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Welcome to Magus Wars, a canon-based, post-canon-storyline Fate/Stay Night roleplay.

please register with your character's first and last name [if they have a last name; some Servants may not].

Only staff will have accounts that are not of their characters, as they are required to have staff accounts for official staff business.


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 Hiro Yui, Servant of the Bridle
Hiro Yui
Posted: May 27 2011, 11:24 PM



user posted image

"Mission Accepted."

Heroic Spirit Name: Hiro Yui
Age of Appearance: 16
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Rider
Master: ---
Face Claim: Heero Yuy (Hiro Yui) (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing)



Battle Info


Glock 43RG :: A semi-automatic electromagnetic pistol which fires specialized bullets that shatter on impact, delivering a great amount of kinetic energy to the target. Projectiles launched from this weapon travel several times faster than the speed of sound (Mach 10) but are still technically unranked attacks. Ammunition is replenished with minimal amounts of prana. The gun itself is unranked and made out of a highly durable metal yet to be discovered by mankind.

Class Skills:

~ Riding :: The expertize to ride animals and vehicles.
  • A++ (D): Conditional modifier triples Riding's effectiveness when utilizing vehicles. This Skill is reduced to D when using underdeveloped methods of transportation, such as riding horses. Unable to use Phantasmal Beasts as mounts.
Personal Skills:

~ Eye of the Mind (True) :: Heightened insight that was refined through experience.
  • C: Capable of calm analysis of battle conditions even when in danger and deduce an appropriate course of action after considering all possibilities to escape from a predicament.
~ Pioneer of the Stars :: This unique Skill is given to heroes that became turning points in the human history. All difficult voyages and challenges which are considered "impossible" turn into "events that can be realized".
  • EX: Bonus effect of increasing the success rate of all actions by 10% regardless of inhibitors.
~ Expert of Many Specializations :: Access to and use of many expert skills.
  • C: A myriad of different skills ranging from singing, dancing, acting, assassination, espionage, swordsmanship, computer science and others can be used with Rank D proficiency or above.
~ Military Tactics :: Tactical knowledge used not for one-on-one combat situations, but for battles where many are mobilized. Bonus modifiers are provided during use of one's own Anti-Army Noble Phantasm or when dealing against an enemy Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.
  • C:
Noble Phantasms:

XXXG-00W0 - Wing Gundam Zero
Rank: A
Type: Support
    Yes, it's a gundam Lance. I'm seriously doing this.
Beam Saber - The Blade of Burning Light
Rank: A
Type: Anti-Unit
Range: 100cm
Max Targets: 1
Twin Buster Rifle - The Two Dragons That Return All to Dust
Rank: EX A++, A.
Type: Anti-Fortress
Range: 600m
Max Targets: 1000
    An immense rifle that fires reactive energy in the form of a particle beam. Capable of incinerating an object several miles in size, however doing so will require at least 3,000,000 units of prana and qualifies as an Rank EX attack. Otherwise blasts from this weapon are A++ and can vaporize a large area with a single shot. The rifle can be split across and dual wielded, although the each blast's power would be more than halved. Rider can materialize the barrel of the rifle and fire it without having to don his Mobile Suit.
Controller Info
Alias: Fire Lotus, Saito Hajime, Aleister Reinhert
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Location/Timezone: West Coast
How'd You Find Us?: Mod link
Roleplay Sample: WIP
Lancelot du Lac
Posted: May 28 2011, 09:25 AM


I'll save you the trouble of having to write the profile up.

Cassiopeia Zacharias
Posted: May 28 2011, 09:43 AM


Group: Master [admin]
Posts: 23
Member No.: 22
Joined: 25-February 11

It should also be mentioned that you are only allowed to have one work-in-progress character at any given time, and work-in-progress also means those that are under the 'Under Review' section.

Not to mention, considering this profile will clearly not fly, I'd rather people not make 'joke profiles' and post them. It's one thing to joke about it in the cbox, but otherwise? Don't go posting them somewhere where a staff member may actually read and review them. It's a waste of our time.
Shirou Emiya
Posted: May 28 2011, 03:19 PM


Denied, and moved to proper section.
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