman. This is a secondary objective so only accomplish this if it does not impede on the main objective. Thirdly, we have competition from at least one source, bearing that in mind, we are to block any and all attempts made by third parties against Ottoman. Should they succeed you will not get paid. I am not following a mercenary code here, like the old human saying. All’s fair in love and war and this is my war.”

As Septima finished speaking she was notified of an outgoing communications channel, and Septima easily put two and two together. ”Hawkins you fool.” She said, as she saw the coordinates. “We have Freyr’s trail.” Whist Septima had been talking people Turians had filtered into the corridor which had led into the cargo room they were in. equipment boxes from Turian companies had been placed with enough security personnel for the area. Septima led them out and picked out several weapons from the boxes and placed them on various holsters. She didn’t plan to get involved heavily in the fighting, but it looked more and more likely that she had to. “Take a lot of these cryo grenades. It’ll deal with the enemy quickly.” Septima recommended as she finished loading herself up. She then waited by the doors ready to head down after Freyr.

Sini - February 12, 2012 10:56 AM (GMT)
Kolvant Karnex and Urek listened to the briefing of the Turian with the same stoic Krogan expression. Urek leant back a bit, resting against a crate which gave way a little, having to carry his impressive weight. Ocassionally, when the female Turian glanced their way, Karnex nodded to let her know they were listening, paying attention.

So they had competition heh? Competition was always nice, made you do your best and more. He wasn't too sure about the rest of this rag-tag team of goons or vigilantes, nor their level of professionalism; but he sure would do his best. As long as he got paid. Just as that thought passed his mind, Septima announced they'd get paid more than initially was the case. Excellent. The low grumble from the back of his throat notified the bystanders he was quite pleased by that development. This Turian knew her stuff better than he and Urek had thought.
"Good. It was starting to feel a little crowded in here." He said, interjecting his comment and giving the group a sour glance like only a Krogan could. But he knew just as well as any of them they stood a better chance if they weren't alone.

Urek scoffed at the mention of the other one's name. 'Reaper'? Certainly a doomsday thinker or troubled soul. Then again, you should never judge a book by its name... Or was it cover? Urek didn't remember and frankly didn't care.

Septima conveyed a full frontal assault was out of the question. Bummer, Karnex thought. He had been looking for a good fight in a while now, and he knew Urek had been too. Though he didn't care about human pups, he did condemn the acts this human was treating them too; it was... unnatural not to mention disgusting.

"Turian arms, Karnex," Urek said as they took in the merchandise. "For free? Where's the catch?" He chuckled a bit.
Karnex simply shook his shoulder and picked out a heavy impact pistol, tried it in his clawed hand. It would do the job well enough. Collecting a few cartridges he heard Septima mention the cryo-grenades. "What a treat! I used these a lot back in the day to ambush Urdnot patrols. Remember Urek?" Each of them picked three and stowed them away. Too many of those would make them walking bombs. The more you carried, the larger the chances of having one of them being hit by an enemy round.
"Alright Turian, let's do this." He cocked his pistol demonstratively and Urek did the same, a wicked grin displaying his sharpened teeth. They almost looked sympathetic.

judodave - February 12, 2012 02:37 PM (GMT)
Nicolai listened to the plan ignoring the scoff from one of the Krogan when he mentioned his nickname, he had a sneaking suspicion that a frontal assault would be out of the question but managed to keep his thoughts to himself.

"I should mention the reason why I took on this bounty, I don't want any misunderstandings especially with two Krogan on my side." Nicolai thought as he picked up an Assault Rifle, he took a moment to inspect the weapon and once he was satisfied he holstered it. "There's something I must mention before we start the mission in order to avoid future misunderstandings, the reason I took up the mission in the first place was because a female associate of mine has reason to believe that her son has been kidnapped by this monster." Nicolai said bluntly. "I don't know about the rest of you but his safety is my own personal objective." Nicolai added.

Darksword - February 13, 2012 12:51 AM (GMT)
Turning another corner and down a long trench, Kurt had luckily avoided several little groups of varren and vorcha, as well as what sounded like some other less then savory characters. He had had to engage one pair of armed vorcha, but they were eliminated with a thrown dagger and a sliced throat. Dumping them in a trash pile, Kurt had simply moved on and followed another route through the treacherous Underground. Very dangerous place, if at least a simple danger.

