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Title: Rules
Description: our commandments

Seraphine - February 7, 2011 10:46 PM (GMT)
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    1) We will not tolerate any harassment of other members or staff members.
    2) Please only one character per account. You may have more than one character, but please create separate accounts for each. You can have as many characters as you'd like, as long as you think you can handle them all!
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    1) Please register with your character's first name in proper caps!
    2) We are a NO APP site BUT you still have some simple steps you must walk through :)
    3) We do not require approval of your optional application, so once you post it, you are free to roleplay!
    4) Please join with a VALID e-mail. I'm sorry, but Staff members will send out updates, check notices, etc...Your e-mail is safe with us. We promise not to spam you with advertisement/spam!
    5) YOU MUST BE ACTIVE! I can not stress this enough on this site! We are active-by-nature on our site. Meaning, once you join, your character is up for the roulette of being married. If you don't respond to the marriage-list posts, your character will be deemed as DEAD! The staff would recommend(at minimum) getting on once every 5 days, preferably 3. It is unfair to other roleplayers (and your potential spouse) to be on once a week, rarely replying to threads, etc.... Staff members will be doing random character and activity checks to ensure activity
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    1) Signatures are not to exceed 500px in width.
    2) Avatars must not exceed 160px x 300px(widthxheight).
    3) If you violate the above rules, the graphic may be removed by the staff.
    4) We allow artistic nudity, but not flat out pornography. Artistic nudity is nude shots that are NOT meant to induce sexual thoughts. If you aren't sure what your picture qualifies as, feel free to PM an admin :) We keep a list of admins at the top of our page.
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    1) No harassment
    2) Staff has the final say on everything
    3) Do NOT tell admins how to run the site! We made it our way for our reasons!
    4) No impersonation!
    5) No advertising!
    6) If you break these rules you may be banned from the cbox for increasing time periods after each offense (ie. an hour, two hours, five hours, a day, a month, etc.)
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    1) Please refrain from one-liners! Although we don't have a required word count, there is always more to write than just one or two sentences!
    2) We allow only third person roleplaying. This meaning, She, he, we, they, their, etc...
    3) No chat speak in a roleplay unless it's a text or something similar.
    4) Please try to use proper spelling and grammar.
    5) Sex, violence, and pregnancies are part of normal life, but please keep it believable.
    6) This site has an R rating, meaning that strong language, sex, drugs, violence, etc. is tolerated, however if anything involves sexual content please put a [M] warning in the title, or a message at the top of your rp.
    7) Absolutely no godmodding, unless you have permission. Only rp what your character is doing, and no one else.
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