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 Meghan Cooper
Posted: Sep 8 2010, 12:48 AM

Did you just... smell me?

Group: hibits
Posts: 1,099
Member No.: 521
Joined: 15-December 07

Name: Meghan Cooper
Age: 16
Sex: Female

Appearance: Her face is sharp, with elevated cheekbones, a long beak-nose, and practically no fat on it. She has smallish eyes that are bright blue and hard to miss. She has short jet-black hair which she keeps trimmed so as not to get in her way, or overly messy, because she doesn't shower very often.

The rest of her body is predictably lean, constructed entirely of muscle and bone. She isn't very fussy and will eat, quite literally, anything, especially if she hasn't eaten in a while, but due to her active personality (metabolism also probably plays a role in it), all fat is quickly burnt up.

As for clothing, she’s not particularly picky. Cargo shorts and a tank top will do, and she doesn’t tend to change them very often, meaning they end up dirtied, torn and smelling before she eventually changes into something new.

Personality: Meghan is, at heart, a pacifist. Or at least she tries very hard to be. Because no one is, deep down, that much of a pacifist - it's not in our nature. We're a messy, self-devouring animal, cursed with the ability to know it and to, on occasion, try and change it.

So at heart - her real heart - Meghan is a self-deprecating, cynical little girl. But she knows it, she knows that there's no use in self-hate, that hate in itself is a self-destructive emotion. So she tries to overpower it with other feelings, or just to bury it down and pretend it's not there. Her general outlook on life is that of bemusement: life has been shitty, life is shitty, but she will not let it show. If she lets it show, then life wins. She's very guarded; though she doesn't seem uptight or withheld, her motions are always controlled. It's her belief that life, and people, would attack if they spotted the opportunity - a weak point - so she can never let one show. She must always appear strong, and this facade has lasted so long that it has made her strong.

She believes in Buddhism. Most of the time. She's a pacifist - again, most of the time. More accurately, she will defend herself or hurt others when she sees fit, but apologize afterwards. She probably wouldn't kill them though, unless they really annoyed her. She rationalizes that we are all the same - we are all made up of cells that flow together, and the cells mix with each other, and intertwine and are the same. Hurting someone else is hurting herself. Which is a speech she uses often to dissuade others, while using it at the same time to comfort herself - if she's hurting herself too, it's fair.

Murder is a delicate subject. It tends to be an inner conflict; because she is naturally a violent person, but morally disagrees with violence. Her tendency is to act violently when necessary - self defense or self preservation, which she can use as excuses to explain her actions whatever they are. Most often, she will not angst about violence caused by her, but find a way to grieve about it and move on. Predictably, however, she will find any violence done by others to be abhorrent.

Meghan tends to be very internal, always thinking, even while talking or listening to others, she never stops. Her thoughts move so fast that she sometimes forget she's not speaking them out loud and will occasionally speak a random thought, most often when a new, enlightening thought hits her, leaving other people baffled. Still, because she is more internal, she doesn't care much what others think of her; she doesn't care if she's weird or different or if people are scared of her, because she often doesn't notice it. She's off in her own world.

Despite her internal personality, when speaking, she appears to be very external. Her motor-mouth moves just a tad faster than her brain can keep up, meaning she speaks quickly and has a constant stream of thoughts to back it up. She often goes off on tangents, spurred by streams of consciousness that jump from one subject to another, only realizing after a long speech that she has been talking about something no one wants to hear.
This happens mostly when she's comfortable; obviously when speaking to someone she doesn't find pleasing she won't let herself speak so freely.

History: Naturally her childhood was a blur. Happy, predictable childhood, until her parents died while she was young, aged 10, and from then on she remembered everything.

Her parents' death was a shock to everyone, and her family had some trouble deciding who should take the now-orphaned girl. She was shuffled back and forth between cousins and grandparents for a few weeks until she'd had enough and ran away.

Perhaps she was just the right amount of paranoid to keep them from finding her, or they just didn't look very hard. Either way Meghan was much more comfortable living on the streets than in the homes of people who didn't want her, who, when they looked at her, only saw the faces of her dead parents.

She fit in immediately with the homeless, making ties to the people who could get her the things she needed - protection, a place to sleep, food. She also learned to control these needs; people seemed to eat and sleep much more than was necessary, as far as she was concerned, while at the same time throwing out half of their food. Staying alive wasn't difficult. The streets were perfect for her. No one paid her any attention - everyone tried to look away from the homeless, ignore their guilt. She didn't have to listen to anyone, bathe or shower or eat or sleep when they told her to. And the grownups all respected her and treated her like an adult: if she managed to survive like them, she was clearly an equal. She was content.

