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Avg Temp : 60-95 F
Humidity : 40-80%
f Breeding : Yes
Birthing : Yes

Pred./Prey : 81:132

WARNING - Poachers will be hunting

WARNING - Heavy Rain Season declared for Tropics and Eastern Fields! Flash floods imminent!


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Posted: Sep 4 2011, 02:06 AM

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...I'm too young to lose my soul...

Character Name :: Xandir
Age :: One year.
Gender :: Male

...I'm too young to feel this old...

Species/Breed :: Wolverine- [i]Gulo gulo[/i]
Pelt Colour :: Brown and black
Eye Colour :: Dark brown
Full Description ::
Write a full description of your character here

...For so long I'm left behind...

Likes :: What does your character like?
  • Trees
  • Biting things
  • Clawing stuff up
Dislikes :: What does your character dislike?
  • Anything that is bigger then him, other than his kind.
  • Females, he thinks they're yucky at the time.
  • Anything that isn't eddible
Strengths :: What positive traits stand out in your character?
  • Claws, teeth
  • Climbing
  • His scent, for when he does find food.
  • His size, making able to squeze in some small places
Weaknesses :: What negative traits stand out in your character?
  • He plays around to much
  • He can't run without tripping over hiself
  • He is not quiet, he makes too much noise when he walks
  • Eats alot, which makes him slow
  • His bladder is uncontrolable for him, he pees everywhere.
Full Personality ::
He is just a kit, so he loves playing around. He finds any object that looks interesting he will start jumping on it.Climbing, he likes the feeling of his claws on the bark, and sometimes the treesis where he sleep most of the time. xandir loves food, but sometimes it is hard for him to get any because most of the time when he does find food, he either makes too much noise or fall down and scare it away. When he does try to catch prey in holes, since it's so small his head is the only thing that can fit through. Sometimes he does find things where his whole body can fit.He doesn't know how to stop it when it comes, he could be walking and behind him is a line of yellow snow.

...I feel like I'm losing my mind...

Group? :: Will be joinging Omatician
Leader :: Naxx
Follower(s) :: Nuke,Nyterrie, him?
Family :: N/A
History ::
His makers were just mating partners, the father didn't want children but the mother did. When his father left to go hunt, his mother was pregnant but she didn't want to tell him. She was afraid he was going to kill her kit. She always stayed back in den where it was dark so he couldn't see it. Everytime he left she would nurse Xandir. Then a few months went by he was getting harder to hide since he was always making noise.

The dad was getting suspicious by now, and the mother was about to tell him they had a son, when xandir wobbled his way near them. It was silence for a while, the male picked 'it' up and threw him out into the snow. Xandir didn't know what to do, so he just stood thereHe began jumping in the snow, then looked at his parents. To Xandir they were okay since they were 'playing' with each other. So, he continued hopping in the snow, then he wandered off somewhere.His mother followed his scent, and watched over him for a few months, as she went hunting everyday. She never brought him along to help or learn.

He was told to stay, but this time he followed down behind her, since he makes to much noise in the snow, he had to follow by trees. He had to rest for a little bit since his mother stopped to crouch down about to start the hunt. He was too busy trying to sleep that he think he heard a fant sream somewhere, figured his mother was chasing it by now, he would head home. When he came down from the tree, he sniffed the ground going the opposite way fom where he was standing. But her scent didn't go that way. he shrugged it off, going back thinking she would be back. But she never did, for a day or two. he kept thinking about the day when he heard a scream, and the day his mother disappeared.

Few days later, he wanted to go look for her. He followed the faint scent, and something else he didn't know the smell of. He was walking for a while when he stopped to take breather, he looked up and saw fur. He sniffed it, it was fimilar, his mother. Her fur was there, but her body wasn't. He didn't now he had got himself into. Then he saw it. The thing that killed his mother, he ran back where he came from out of that horrid place. Knowing that his mom was dead, his father didn't want him, he had no where to go. He stumbled over himself and fell. Got back up and continued to run on.

...I'm living in a world so cold...

Living In A World So Cold

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Posted: Sep 4 2011, 02:39 AM

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