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 ZGMF-515ASC, CGUE Assault Type Kite Ishma Custom
Kite Ishma
Posted: May 3 2012, 03:01 PM

Eclipse Knight: The Nightmare of Valentine 2

Group: Members
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Joined: 17-March 11

user posted image
(Standard without double shields or shoulder shields)

Based on: (ZGMF-515 CGUE) (Can be found on MAHQ.net http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/frameastr...zgmf-515as.htm)
Name: Reaper
Pilot: Kite Ishma
Acquisition: Following the Battle of Endymion Crater - Grimaldi Front (May 3 - June 2)

Customization: (Remove any unused section. All customization will require a link to the topic where the customization takes place before it is considered finalized.)
Aesthetic: Black and white paint scheme
Technical: thruster array refit. Maximizes mobility and forward velocity by a factor of two. Enables atmospheric flight performance.
Operating System: Increased reaction to control (Fly-by-wire.)
Weapon System:
Adds a second M7070 Shield-plus-28mm Vulcan System, adds a modified form of beam sword from the CGUE DEEP Arms

General and Technical Data
Model number: ZGMF-515ASC
Code name: CGUE
Unit type: Modified Limited Production Commander-use (Assault Based) Mobile Suit

Manufacturer: Integrated Design (ZAFT)
Operator: Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty
First deployment: CE 71
Accommodation: Pilot only in standard Cockpit in torso

Fixed armaments:

1x MA-M4A Heavy beam-edge Sword (can be used as standard sword)
2x M7070 Shield-plus-28mm Vulcan System

Optional fixed armaments:

2x shoulder shield (mounts double Gatling gun) x 2

Remote weapons:

Optional hand armaments:

MMI-M7S 76mm Heavy Assault Machine Gun
MA-M21G Beam Rifle

Additional Notes:

Name: Kite Ishma
Nickname: Eclipse Knight: The Nightmare of Valentine 2
Faction: Solarian 501st Special Operations, Mobile Division "Ghost"
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Mobile Weapon: QRU-11S Zako (Kite Ishma Custom)
Theme: Shining

Kill count: 8
Mobile Armors: 0
Mobile Suits: 8
Ships: 0


Name: Victoria Gruman
Nickname: The Meticulous Princess
Faction: Solarian 4th Development Brigade
Rank: Lieutenant
Mobile Weapon: QRU-2I GR-MOD Zako Light Armor Type; Grunder-Mod

Kill count: 0
Mobile Armors: 0
Mobile Suits: 0
Ships: 0


Name: Seth Cross
Nickname: Chaos
Faction: Earth Defense Union
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Mobile Weapon: GRC-21, SRC-22 Talon

Kill count: 2
Mobile Armors: 0
Mobile Suits: 2
Ships: 0
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