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Title: Goddess' Glory Starships
Description: Asari Starship Corporation

Hagen'Uresh nar Rayya - June 30, 2011 08:31 AM (GMT)
GRADE D Corporation

HEADQUARTERS: Nos Astra, Illium
CEO: Mistress Rikari Khepri (NPC)

Ashek'Kien Shipyard - Beregale Orbit (Tasale System) [Primary]
Jariket Shipyard - Helyme Orbit (Zelene System) [Secondary]
Garakesh Repair Facility (aka Pirates Bay) - Imorkan Orbit (Sahrabarik System)
Malik Repair Facility - Mohana Orbit (Mako System)

45% - Rikari Khepri
35% - Lussoa Enterprises
10% - Matriarch Kekoa T'Lona
2% - Risha T'Aara
8% - Publicly traded stocks, no steady owner

Carriers, Dreadnoughts, Cruisers, Frigates, Freighters, Gunships, Ship Weaponry, Ship Defense Components
*GGS builds ships for both commercial and military use, providing the Asari Republic with a number of their Carriers, Frigates, and Cruisers*

Shipbuilding, Ship Repair, Ship Refits, Fueling, Ship Arming & Disarming, Custom Interior Design, Ship Cleaning and Sterilization


One could not imagine much more humble beginnings for such a large and prosperous company, starting as a small repair and cleaning service back in the first few decades of the new millennium. While her mother had served in the Asari Republic's military as an engineer, Rikari didn't have the same ambition to simply work on military crafts, and as such founded her company to perform routine maintenance, repairs and cleaning services for ships passing through Nos Astra. The young asari had underestimated the market for her services, and as such saw her client base explode within a matter of just a few short years, which caused her to hire on a modest employee base as well.

After a decade of successfully permeating the Nos Astra market, as well as other major cities on Illium, Goddess' Glory Starships (GGS) had built a sizable client base, gave employment to just shy of 500 citizens of Illium, and overall had become quite a prosperous company, servicing any ships that had need of their services. However, Rikari was a highly ambitious young woman, and as such desired to expand her company's services to something more profitable; building starships. After making GGS a publicly traded company, taking out a business loan, using a great deal of the company's profits, and hiring on a large workforce along with bringing in a number of experts in a variety of fields (her mother included), she had the makings of her very own starship construction company. While the facility was under construction, GGS had already taken a contract; one for a trio of frigates for the Asari Republic.

It took close to a year for the facility to become fully operational, in which time their engineers had designed the ships and materials had been purchased for the construction, which started immediately. Upon completion of the contract, the ships turned out better than the Republic had imagined, which earned them a number of subsequent contracts with the Asari military complex. These new ships on the market earned the recognition of private companies looking for impressive and flashy ships that were as functional as they were powerful, garnering a steady income for the booming corporation. Over the years of operation, Rikari was forced to expand their operation to a second construction facility, though remaining in the same cluster as Illium to so as to cut transit times, as well as being able to stay close to home and keep an eye on her assets.

With a small fortune now amassed in the company, as well as for the successful entrepreneur, GGS used its funds to build a few ships of their own. Most of these were transports for their customers and executives, though over time, each facility had a few military crafts manufactured and crewed to protect them from pirate attacks or other dangers that may present themselves. By 2170, they had established a smaller facility orbiting a planet close to Omega that provided repairs, refueling, rearming and entertainment for those that preferred to avoid Omega, though this facility did not advertise its affiliation with GGS due to the nature of its shady clientele.

When the Reaper attack on the Citadel hit, GGS had amassed a good deal of wealth, along with a small armada of ships at its command that had been either purchased and repurposed, or else constructed by them directly. Rikari loaned a good number of its ships to the war effort during the Reaper invasions, which aided her corporation more than she could have imagined. While they did lose a good number of their ships in the attacks, GGS's larger ships held up quite well to enemy fire, and of the smaller ships most of the crew was generally able to evacuate if they were given enough time, which brought considerable attention to their ships quality. Along with this, the Asari Republic openly thanked Rikari and her company for their aid in the attacks, which not only gave them free publicity, but also paid GGS a partial compensation for their ships that were lost in the invasion. With this, they were able to reinforce what was lost of the Asari fleets, which was much more substantial due to the size of their forces.

With most races working to rebuild their forces, just about every race that had a standing navy was going wherever they could to contract their work, and that included contracting GGS for their ships. As it was a sellers market at that point, they could essentially establish whatever prices they wanted for their ships, and sure enough, there were willing buyers of their ships, to the point that some governments were paying close to double the value of some of the crafts that GGS owned to supplement their own standing forces. Through these windfalls, Rikari's once humble cleaning and repair service has grown into one of the most prosperous starship companies on the market. Along with a few frigates patrolling the companies manufacturing facilities, each boasts the protection of a custom designed and built carrier, along with their flagship carrier, the Alectrona, which holds orbit around GGS's primary manufacturing facility. The Alectrona is as much a showpiece for the company as it is a visual deterrent for attacks, using a shock-and-awe tactic on her prospective customers to impress upon them the detail and quality of her company's craftsmanship.