Suddenly he paused as his motion sensor noticed a abnormally large group of bodies moving just ahead. And he heard voices... Not vorcha, something else. Diving to the side of the trench and hugging the wall, ensuring his dark robe covered him entirely, Kurt went stone-still as he waited for whatever was coming. And just ahead at another junction, a group of men came into sight. Humans, salarians, turians... All armed and armored. They were calm and collected, no hurry... About nine to twelve of them. This had to be party of Freyr's security detail on Omega. He couldn't see the bounty himself, so he must be located at another place, but this was obviously backup or something affiliated to him.

Waiting for several tense moments, Kurt waited for them to pass before pulling himself from the wall and crouch-running to the corner. Peaking out, Kurt let his helmet's marcobinoculars zoom in onto the group, taking careful note of their equipment, armor quality, stance and walking style, as well as how attentive they were. From what he could see, maybe not the a crack team of special forces from the Systems Alliance or anything but they were above-average mercenary soldiers. Knew to check their corners and kept their weapons in decent shape, especially for the terrain they were in now.

Stepping out, Kurt began making his way behind them, keeping his physical signature small by crouching and his robe tightly about him to blend into the dark environment better. This group would give him a very good lead onto where Freyr would be in this maze called the Underground. Ensuring his helmet also had it's mission recorder going (good way to validate he had acquired the bounty to his employers), Kurt was determined to claim this one. And the way it was going, he might have to simply kill him to ensure he didn't escape justice's clutches. Better dead then escaped...

Viet - February 13, 2012 02:05 AM (GMT)
The Krogans were obviously pleased, that was a good sign. Moral was high between the two and that would make the fight with valour. In response to the Krogan question over their equipment, Septima smirked. “My boss really wants this guy defeated. Most of your ammo will be going on his team. Don’t ask how I got them, just know they’re completely safe and whatever you still have at the end of this, you can keep.” She said simply. “Anything that is left behind is going back to my employer.” They didn’t seem to be greedy. They just too what they needed.

One of the humans then spoke about their decision to go after the mark and Septima nodded a little. “And if the boy’s already dead? What happens then?”

Septima wasn’t about to explain why her bosses wanted the guy dead or alive. It was complicated to explain, especially if she had to explain who she was and why they had sent her rather than someone else. Instead she’d just turn to the door.

“Everyone ready? Good. Let’s get going. Hopefully we can catch up to these bounty hunters before Freyr escapes or gets killed himself. We’re going to have to run to catch up at least until we head to the coordinates Hawkins’s gave us unwittingly. From there we need to move quickly, you two” she was referring to the Krogans “Take point when we get there, we’ll follow right behind you.” And with that Septima broke into a steady pace towards the coordinates she had been given. She made sure that she was ready to grab her pistol at a moment’s notice, and she knew the way must’ve been relatively clear, especially if Hawkins was able to have the time to send out a message. She didn’t have to worry about being ambushed, not until they figured out where to go from the coordinates.

They were quite behind now; she only hoped the fighting wasn’t up by the time they got there. The best she could hope for was that Hawkins slowed Freyr and his allies down to give them time to get there.

Kingmaker - February 13, 2012 04:33 AM (GMT)
Ottoman walked with haste, keeping the men surrounding him in preparation for a quick response. They had been walking on the surface for quite some time, his second squad supposedly circling up to meet him at the docks- '...but wait.'

He threw his hand up, ceasing all movement forward and causing the men to tighten up. It was then, and only then, had Ottoman considered what dangers might await. He took nearly two and a half seconds to figure out how he wanted to handle his suspicions, which were legit and extremely realistic, unlike some of his augmentations.

"Tell squads one and two that they need to finish loading the ship as soon as possible! Pull my boys out from the warehouse and load them on too!"

After a few raised hands tapped their com-links, Ottoman assumed his orders had been carried out.

"Sir. The decoy team is arriving through the Underground exit number four. They have reason to believe that they have lured at least one hunter, possibly two."

Ottoman had a nasty, snake-like smile form across his face, his cheeks high and rosy as he heard the good news.

"They are updating us with movement through the grating and into Bazaar Square. Snipers have been situated, three at most, and the environment is already being worked into an advantage. We are deploying LOKI mechs and an Tech Specialist to help bring down the target or targets defenses. Do you want the hunter alive?"

With eyes beady and almost disrespectfully gazing through the man's helmet, Ottoman responded with ferocity. "Killed! I WANT HIM KILLED!"

Freyr flapped his long cape and started his quick walk with his cane taking the first directive. The group continued onwards.

Several men inside of the warehouse started the process of moving the caged boxes via transport van which would be driven to the ship and loaded as soon as possible, as were the boss' orders. The timers were set, and in 20 minutes, they would have left the building to watch it burst into a fiery explosion through the rear view.

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