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Welcome to Love Song Forums
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The First International Fan-Based Forum dedicated for Yamashita Tomohisa


 the FORUM MAP, the 1,2,3 of Love Song Forums
Posted: Jul 31 2006, 03:27 AM

ToMaiPi™ sandwich
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Group: Producers
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{ The First International Fan-Based Forum dedicated for Yamashita Tomohisa }

Before anything else, please take time to read the following. I know it appears to be very lengthy, but since you registered you have no choice but to read everything below OR your stay at Love Song might not be for long. DON'T WORRY IT'S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3!

ONE; remember the GUIDELINES

#00 DON'T JOIN if you're not going to be active!

#01 Keep this forum clean and organized. Make sure you post in the RIGHT forum.

#02 There are posted rules on different forums; SO PLEASE FOLLOW THEM!

#03 Forming of CLANS are NOT allowed; I'm sure you all have your other favorites BUT keep in mind that Love Song Forums is a YAMAPI-dedicated forum, I don't see the need for making clans because we're ONE BIG YAMAPI CLAN!!!

#04 DO NOT create multiple accounts, if you want your username to be changed PM anyone from the LS Production Staff. If found otherwise the account with most Ratings/Posts will be deleted.

#05 NO bashing/insulting or any other mean things are to be said to other members AND other artist; If you have problems with other members talk to them in private (use PMs)! If you dislike a certain artist - just keep it to yourself! RESPECT IS A-MUST!

#06 LIMIT profanity & vulgarity contexts. We may have members who get offended easily.

On Posting Topics;

#07 CREDIT your sources! We do not want others accusing us of stealing their stuffs.

#08 Label Your Posts Correctly. Avoid spazzing on the titles.

#09 Please refrain from making posts and announcements in THIS FASHION unless you're in urgent need for doing so. AND ReFRaiN fRoM usInG sTiCKy CaPs!!! It's annoying! Do it in your own space (blogs, etc..)

#10 Refrain from quoting too much conversation/pictures.

#11 LS Forums is 'Spam-Friendly' BUT please spam wisely!

#12 REPLY with sensible posts! Do NOT just lengthen your POWER POST~ especially but not limited to Chorus & Verse 2 Section AND PLEASE, AVOID using this: thaaaaaaaaaank yoooooouuuuuuuu, uuuuuuuwaaaaaaaa, and the like when you are replying!

When taking out anything outside LS Forums;

#13 When taking out something from LS Forums, have the decency to ask permission to the one who posted it. AND don't forget to credit LS Forums as well.

#14 DO NOT HOTLINK anything found here at LS Forums outside (upload it to your own server or other free hosts)!

Signature RULES;

#15 Limit your signature to texts and image/s that will not stretch out the forum layout.

TWO; meet the Production Staff!

Producers - Founders of Love Song Forums. Head of the Production Team. blueverry is the pro when it comes to MR. Yamashita Tomohisa, most of the time she takes care of updates on Chorus. On the other hand, IN`vincible mostly deals with anything tech related and works behind the curtains, if you are experiencing technical-related forum problem you can contact her.

Managers - Next in line to Producers & an all-around Director.. we have inutikidude, P-chan & sleepycat. They help the Producers decide forum matters and helps around different departments when needed. If the Producers/Directors are not available to answer your inquiries/questions you can direct it to them too.

Directors - They take care of their specific departments. They have the power to warn members, edit/move/open/close topics, etc.. If you have questions, direct it to any of the assigned directors. They would gladly help you out.

  • the INSTRUMENTS Director - ShizaNaz

  • the PERFORMANCE Director - P-chan

  • Verse 1 Directors: skettlre & whiteyingfa

  • Chorus Directors: charcoalz, pretearsasame, inutikidude & asayake

  • Verse 2 Directors: daphne, Amrai, chiseen, sweet_honeydew, Vanilla & asayake

  • Postlude Directors: KANNiE, asayake, vivian & Rinoa Heartilly

  • Media Department - headed by inutikidude, Vanilla & asayake; under them are: suboshiyui, loveYT. They maintain the Beat & Hooks forums. Helps out with your requests and re-uploads dead/broken links.

  • Language Department - headed by daphne & Rei; under them are: akirashock, emiluvy, yiqian.. They maintain the Notes forums. Translates magazine, lyrics, videos, etc.. and helps out with translation requests too.