GGS is actively accepting contracts for both private and military starships. Custom Starships can be manufactured to customers request, though prices of these are set on a case-by-case basis and are generally purchased by large businesses or the obscenely wealthy; as the saying goes, "If you have to ask, you can't afford it."

- Approx. 350,000 Employees (Admin, HR, Sales, Engineers, Aerospace, Construction, Electricians, Security, Crew for ships, ect.)
- 3 Carriers, 6 Frigates, 12 Private Luxury Shuttles, 2 Luxury Frigates, various maintenance and construction crafts
- Orbital Construction Dock in Tasale System with 45 construction bays
- Orbital Construction Dock in Zelene System with 35 construction bays
- Orbital Repair Station in Sahrabarik System with 20 repair bays
- 30 Starship Cleaning and Repair Offices Across Illium

- Asari Republic (Military)
- Lussoa Enterprises (Civilian)
- Turian Hierarchy (Military)
- Citadel Shuttle Sales (Civilian)
- Illium Luxury Shuttles (Civilian)



- Harshek-Class Fighter
user posted image

- Shurek-Class Interceptor
user posted image

- Kallen-Class Gunship

- Koresh-Class Frigate
user posted image

- Urket-Class Cruiser

- Yariket-Class Carrier
user posted image

- Ariden-class Dreadnought


- Genelev-Class Luxury Corvette
user posted image

- Duban-Class Luxury Transport

- Narun-Class Commercial Transport

- Parten-Class Luxury Frigate
user posted image

Custom Orders

- Rakent-Class Geth Construction Cruiser
user posted image

Patented Technologies

Heat Capture Stealth System
user posted image

Kin - July 1, 2011 05:40 AM (GMT)
I've been told that the images currently on this page are bios in the making, so their presence is fine for now.


ThatPatriot - July 1, 2011 03:32 PM (GMT)
Doesn't this business seem a bit too inflated? It's Grade D but can churn out projects like a Grade B or A.

Hagen'Uresh nar Rayya - July 1, 2011 11:15 PM (GMT)
Patriot, GGS is not exerting any economic or military influence, simply building ships for customers and military forces, the ships they own are only used for defensive purposes to defend their facilities. Here is the definition of Grade D, which this company falls into...

Grade D

    * Holds relatively little power, but is beginning to make a name for itself in the galaxy.
    * They are still trying to climb up in the world and gain power. Their forces and bases cannot be attacked without the owner's permission.
    * They cannot hold much territory nor military or economic power.
    * New groups can start here depending on the group.

ThatPatriot - July 2, 2011 12:15 AM (GMT)
FAI builds ships and weapons as well, though they aren't exerting any power or influence (and they're Grade B ). I think the fact that they can build ships across the spectrum of weight classes is beyond a Grade D and more a C, especially if they can build large carriers.

Hagen'Uresh nar Rayya - July 2, 2011 05:20 AM (GMT)
Be that as it may, as the definition currently reads, GGS is well within its rights to build Carriers, and this is not the only business of its kind to fall under this classification. Amun Starship Technologies is a Class-D Corporation and has also developed Carriers, and this was approved by Rasen, so I believe I am in the right here, so please stop trying to undermine my business. Thank you.

Mithias - July 2, 2011 10:24 AM (GMT)
Amun Starship Technologies is a Class-D Corporation and has also developed Carriers, and this was approved by Rasen, so I believe I am in the right here, so please stop trying to undermine my business.

I was going to refrain from comment, but now my business was brought up (it looks frighteningly similar to mine BTW) as an example. Let me clarify some things about AST. First, I added two shipyards after AST garnered contracts with PC governments/businesses, not on its submission. Second, I have not constructed a ship yet that is not being bought by existing PC customers. I wanted to make sure that any ship built by AST had customers before I submitted it for approval. I think ThatPatriot's concern comes from your list of contracts without even being approved yet.

- Asari Republic (Military)
- Lussoa Enterprises (Civilian)
- Turian Hierarchy (Military)
- Citadel Shuttle Sales (Civilian)
- Illium Luxury Shuttles (Civilian)

Just to make sure, have you talked to the PCs running the Asari Republic Fleet, Turian Hierarchy Fleet and Lussoa Enterprises and they have agreed for their representative organizations to buy your products? If they have, awesome. If you have not spoken to them, then you will want to take them off your CONTRACTS list until something IC has been worked out.

ThatPatriot - His business is approved and is within the current definition of the grading system. It is not a perfect system, but it is what we are using. :)

Rasengod7 - July 2, 2011 08:39 PM (GMT)
I'll seek to better classify the scope of what a Grade D group and others can do and what entails it. I do think QB's group is fitting of what Grade D entails. It is close to C, but not quite there.

One point to make though to go off Mithias' is that permission needs to be acquired for deals with the major canon factions. You can ask me or if you know who leads each faction ask them. Other than that I'll just add good job with the group. :)

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