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Title: ASV Hyperion - Seflon Archers HQ Thread
Description: Milky Way / Rosetta Nebula / Phi Clio

Bippwatt - September 12, 2011 03:46 AM (GMT)
(Stealing from "The Green Skull" preamble)

((As this is what is colloquially referred to as a 'social' or 'base' thread, you are able to post with your char here while they are also elsewhere in the galaxy, just so long as you eventually detail them leaving to tend to whatever errand you had them do in another rp.... if that makes sense, it should))

In the cold dark of space of the Milk Way Galaxy, there is a cluster known as the Rosetta Nebula. In that nebula is a system called Phi Clio.

And between the first and second planets of that system, hung a ship. A 750 meter long cruiser, it had the Amun Starship Technologies emblem on it, underneath it's name.

This was the lead ship of the Seflon Archers mercenary company. It was their ace in the hole. Here, the ranks of the Archers gather for a waypoint toward their next goal. Especially when they needed secrecy.

The year is 2200 and the name of the place is ASV Hyperion.

(Okay, so I totally just stole that from B5. But it worked, didn't it?)

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