Living Suspected Hijackers, Got their identity stolen???
  Posted: Sep 21 2006, 06:23 PM

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Not trying to be a troll. Just a thought. When I was reading a thing or two on Wikipedia about the hijackers and how six of them are still alive. Wikipedia was saying that the identities must've been stolen. That the hijackers stole the identities of the living suspects.

Um, has the FBI ever revised their list of hijackers? How possible, likely, or probably would it be for the hijackers to steal the identities of others? Cause, I can see myself bringing up the argument six still alive hijackers and someone just blowing me off by saying, "Ahh they just stole they identity." Then I look dumb. Nooo~
John Doe II
Posted: Sep 21 2006, 07:25 PM

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No, the FBI never revised their lists.
Yet the argument "Hijackers still alive" is nonesense simply cause people having the very same identity as the official alleged hijackers are still alive. That's something different. Everything you need to know about the identity of the alleged hijackers is here:
Posted: Sep 21 2006, 08:18 PM

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"I was reading a thing or two on Wikipedia about the hijackers and how six of them are still alive. Wikipedia was saying that the identities must've been stolen. That the hijackers stole the identities of the living suspects."

I have not read the Wikipedia piece referred to. I doubt that Wikipedia says that the hijackers were the ones who stole the identifying documents of people who are living today. Maybe you better reread Wikipedia. The adopter or user of stolen identity information in no wisehas to be, and usually is not, the actual person who stole the identification documents of the victims (living persons).

Also you say you were reading Wikipedia about "the hijackers". My studies so far tell me to stop, as much as possible, referring to, or even thinking in terms of, "hijackers." In relation to what happened on 9-11, it is much more correct to think in terms of "patsies" and not "hijackers." There were no real hijackers. To keep using the term "hijackers" without quotes around it and especially in oral conversation only adds confusion to the discussion.

(I posted a thread titled "the "hijackers" " in the Lobby I think, but I have still not figured out how to get the real full URL on a thread. Sometimes the full URL will show in the address space and most times just the general address of the forum. Anyway, my post supplied a URL at the end that is a site that contains more than everything you want to know about the "living hijackers.")

The FBI has not done a lot of things you would think they should do if they were really intent on discovering and revealing the true evidence of 9-11. The FBI most certainly should have followed up on the stories of the "living hijackers" and then posted a revised list, as their original fake list has just been shown to the public as being just too too blatantly faked. The FBI and the media and "the government" has been consistently sloppy in their exposition of 9-11 facts. They are holding all the cards so they bascially just don't care. Their utter corruption accounts for a great deal of their perceived arrogance and ineptness.

I found this at the other forum thread referenced by John Doe II.

"This was explained under oath during a hearing of the 9/11 commission.
Robert Bonner, the head of Customs and Border Protection, said under oath :
»We ran passenger manifests through the system used by Customs—two were hits on our watch list of August 2001 (...) And by looking at the Arab names and their seat locations, ticket purchases and other passenger information, it didn’t take a lot to do a rudimentary link analysis. Customs officers were able to ID 19 probable hijackers within 45 minutes. (...) I saw the sheet by 11 a.m. And that analysis did indeed correctly identify the terrorists.”
(New York Observer, 2/12/04)
Pretty impressive. And pretty quick indeed."

It has been documented in numerous articles and places in this forum that NONE of the publicized passenger manifests of any of the four planes on 9-11 (from three airports and two airlines) list the names of any of the "19 hijackers". Rather amazing, wouldn't you say? Anyway now this Agency head is saying they "ran passenger manifests". And there were no "Arab names" on any of the passenger manifests that were made public.

There have been many good articles on this very subject in several issues of the magazine - Global Outlook.

“The melting point of steel isn’t Democrat or Republican. The highest temperature a jet fuel fire can attain isn’t conservative or liberal. The facts are decisive.”

Professor James Fetzer, Scholars for 9-11 Truth

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