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Title: The Newest 911 In Mumbai!

quazar - November 30, 2008 07:36 PM (GMT)
Guys we already know about lots of thing about 911 and after all I am not going to believe Mumbai events aswell. A couple writters on their articles said this job done by MI-6 (British Intellince Service). This is soo dirty and smells very bad. Only bad Muslims, Christians, Europeans, Middle Easterns, Jews involving and planning these things and rest of innocent people suffering because of them.
Does not matter which coıuntry or which religion they belong to, I really do not care. This dirty attacks must stop and countries who supporting terroism must stop. Which countries supporting terrorism?
We already know US, UK, EU, Arabic Countries, Russia, Israel etc.. We all citizen of these countries and we have no any opportunity to ask our governments why they doing these? For feeding us? For providing cheaper oil? For better future on innocents's bloody buddies?

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