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Posted by P-chan - 08-18-09 04:22 - 0 comments
With the huge influx of new users, let me take this opportunity to remind everyone that we do not allow huge avatars and signatures. Your POST is what counts, NOT your PICTURE.

Avatars are limited to a dimension of 150x150. While signature banners cannot really be controlled on the forum itself, please limit it to no bigger than 150 in height and 300 in width.

Seriously, not everyone has all the bandwidth of high-speed users. Some are even on those pre-paid plans. People don't need their bandwidth killed because of pictures. Please limit your file sizes!!!

Any member caught with an avatar or signature outside of the posted sizes will be given a warning and then will have their picture resized by staff and a possible warning on the forum.
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 [NEW!] It's time for celebration~!
Posted by sleepycat - 04-10-09 01:29 - 19 comments
Hey fellow LSers~
For those of you who have been following LS, you might have noticed that it was LS' third birthday back in January~
And now, Piís birthday is about to roll by as well~!!

In celebration of both events (although the two dates are not really that close together XD), staff members have put together some contests and fun activities open to all members to participate in.

During the following week, contests and activities will be announced in the participating forums~ This announcement is going to give you a little preview of what you can expect~! ^_____^

Thereís a Love Song Forums Trivia~ See how much you really know about us~!

And anyone still remember the main reason this forum started in the first place~? Yup, thatís right~
See how much you really know about our idol. LS will be having a Yamapi Trivia as well.

Now, for those of you who have been here a while, you might remember the Song Trivia~!!
Ready for more of that~? Well, perk up your ears and be sure to participate in this yearís Song Triv ...read more
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