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Avg Temp : 60-95 F
Humidity : 40-80%
f Breeding : Yes
Birthing : Yes

Pred./Prey : 81:132

WARNING - Poachers will be hunting

WARNING - Heavy Rain Season declared for Tropics and Eastern Fields! Flash floods imminent!


Attention, We've Moved!

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Posted: Jan 4 2011, 01:10 AM

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_______________________________Khasid Tundra

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The Khasid Tundra is a 7,200 square mile chunk of Alteria, frozen beneath the shadows of looming mountains, ice on every droplet of water exposed to the harsh, unforgiving polar wind. The largest mountain, Mount McKinokie, overlooks this frozen world from its regal perch in the southernmost edge of the frozen world, where Khasid meets with Alteric. It is a land of many features, from massive blue glaciers and frozen oceans, to frigid forests and endless snowy fields, cliffs overlook the churning and half-frozen seas. This frozen hell's temperatures range from a high of 40 degrees Farenheit in the heat of summer to a blood-freezing -120 in the winter. It would seem that life here would be impossible. You would think Khasid to be a lifeless, ruthless killer, destroying the life that dares to enter its icy clutch.

Think Again.

Mt. McKinokie - The super-volcano that started it all.. judging from the terrain that surrounds the mountain, it is believed that this massive mountain started out as an underground trench - pushing itself out from the surface over millions of years. This ticking time bomb is said to erupt every 910,000 years with explosions that are equivalent to the force of over 10,000 nuclear weapons. Servalich Desert has been decimated by the pyroclastic flows of these eruptions, which exposes the truth saying that being in the desert during eruptions spells doom. McKinokie towers at about 24,000 feet, and overshadows Khasid, Eastern Fields, and even the savannas. The Volcano has heat vents throughout the savannas and desert that release vast quantities of steam throughout the spring, causing water sources to turn gray in color, and even boil under the heat. The volcano's "hotspot" lays about 30 miles beneath the surface, and is believed to be over 400 miles in width, which can extend out to the desert, regions of Khasid, and of course, the Savannah; -Making it the second largest super-volcano in existence next to the Yellowstone National Park Volcano.

The Alterian Vesuvius plate is preventing the volcano from erupting, but recent seismic activity caused from drilling due to human intervention is suggesting that the plate is beginning to shift, resulting in massive earthquakes throughout the continent. Geologists call it the "last Prehistoric Volcano" -as volcano's of this magnitude were said to be the source of continental devision - the force of gases prying the plates apart and separating the super-continent, Pangera in the days of the primeval world.

Name :: Khasid Tundra
Meaning :: 'Forgotten Beauty'

Temperatures :: Between 40 and -120 degrees Farenheit
Wind Temps :: App. -65 degrees

Precipitation :: Snow and occasional rain, up to 400 feet per year.
Extreme Weather Systems :: Snowstorms, Blizzards, White-Outs, Hailstorms, Freezing Rain.

Things To Watch Out For :: Avalanches, Rock Slides, falling ice/icicles, thin ice, snow caverns, explosive gas pockets in ice,
Poaching :: MEDIUM

Dominant Predators :: Bears, Snow Leopards, Wolves, Wolverines, Sharks, Orca Whales, Leopard Seals, Arctic Tigers, Arctic Foxes.

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Posted: Oct 7 2013, 08:33 AM


You write very well!
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