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Title: What Comes Around (Mask's Recruitment)
Description: Bekenstein --- Boltzmann System

Harris - September 28, 2011 03:13 AM (GMT)
Over the past several years, the alliance had spread throughout the galaxy. One of the first planets to have been inhabited was the human Illium, a nickname given to Bekenstein. The short history of this planet had little importance to the massive impact that it has had on the galaxy, the trading arm of the systems alliance was filled with dark tales consisting of the greed of men destroying their humanity. To filter out the evils of Bekenstein, a small military outpost had been placed on the planet, ensuring the protection of both the goods and individuals that others would seek to take. Amongst those individuals was Lieutenant Alexandra Starling.

Today was an odd instance for Bekenstein, as the Mogadishu, a military vessel, entered the atmosphere. Having recently been repaired, the ship was once again under the command of Captain Sengar Hyu, and while the crew consisted of a number of fine soldiers, it was not complete. Time had taught the captain that while his men would follow orders, loyalty was earned in time. This crew was not yet loyal to the captain; it was his second in command that had been with them since the decommissioning of the vessel. To this, the captain was in search of a friend, one he knew he could trust no matter what. In this, he sought out Lieutenant Starling.

Alexandra has once served with the Mogadishu’s captain during Operation Dead Key, and while the operation was made up of a number of strong minded individuals, the field efficiency of lieutenant Starling. After the end of the Operation, Sengar had lost contact with the majority of his team, but the names were still available for him to investigate. To his investigation, he found that the majority had gone on to serve at various different outposts throughout the galaxy, acting as commanding officers. Alexandra was the exception, and Sengar wanted to fix that. While he wasn’t able to give her a ship, he could give his friend a chance to serve as part of the Mogadishu. One thing that would never change about Alexandra was her bloodlust; combat was attractive to all of the Dead Key members, and Alexandra was the finest example of this. While she was something of a loose cannon, her abilities were too attractive to pass up, and Sengar ensured his offer too great to pass up.

Within moments, the Mogadishu had begun the landing procedures at the Bekenstein military base. Having previously contacted them requesting the potential transfer of Lieutenant Alexandra Starling, the approach followed standard procedures. As soon as the ship made contact with the landing bay, Captain Hyu began to make his way out of the ship, hoping that the base operators had already contacted the lieutenant with orders for her to report to the bay. As the garage doors of the Mogadishu opened to reveal Sengar in his standard uniform, what awaited on the other side began to reveal itself.

Mask0fShadows - September 28, 2011 09:43 PM (GMT)
Sent her to keep her out of the council's hair was something of a different move, still it kept her busy even though she was clearly unhappy about it. This place was a shadow of what she should be doing, and wearing a regular set of armor and having to keep her familiar one in storage in her accommodations was even more cruel. Starling was seriously annoyed here but did her job, though she made no effort to get to know anyone she worked with as this was punishment and she would not have them forget that she was not going to sit by. Already her arrests were marked with a rather rough handling of the suspects, and she'd broken up a gang fight by taking out most of both sides and forcing them to retreat. This did lead to some quiet for the past week in the lower levels, so they tried to ignore the fact she'd given them more paperwork. That day she'd been working in the space dock, nothing ever happened here and they'd been keeping her to the more quiet areas. Looking to the person she was with, not noticing Captain Hyu, she actually made a joke which was rather strange but she was in a good mood.

Stopping she turned around to see the new arrival, there had been a fuss about a military vessel docking here. Hopefully they were here to end her long period of waiting, though she highly doubted they even wanted her in service still given her actions and how she still justified them. "Captain long time no see, sorry about the lack of formalities. Though my hands are a bit full, it's been too long." She then saluted after shifting one hand away from the omnitool she was using to keep track of events, before her partner moved on shaking his head at the fact she was making a social call in the middle of shift." This was like her to find something to distract her, all because she was bored or she didn;t like what she was doing.

Harris - September 30, 2011 02:59 AM (GMT)
Sengar had found himself arriving at an all too familiar scene; Alexandra had been standing, completely alone and caring little about her surroundings as she focused on her omni-tool. While such a sight might’ve been normal for anyone else, this was Alexandra. Despite her devotion to getting the jobs done, she wasn’t the type for busy work. For those that had seen her in combat, one always felt as if she’d be willing to stab them in the back, just to get the job done. Even for this, her personality was something…attractive. For the most part at least; insulting her was a mistake that a few of their old squad members had done, and her reaction was far from calm.

Captain long time no see. Sorry about the lack of formalities. Though my hands are a bit full, it’s been too long.

The last time that the group had been together was at the start of the year, and while it had certainly been a while, the galaxy was a large place, and it was quite unlikely for this encounter, despite the fact that Sengar was now a captain of his own vessel. But fate had them meet once more, just as their salutes met one another for a brief second before the captain returned to his previous position.

It certainly has. I’m glad to see that the military has been making a fine use of your skills. I was going to offer you a job….but it looks like you’re happy with your busywork.

Sengar had a rather dry sense of humor, and while his sarcasm would be obvious, it was only because Alexandra had known him for quite some time. To the uneducated eye, his humor would be seen as serious. While this wasn’t the usual case for encounters in civilian clothing, this was still a military operation.

Mask0fShadows - October 11, 2011 06:53 PM (GMT)
“Last time they gave me something actually worthwhile I did the job better than their regular personnel, I kept crime down for at least a week or two in that area. I’m enjoying this so much I could just shoot someone; this isn’t even my own gun…” She replied with as she looked up and grinned as she knew that sense of humor and that he was using sarcasm right now, of course this was temporary until the incident was decided on as she felt she was justified in her shooting of the Asari. Maybe he could get past that political crap, and get her back into the job she preferred doing under the only captain who could handle her well. “So what’s the job, I’ve got my armor and weapons in sealed containers in my apartment. Command may have issues with this too, though they can take this job and shove it. Security is fine, but not when I’ve been reduced to this joke.”

She was glad that Sengar came by and had something better; in fact she would defy standing orders and go now if she knew she could get away with it. So instead she sent a message to the head of security here, one that made her point clear that she was not going to be around much longer. ‘You can thank me later for taking care of that gang issue, before I log my final shift report for today please contact Alliance military command with an immediate request. Requesting immediate reassignment to Captain Sengar Hyu and his ship, their wasting my time here and we both know it.’ She then sent the message and looked back to her CO, with that same cocky grin that she had when she knew she had done something that was not going to win over many allies within the military command.

“So what’s the job sir, and will there be any forms I have to file should I fire my weapons. Planet side security is too rigid; any longer I may become a robot to order like these yokels.” Her words were spoken once there was no other personnel to hear her, and she laughed at the fact she was finally able to speak her mind around someone who could at least understand who she was, and why she did things how she did since she was what many considered a bit of a loose cannon even if she got the job done.

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