  • Creative Department - headed by KANNiE; under her are: ahbee, chelvy, chibi_ryou, fr0z3n-1c3, girl of winter, kris93, Na2, queenxmikaxsanjo, silverr, tomopilove. They maintain the Style forums. Mostly deals with forum layouts and other graphic designs for Love Song Productions' use. They can also help with avatar & banner & graphic requests. (Note: all production staff are creative, i just named them creative department because it sounds cool~)

  • Digital Department - headed by P-chan; under her are: bTboo, Gem, Love_XXXX, makuhita, pamango, silvy6. They maintain the Performance forums. They are the ones that deals with fan subbing.

  • Technical Department - headed by ShizaNaz; She flies solo. She's IN`vincible's consultant when it comes to "technical" stuff around the Forum.

Last but never least we have the Singers - The members; that's YOU!

There are 8 Singer Levels:

  • Casting - You've just registered and have not validated your e-mail address yet. To move to the next level you need to validate your e-mail first.
  • Trainee - Being the NEW member, you will only see 9 forums.
        - the COMPOSITION
        - the INSTRUMENTS
        - the RHYTHM
        - the GIG
        - the TEMPO
        - the STYLE
        - the LYRICS
        - the JAM
        - the SPACES

  • Alto Members with 2 post counts; They will be granted access to the following forums:
        - the PERFORMANCE
        - the TIMBRE
        - the VOICE
        - the VARIATION

  • Tenor Members with 20 post counts; They will be granted access to the following forums:
        - the MELODY
        - the HOOKS

  • Bass Members with 50 post counts; They will be granted access to the following forums:
        - the BEAT
        - the NOTES

  • Soprano* - The VIP members of LS; they will have access to Love Song Forums exclusive stuffs. To gain this level they need to have 600 posts (OR 300 posts by application) & must continue to be active around Love Song Forums.
  • Back-Up* - If you've taken a leave from LS, you will be moved to this level. You will have the same access as Trainees but once you've announced your comeback you will be moved to your old level. This is to prevent you from getting deleted when member filtering takes place. There is a monthly member filter starting April. Those without at least 1 post will automatically be deleted MONTHLY.

  • Suspended - YOU'RE BANNED! You've harmed Love Song Forums therefore you're no longer welcomed here.

* Majority of online-community forums experience mass-leeching & members not contributing. It's basically where a lot of members just sign-up to download multimedia, get the latest news & translations, or any available goodies a certain forum has to offer. That's why here in Love Song Forums we have set a 'member access level' and monthly member filter.

THREE; explore the FORUMS

       from the LS Crew; You should ALWAYS check this forum first because this is where we post announcements, news & anything & everything that's going on around the forum.
        for the MEMBERS; If you have any questions, suggestions, comments concerning LS Forums.. this is where you're going to post! F.A.Q.s & Tutorials are also found here!

        for the Love Song Productions Projects: Forum projects + FanSubs announcements & releases are posted here.

Verse 1
    the RHYTHM
        This is where you'll meet & greet other members. Introductions, shout outs... and Goodbyes are said here! Basically anything about members can be posted here: share your pictures during a party, prom, what not?! You've got a video of yourself dancing.. post it here! ^_~
    the GIG
        Random discussion, game threads, surveys or any other topics that can't be in other forums should go here! As the description says - anything goes, beyond limit (BUT some forum rules may still apply)

    the TEMPO
        Info, News & Discussions that concerns Yamapi should be posted here; but please BE warned from posting rumors that can lead to into a heated discussion.
    the MELODY
        Any pictures, scans and screen caps as long as there's a hint of Yamapi should be posted here~
    the BEAT
        Post all audio/video download goodies here~ clips, news, performances, dramas, etc.. of Yamapi

Verse 2
    the NOTES
        Translations for articles, news, videos and the like; Request translations here too!
    the VOICE
        Info & Discussion of other artists under Johnny's Entertainment ~ NewS, KAT-TUN, Takki & Tsubasa, etc...
    the TIMBRE
        Pictures of other artists under Johnny's Entertainment ~ NewS, KAT-TUN, Takki & Tsubasa, etc...
        Discuss about other International artists here! Korean, Chinese, Western, etc...
    the HOOKS
        Other multimedia: audio/video clips & performances of other artists, softwares, anything worth downloading~

    the STYLE
        Artworks; Fanart, Avatars, Banners, Graphics, any PS-related works, & FanVideos made by YOU!
    the LYRICS
        Composition, Poems, One-Shots, FanFiction written by YOU should be posted here!

    the JAM
        These are were Love Song's most talented singers sing their hearts out!
    the SPACES
        Affiliates & links out to other related or non-related sites, forums, fan shrines, fanlistings, etc...


@05.23.2007 - updated staff list
@06.03.2007 - included # of post counts; TEMPO open to Trainees

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