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 A "scaley" situation
Ca'guuror DelaSangre
Posted: Aug 30 2011, 05:41 AM

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Bastion lay upon a large out cropping of rock, basking in the mid-day sun. His large scaly hide absorbed the wonderful warmth, flowing through him and heating his exothermic body marvelously. He shifted his massive weight slightly, leaning more towards the open water should he start to get to hot and want to cool off quickly. His scales grated against the sandy stone, creating an odd rasping sound. His beady black eyes gazed out over the open ocean. He was due for a feeding soon, and if he hunted before he got to hungry, it would be better. He would be able to catch a nice juicy shark or ray, and satisfying his enormous belly with ease.

Thrashing his tail slightly from side to side, thinking about a big juicy shark. He loved those. They where so sweet yet salty tasting at the same time. Made for a most excellent meal. He slowly pushed his muscular legs against the rock and slid into the water. His tail followed, and slowly began to stroke from side to side, propelling himself forward. His nostrils and eyes remained just barely above the water as he swam, allowing his to breath and see around him. Soon he would need to fill his enormous lungs though and dive to the bottom of the shallow water, waiting for a shark to pass by over him. He knew a particularly good spot where several sharks had been swimming the past few days, and he headed for it slowly and languidly.

As he neared the spot, Bastion filled his lungs to their max and closed his nostrils tightly. With his lungs filled so much, he could easily stay under the water for more then an hour, almost two if he didn't really move or stress out. And he mas most certainly not stressed out. He dove beneath the rolling waves upon the surface of the ocean, swimming down to the floor of the harbor and moving along it, using his powerful legs to dig up a spot and throw sand and dirt into the water. He settled down in the midst of the cloud, and as the dirty began to settle it speckled his hide, adding more camouflage to the already sandy tan scales.

There Bastion lay, partially covered with dirty, nostrils tightly sealed, his unique four chambered heart supplying the perfect mixture of oxygen his body needed to stay submerged for a long time. Nictating membranes covered his yes, preventing the salty water from burning them or causing dehydration from being in such a saline environment. He was a born killer, knowing the taste of blood since his first day of life and ready to take it now. He preferred the larger sharks, ones that also feed upon humans as he himself occasionally did. Their flesh and meat tasted better then the others, but a nurse shark passing by as well would be a quick, easy meal he would not pass up if he had the opportunity. Their flesh tasted more dirty, kinda gritty and muddy like but it was sufficient enough to give him energy for a long time unless he ended up moving around more then usual. Which was not really likely. Even most other crocodiles chose to let him being. Being larger them most, more powerful and older they tended to give him a bit of a large area out of respect and fear he would rip them apart as well as his own food.
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