Welcome to Mark of the Wild: Savage Lineage -a PVP based Animal RPG. We accept all levels, from beginner to advanced, -we have NO WORD COUNT, a unique setting, world, and set up. Mark of the Wild: Savage Lineage was created by animal role-players, for animal role-players, With a friendly staff, an easy to learn software, and a wide scale of diversity, we are ALWAYS welcoming new members to join our community. Welcome to Mark of the Wild: Savage Lineage.

Avg Temp : 60-95 F
Humidity : 40-80%
f Breeding : Yes
Birthing : Yes

Pred./Prey : 81:132

WARNING - Poachers will be hunting

WARNING - Heavy Rain Season declared for Tropics and Eastern Fields! Flash floods imminent!


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 Tsavo Pride, Location: Herding Grounds Size: Med
Posted: Apr 1 2011, 10:38 PM


.post2 a:link, .post2 a:active, .post2 a:visited { color: green;}.post2 a:hover{ color: white;}Tsavo Man-Eating Lion PrideWhen food is plenty, there can be relaxation and peace for all. As lions, rulers of the savannah, food will be whatever we dictate it to be. When food is scarce, we shall take what we please and hunt what we choose, whatever it takes to survive. Trespassers are unwelcome in our world and will be punished for their ignorance, as will thieves. We are the rulers of our savannah and you will treat us lions as such. As lions, we naturally hold unfriendly relations with hyenas.No more males are being accepted into the pride. Foreign males in this territory will be evicted on sight. Females, however, are more than welcome.Rules• The pride before your pride• The main man eats first• Tolerate no thieves• Midday naps are to be undisturbed• Respect your elders and/or superiors• Hyenas are not to be tolerated.About• Single male ruler• Active pack (pride)• Promotion through challenging superiors and winning• Frequent hunts even when food is plentiful   Leader Erebos Protector, FatherSub-Leader Kimba ProtectorFemales Thema, Randgris, Armani Hunters, Mothers, Cub-CarersCubs Males Nguvu WisemanOutcasts   History (newest first)Spring Year 1 It's that time of the year again. Randgris and Erebos share a little intimacy.
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