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Title: Youth For 9/11 Truth Petition.
Description: Please sign!

MichaelMR - September 5, 2006 03:39 AM (GMT)
Under here is a petition made by the Youth for 9/11 Truth organization to petition the release of information similar to what the scholars of 9/11 have been doing.

"To:  United States Government and Involved Parties

On behalf of the members of Youth for 9/11 Truth, we are writing this petition to the United States government and involved parties in a call to release all information pertaining to the 9/11 attacks. This includes the tapes from the Pentagon attack and other classified documents, photos and tapes which may further the investigation into the truth behind 9/11.

We are also calling for an independent commission, which has no political or corporate ties, to investigate all evidence surrounding 9/11. We have reason to believe that the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (also known as the 9/11 Commission) was a biased commission and has covered up information.

Questions need to be answered for a better understanding of this historic event and to know what exactly happened in the attacks.


The Undersigned"

Please sign the petition. [salute]

Sureshot - September 5, 2006 03:42 AM (GMT)
Thanks for posting my petition. This is open to everybody. B)

MichaelMR - September 5, 2006 03:45 AM (GMT)
You're welcome. Please sign it everyone. :)

The Sopomore - September 5, 2006 10:52 PM (GMT)
this topic has realky interested lately... i will sign no doubt

Sureshot - September 5, 2006 10:54 PM (GMT)
Thanks to the all who have signed it! [salute]

SUPREMEMASTER - September 9, 2006 11:40 PM (GMT)
OK, I signed it. ;)

Jacx - September 11, 2006 12:34 AM (GMT)
Signed it

ciancr - September 12, 2006 10:24 PM (GMT)
Signed it

GeraldRFord - September 16, 2006 05:02 PM (GMT)
I'm considering signing it, so more people can prove you wrong.

breakthechains - October 22, 2006 12:28 PM (GMT)
While i was searching for an answer to what actions should be taken i found the text listed above. I think this guy has a good idea. I know that ppl went in the streets before in the USA but i think there were not enough. So the idea is WHOEVER SEES THIS POST SHOULD SPREAD IT TO EVERY FORUM SO THAT ENOUGH PPL GATHER TO FINALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Also check what this guy wrote if you haven't understood that this is not only about 911 is about the treachery and corruption of the whole SYSTEM by which the USA(and other countries) are governed. Forum Index -> The Town Cryer - Paul Revere your Issue here! (LetsRoll)->Walt Disney Pictures present

So act now bcs together we can defeat them. Make a difference!
Good luck to all of ya!

October 17, 2006

Wanted: 99 Volunteers

November 14th In DC

It is now past Sunday evening. We trust many of you were able to watch the movie V for Vendetta, and that you agree with us that the movie presents a powerful concept for a large scale public demonstration that we might be able to make use of.

We intend to do so. A plan is in the works. This week we need to travel to DC to make certain arrangements. Later this week, upon our return, we will post an article with the details of the plan.

Here is what we are able to say today.

We have a volunteer who is willing to deliver a document to the leaders of the federal Executive and Legislative branches in Washington DC on or about November 6th, while masked and otherwise appearing like the figure pictured below. The purpose of the mask will be to give expression to the fact that America is rapidly turning into a police state, with too many of its politicians turning a blind eye to the Constitution and too many of its People now afraid of the government. Every move of this volunteer will be filmed by at least one camera crew and webcast over the Internet. There will be suitable publicity in advance of the day of the event.

The document will contain certain Petitions for Redress of Grievances. The Petitions will request answers to certain questions.

In addition, the document will include a notice that at least 100 Americans will assemble across the street from the White House at noon on or about November 14th to await a response from the government to their Petitions for Redress. For the same reasons, those 100 Americans will also be masked and otherwise appearing like the person pictured above. Likewise, with suitable advance publicity, every move of these 100 Americans will be filmed by at least one professional camera crew and web cast over the Internet.

In addition, the document will include a notice that should the leaders of the Government decide not to respond to the Petitions for Redress on November 14th, many more masked Americans will assemble and march on or about January 14th, to demand a response to their Petitions for Redress. Likewise, with suitable advance publicity, every move of this larger group of Americans will be filmed by at least one professional camera crew and web cast (live) over the Internet.

Please click here to answer the questions and if you can commit to be in DC on November 14th and participate in this important Right-to-Petition event. Please answer the questions if you believe there is little risk of a change in your answer between now and the 14th of November.

By the end of this week we will let you know if there are at least 100 Americans willing and able to obtain the mask and clothing and be in DC on or about November 14th, making their own arrangements for travel, lodging and meals.

Please note that neither the Court of Appeals nor the United States Supreme Court is to be a target of our demonstration. The demonstrators will not be going anywhere near the Courthouses. We do not want the Justices of these Courts to think we are attempting to pressure them into deciding our Right to Petition lawsuit one way or another.

If you have not already done so, we strongly urge you to watch the preview links below to experience the film's central themes regarding the nature of Liberty and organized resistance to tyranny and fascism. We fully encourage everyone to rent (or purchase) the movie, which was recently released commercially on DVD.

Daveman5 - November 10, 2007 04:26 AM (GMT)
Read this website with an open mind:, and you'll see just how stupid Loose Change is.

I used to think like you. I saw Loose Change and completely flipped. Then I read through the pages on the site above and saw just how wrong it all was. Please, please, please do not just dismiss this out of hand. Read it through and seriously think about the lack of facts in Loose Change.

SummerCountry - February 9, 2008 06:24 PM (GMT)
Well they can't release all the tapes, as it is evidence, and that's a big no-no.

Writes contributor kookbreaker:
"... the government cannot just release confiscated tapes to the public. It may show them at trials, but they are still the property of the company whose camera took them. Look at the settlements with regards to the Zapruder film as a demonstration of why they do not release things."

That and there's not much left to investigate, as the scenes have been cleaned up because we must move on, and rebuild.

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