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Title: Terrorstorm And Loose Change 2 In German

klara - July 31, 2006 08:02 PM (GMT)
For all german-speaking members on this board.

The new movie by Alex Jones "Terrorstorm" was synchronized in german language (not the whole movie, but 40 min. of it).

Part 1 deals with false-flag-terror in the history (Germany 1933, Iran 1953, Vietnam Tonking, Gladio, USS Liberty).

You can see it here:

or download it (180 mB, mpg) here:
(if link desn't work, copy and paste direct in your browsers adress bar)

Part2 deals with the London bombings 7/7/05.

You can see it here:

or download it (240 mB, mpg) here:
(if link desn't work, copy and paste direct in your browsers adress bar)

You can watch Loose Change 2 with german subtitles here:

And download it (800 mB, mpg) here:
(click right, and "save as")

Please spread the links to other germanspeaking people, forums, etc.



skunkrider - July 31, 2006 09:49 PM (GMT)
great job [thumbsup]

soon the list can be completed with a WhoKilledJohnONeill-Version with German subtitles. [salute] - August 7, 2006 07:55 PM (GMT)
Hi, I'm the guy who made the German audio dub for Terrorstorm; my work on this documentary will be completed soon.

I also took the German subtitle track for Loose Change 2nd Ed. which is contained in the google-video-version and completely worked it over.

The new subtitles are much easier to follow, a few mistakes have been corrected and all of the previously missing captions have been added

The new file can be downloaded from my webspace:

As soon as I am finished doing the German audiodub for Alex Jones' "Terrorstorm", I would like to do an audiodub for the final version/recut of Loose Change as well.

A couple of months ago I started my own website and modeled it after

I am offering subtitled versions of 3 Alex-Jones-documentaries (Martial Law 9/11, Police State 3, Order of Death) as free
downloads and in DVD-format, these subtitles were also done by me as well.. I translate articles from prisonplanet, I write articles myself (e.g. about the distorting and belittling
coverage of German mainstream newspapers about the Loose-Change-phenomenon >> )
and I keep an up-to-date news section. Currently my site has around 1000 different visitors per day on average and I'm
happy to say it's growing fast.

The fact that most Germans can't even speak and understand a basic English hinders the success
of the 9/11-Truth movement and the awakening about the New World Order Agenda of the global elite
in my Country. I have sent a Martial Law-DVD with the subtitle track added to the infowars-network
but unfortunately I haven't received any answer yet.

I would be more than amazed If Dylan could provide me with a Music&Effects-Track (i.e. the audiomix sans Dylan's voiceovers) of the final version of Loose Change. In that case I wouldn't have to dub over Dylan and
the final result would subsequently be more professional.

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