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World Status

July CE 71
LCAM-00XA Seraph Status [Stand-by]
Location [Kaohsiung Mass Driver Facility]
Ongoing Operations: [Kaohsiung Support]
Mission Log

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After receiving their finalized orders, the LCAM-00XA Seraph has departed from Carpentaria Base bound for Kaohsiung. Reports of renewed Earth Alliance interest in the region has ensured this is an assignment not to be taken lightly.

Summer recess has ended, expect Academy cadets to return for additional instruction.

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 Gladys V77-S[Approved], High Speed Stealth Transport
Posted: Aug 4 2011, 04:16 PM


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General and Technical Data
Model number and Class: Gladys V77-S
Code name: Gladys
Unit type: High Speed Stealth Transport
Manufacturer: Arclight Industries
Operator: Double Pilot Cockpit
First deployment: LC 48, May 2
Wing span: 19.3 Meters
Height: 9.5 Meters
Length: 28.37 Meters
Construction: Reinforced Titanium Alloy; Standard Ceramic Composite Materials with negative refractive index metamaterial coating
Propulsion: Dual ultra compact fusion reactor
Equipment and design features: Sensors (2600 Meters), Radio Frequency Scanner, Reinforced hookups and towing crane.
Fixed armaments:
2 x 30mm CIWS, 400 rounds a unit, mounted both sides of cockpit, fire-linked
1× 7.62 mm GAU-17 minigun, belly-mounted, retractable, video remote control
2 x 2-pack anti-ship missile pod
4 x Rear deployed portable low-power EMP/Disruptor Field
--(They deploy from the back and create a small electrical field that may disrupt navigation or stall thrusters for a couple seconds if the pursuer gets caught in it. Hopefully it would give Gladys enough time to escape.)

Mobile suits: 1
Capacity: 86,000 Kg (Max)
Catapults: Rear cargo ramp, MS must deploy under own power.

Technical and Historical Notes
The Gladys Class transport was envisioned as a high speed cargo shuttle by its original manufacturer near the onset of the war. Only a couple thousand were off the assembly line when the manufacturing firm went under and most of the ships in circulation were shuffled into the private sector because high maintenance costs and efficiency problems made them unprofitable for military use. The design resurfaced, albeit in a heavily modified fashion, later under Arclight Industries when the firm bought out the remaining assets of the bankrupt manufacturer.

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Posted: Sep 5 2011, 06:05 PM

Your favorite Admin!

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Congrats, your Mobile Weapon is approved.

Please Enjoy the Roleplay!

Victor Keith Mason
Captain of the 8th Mobile Battalions 8th Squad
Mobile suit: GRC (Ground Ops) and Talon (Space Ops)

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