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 N A X X | Wolverine | Male
Posted: Mar 21 2011, 06:03 AM

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Living in a world so cold...

Pronunciation: Naxx
Alias: Naxxar
Age: 3 Years (Wolverines Live up to 22 Years)
Gender: Male

...I'm too young to feel this old...

Species/Breed :: Wolverine (Gulus Mustelidae)
Pelt Colour :: European Wolverine, dark brown, with bands of black; light brown.
Eye Colour :: Brown
Markings ;; dark bands running across his sides, alongs his back, and the spine of his tail; a white star at the center of his breast.
Full Description ::
Naxx is a large European Wolverine living within the secluded northern mountains and forests of the Khasid Tundra, his black tipped-brown fur is frost resistant, and slick with a foul smelling pheromonical oil that is produced by his own body. Though he may look like a dog, and place a false impersonation upon people, he is what he is... a wolverine.

Wolverines are known for their fury and their strength, and Naxx is of no exception. He gained his name, Bear of War for a profound skill of his ability to hunt and kill wolves, and he's very good at it, but at one point, there came a time when he had to learn, for even he was a novice at one point in his life. He is covered with scars, from hunts, to fights with his own species. With microserated fore-claws measuring at about 6" (5 1/4" at full extension) he is able to deliver a fatal swipe across the face and at the eyes of any predators that he should encounter. With a muscular build, and a wolly brown coat to protect him, he well adapted to the environment.

...For so long I'm left behind...

Likes :: What does your character like?
    - Eating
    - Hunting/Fishing
    - Swimming
    - Trees
    - His brothers/sisters
Dislikes :: What does your character dislike?
    - Wolves/Bears
    - Stupidity
    - Cowards
    - Tyrants
    - Badgers
    - Thieves
Strengths :: What positive traits stand out in your character?
    - Strength in general
    - The length of his claws allow him to climb trees, rocks, and walls of ice easily for safety
    - Speed - Wolverines are very skilling in the art of evasion and agility, able to run for long periods of time, and witht he width of their paws -able to run ontop of snow, rather than threw it unlike other predators who will sink, such as wolves.
    - Jaw Power - If there is one thing that a wolverine is known for, it's the strength of those jaws, a wolverine has a bit of 940PSI, when closed, and applying crushing power, this 940 gradually will build up to 1340, enough to puncture steel plating. This allows them to eat frozen meat easily, and deliver a very powerful, bone breaking bite.
Weaknesses :: What negative traits stand out in your character?
    - Blind in one eye (Day his mother was killed was when he lost his right eye to the claw of a wolf who tried to grab him)
    - His temper - Wolverines are known to have a furious temper that can actually lead them to starting fights with grizzly bears... which they usually loose.
    - Lacking Kindness - Wolverines live by the code, kill or be killed, therefore, it is hard for them to make friendships of any kind.
    - Breathing Problems - His heart is larger than normal, placing pressure against his lungs, thus limiting his air intake, causing some problems both respiratory -and- circulatory. He often finds himself short of breath faster than others of his own species.
    - His scent - Wolverines have a very potent pheramonical odor about them that distinguishes them from other animals, and others of their own kind. With scent glands locate at the heel of each paw, along theri shoulders, their flanks, their neck, and of course, the very powerful anal glands, they are equiped to drive off predators from their food, and of course, where they live. His scent is very borsque and musk, yet contains a salty-acid at the same time. When taken into the air, it can impell one to cought and even gag upon taking it into their nostrals, for a wolf, the efect is enough to drive them off running with their tails between their legs whimpering in terror.
    - Aggression - Can be both a strength, and a weakness, the wolverine is known to have a tenacious and furious temper, and will even attack their own kind with little to no warning to their intentions.
    - Fire - He has a terrible fear of fire
Full Personality ::
Naxx is a harsh but true beast. He won't try to hide the facts from anyone, even friends. He's a "give everything or nothing" -fighter, and will never quit. A ferocious combatant on the field, an even worse person to be around with.

