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Title: Intro Revamp

Keith - April 6, 2011 05:30 AM (GMT)
Ok, so, the reason I am doing it this is because the intro we have(Not the story) is totally outawack with the storyline. Well, not out of whack, more like jumbled. What I ask from everyone here is, can you try to come up with an intro that fits.

Please take note that the Intro that is choosen will also be use for an Advertisement Ad for when I post up at RPG-Directory.

So far, I have from myself:

The year is Lunar Celestial 50, the world is divided amongst seven noble families that each play a vital role in the earths government. While it is still a beautiful world, a dark truth shows itself on the surface. Amongst those seven families, the Weinbergs have broken from the chain of families and have fled to Space, why? To put the House of Valentine out of its place. With the full force of the colonies behind the House of Weinberg, the Independant space nation of Solaria ally themselves with the Weinbergs. The EDU, Earth Defense Union, have declared war upon the colonies and now a war that has lasted 50 years will soon come to an end, but who will be the victor in this never ending struggle for power and peace?

Malum Desparatus - April 6, 2011 05:35 AM (GMT)
I'll give it a crack tomorrow (or later this morning, lol) compadre. Got some good ideas a brewin'


After the adoption of a new calendar, Lunar Celestial (or LC), the world is divided amongst seven noble and honorable families - Valentine, Weinberg, Salvador, Madison, Wayne, Arisawa, and Vlassinovich - each given their own jurisdiction over vital roles in governing the world we call home. After the development of Space Colony technology, the House of Weinberg moves to space in support of the colony nations, with an intent darker than a starless night. With their goal driving them, and the colonies backing them, the Weinberg family establishes the Independent Space Nation of Solaria (ISNS), or simply Solaria for short. The House of Valentine then creates an opposing force, uniting the world as one, the Earth Defense Union. With military power unlike the world has ever seen, the two mighty forces become locked in a clash that has lasted to this very day, Lunar Celestial 50. But who will rise up as the victor in the ashes of a world we once knew? Who will be the one to guide the countless torn souls to a new world of peace and prosperity? The year is Lunar Celestial 50, and this is Mobile Suit GUNDAM: Torn Souls.

There's my crack at it xD

Keith - April 6, 2011 07:10 PM (GMT)
o.o That was more like a t.v ad, you sure you haven't worked at the station?

Kenji Isaiah - April 6, 2011 08:14 PM (GMT)
Lol, is that a compliment? xD

And no, I have not. n.n I'm just pro.

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