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 Pack Page Remodel Graphics by Naxx!, Seeking to remodel your pack page?
Posted: Jul 28 2011, 09:04 AM

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Dearest Pack Owners!

I'm offering you a chance to have your pack page COMPLETELY remodeled! Graphics will be made by myself, and will be utilizing a code similar to the one that we use for our posting tables! By having your pack page remodeled, it'll be easier to edit in your information, as well as give it a more personalized look. If you would like your pack page remodeled, reply to this message with your pack name, and a link to your current pack page!

If you would like a sample of what your new pack page COULD look like, click HERE

user posted image
Posted: Jul 28 2011, 03:57 PM

The Queen of Rats! Also a C/F Mod.
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Yesyesyesyesyesyes please! Oh, Zazzy, the only bad thing about this is that I still owe you that Wolverine image >.> Darn my laptop for being old and dying ;_;

Please could I have the Navokii Island Rat Mischief(with that spelling) page re-done? Thanks a bunch, and I may have another coming soon ;]


This post has been edited by Naxx on Aug 15 2011, 07:13 PM

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"'It seems that I have a skill at pulling ham sandwiches out from under rocks...'" ~The Last Continent, Terry Pratchett.
[1. Freeze - Male - Dumbo Rat
2. Pledge - Female - Gerbil
3. Grak - Male - Norwegian Rat
4. Mally - Female - Black Rat
5. Euro - Male - Stoat
6. Brollic - Male - Red Stag
7. Clanth - Male - Striated Caracara
8. Renla/Omar/Hatty - Hemaphrodite - Egyptian Mau
9. Scwhimkerl Upta - Female - Rhodesian Ridgeback
10. Wolf - Male - Doberman]

I allow myself a ten-character limit at a time, and only as many threads as I have characters - for me to make a new character, an old one has to go. Please bear this in mind when plotting or threading with me.

QUOTE (Forsaken)
Let's face it, it's pretty much guaranteed that wherever Raowolf goes, there's going to be mayhem.
Ronni Blue
Posted: Aug 11 2011, 03:22 PM

Level III
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Group: Pack Leader
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One for the Rolling Thunder Herd please :]

I would like to have all the sections that I have in the old one.
Except, I would like the ranks to go as following:
Lord of the Herd
Lead Hind
Hinds and thier fawns.

Maybe we can set a time where i can get on and watch you make it? It's like tv for me i swear o.o

user posted image

Riley-Red Fox-Male
Rebel-Timber Wolf-Male
Maximus-Red Deer-Male
Julia-African Crowned Eagle-Female
Bambi-Snow Leopard-Female
Posted: Aug 11 2011, 10:22 PM

Naxx's Slave
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Group: Pack Leader
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Joined: 25-April 11

Yes please! One for the Denali Wolf Pack!

Denali Page


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Welcome to my world, bitch!
--- I will be moving. So this is the reason for my absence.
Posted: Aug 17 2011, 03:48 AM

An Animal Lovin' Freak
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Group: Level II Intermediate
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Joined: 3-June 11

Can I get the Naviakian Herd Page redone pretty pleae! I'm thinking I'd like the links red though! Thankies if you can get it done!
Posted: Oct 15 2013, 07:01 AM


You write very well!
Posted: Apr 8 2014, 05:24 AM


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