Though he is harsh and true, unfriendly, unrelenting, and unyielding to the environment, he still obeys his primal instincts, kill, eat, reproduce, repeat. He, however, took a turn in the opposite direction when his mother was murdered before his own eyes by a ruthless pack of wolves that slaid her for the den that she had occupied; being young at the time, there was nothing he could do but watch helplessly as his father dragged him away, regretting his own decision at the same time.
This in turn, sparked a great change in the way Naxx saw the world that of which he was living in, he knew that in order to survive in this ruthless climate, that he would have to let go of his fears, to grasp the steps of mastery that he needed to in order to one day find the wolves that had murdered his mother, give them a piece of what they had forgotten.

He had been wounded that day, both mentally, and physically, a scar over his left eyes tells the story of a single male wolf -the very same that had killed his mother, -whos claw had striken him across the face, forcing him to cry out for help, -calling to his father who was not far away, who drove off the canine predators before returning to retrive his last surviving kin. The wolf had left a mark upon Naxx, and Naxx never forgot his face, there was no name to call him, but Naxx made him his nemesis, his one ultimate prey, building an obsession of rage over the years until it consumed him whole.

He has no hesitation, and most likely never will. His acquired rage and lust for revenge has earned him a furious reputation of being a highly-skilled wolf killer. His large body, his quick thought movements, his agility, combined with the sheer fighting strength behind all his mucsles, and the power of an iron heart are enoguh to guarantee his place among the world.

His voice is deep and filled with a raspy anger that can summed up to one thing -an illness. His anger is relentless and irrevocable, his heart clamors for one thing, -and that is blood.

...I feel like I'm losing my mind...

Group? :: Tango Family Pod
Leader :: Tango (Father)
Follower(s) :: N/A
Family :: Nuke (Brother), Cody (Brother), Oseles (sister), Trijazi (sister); Neifeikai (mother); Tango (Father)
History ::
From the very day of his birth, Naxx suffered a fight for survival. He was born with breathing problems, his heart was too large for his chest -constraining his lungs. Though this slowly faded out as he grew, it did cause problems for him as a kit. He was in the care of his mother during his earlier years, along with his siters and brothers, in a hollowed oak at the south-eastern corner of Winterguard, along the bed of the frozen Suix River. During his first summer, this territory was claimed by the greatly suffering Boreana Wolf Pack, lead by one -Turn, who had recently defeated the prior leader in a fight to the death, rightfully claiming his place as a leader in the pack, -his first action was to abandone the frozen territory, and move west, -running over 600 miles to Winterguard where large numbers of deer and moose were to be found.

Life was not made easier for the wolverines who had been living there, and therefore, the wolverines were forced south to Howling Fjord in the Southern Tundras, however; Youkoia was weakened and ill, and was unable to make the relocation on her own, -the pod left without her, and her 5 kits, -Naxx, Cody, Oseles, Trijazi, and Nuke.

Winter came, the weather was well below freezing, and during the heaviest snow storm of the season, -in order to feed the two kits that clung close to her at night, going in and waking up from comas of hunger, she stole from the wolves, taking their food and feeding her progeny. In order to deal with the thief, Turn's pack ventured out on a search for the thief, locating her alone and without the protection of a pod. He brutilly slaighed her before her own progreny, Naxx being nothing but an adolescent at the time, watched as his mother and sister were murdered before his own eyes, before the leader struck out at him aswell, -retreating to the rear, Garbai's claw slashed along the outer walls of his face, driving a slash across his face and down his cheek, and with a resounding cry that broke through the roar of the blizzard, his father drove them away, laying eyes upon the scene.

The sounds his father made, the cries that bellowed from his own father's voice, were sounds that of which he never wanted to hear again.

Before his own eyes, he watched his family get torn to peices before him, the mark on his eye, his years of being mute and silent to the world that had forgotten him.

For the years that he kept silent, that rage and anger built up inside, and eventually, he found himself seperating from his father and brothers in his own request to gain the revenge that he deserved, to return the scar that the wolf-leader had given him, killing and murdering any wolf he saw along the way. It didn't matter to him if they were either guilty or innocent. When the base of a chain fails, the entire link falls with the anchor.

As of now, Naxx is forever searching, -searching for answers, -and for blood

...I'm living in a world so cold...

Living In A World So Cold

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