And even more, she grew somewhat spiritual. She found she had more free time than not, and she'd spend this time reflecting, watching people and wondering why they did things, or why they didn't. Their attitude towards the homeless was particularly interesting: people with money felt guilty when passing someone without, but they rarely gave any money away, or made any effort to help, instead pretending the problem didn't exist. It was a strange thing.

Her freedom didn't last long. Eventually a cop found her and took her back to one of her cousins' houses, there she was forced to bathe and eat on command, and even attend school. As before, she was shuffled between houses, cousins and uncles and grandparents, no one quite wanting her enough to let her stay.

She didn't run away this time, though. Mostly because she overheard someone saying something she found of interest - her parents weren't dead. Apparently they'd fled somewhere, some island, and left her.

This gave her unexpected motivation. Her newfound hatred for her parents - although she'd always hated them, since they died, a hatred she rejected because it made no sense, but now it did. Now she knew they had abandoned her, by choice, not just by dying. And now she had to make them pay. She had to find them and know they were alive and then make them die, like they had told her they had, because lies were bad.

She hid her knowledge, anger and invigorated purpose, continuing to act as her family had expected her to, forlorn and sluggish. While unbeknownst to them, she searched for knowledge of her parents, where they'd gone and why.

She found slivers of information, here and there. There were ties to Team Rocket, though it was unclear how, whether they'd been part of the Rockets or had infiltrated it or had tried to stop them somehow and messed up and had to run. Whatever it was, they had picked up their belongings, purchased a plane ticket and left within the span of 24 hours - rather spontaneous. And left her behind. The island they'd gone to was called Kutho. She'd never heard of it before.

This was all the information she could find. So she did as her parents had done: packed her things and left for Kutho.

The island had little more information for her. It was practically built by rockets; one wasn't hard to find. She pieced together enough information to learn this: her parents were indeed in Kutho. The rest was impossible to decipher. Every rocket she met told her something different: her parents were in charge of the police force; they were corrupt, dirty cops; they were cops infiltrating the rockets, trying to bring them down from the inside; they were rockets infiltrating the cops, trying to bring down the police force; she didn't know what to believe. The most important thing, to her, was that there seemed to be no reason behind their leaving her, none that she could find.

There were tips to their locations, though. Many tips. She followed them, from one tip to another, always one step behind or finding they were never there to begin with. Most often she found a new tip, some new information, something to spur her motivation and keep her going.

Her latest tip: the Docklands.


Name: Riplash
Species: Zubat
Level: 18
Gender: Male
Moves known: Leech Life, Supersonic, Astonish, Bite, Wing Attack
Special Moves: Gust, Faint Attack
Personality: Riplash has a purely militaristic mindset. He doesn't question orders; he doesn't even have the ability to do so. Rules and structure are a way of life, and without them there is chaos. This attitude means he controls his emotions to the extreme, often appearing to have no emotions at all. He thinks things through no matter what the situation, and will never be caught off guard. Every situation is one he has prepared for, and one he is ready to run through.

He considers himself to be a high-ranking solder, just below Meghan, because he was her first. This means every pokemon that comes after him is below him, and thus should obey him after Meghan. Because of his extremely rigid, apathetic, unemotional personality, the other pokemon usually obey him; he has a singular mindset: do what is right for the team, and the team knows that. He also knows how to use each pokemon's and person's abilities to his advantage, and how to speak to them in order to get them to listen.

Despite this unemotional exterior - and interior, for the most part - he does care for his teammates and trainer. He wants to protect them, and will die in doing so. Even he isn't sure why; it's an emotional thing that's unclear to him.
History: Starter pokemon, received from Willow.

Name: Buzzbutt
Species: Yanma
Level: 16
Gender: Female
Moves known: Tackle, Foresight, Quick Attack, Double Team, SonicBoom, Detect
Special Moves: Faint Attack
Personality: Exuberant, excitable, young; Buzzbutt doesn't think much about anything. She moves quick, acts quick, and her thoughts come after, usually nonsequitors that make little sense to anyone, including her. This is fine in her eyes, though; she feels everyone gets bogged down by thoughts, when the world is so nice and pretty, there's no need to be thinking all the time. She's easily distracted, moving from one thought or action to another, very playful, but more with objects or herself than others; she doesn't get along well with others.

She's a boisterous and happy pokemon, but can also get easily annoyed when others bother her. She doesn't like being yelled at, or being patronized to. She often doesn't understand others when they speak - not their words, but their body language, simply confuses her and sends mixed messages. She often doesn't know which to believe, their body language or their words, and so she ends up confused. Because she doesn't think much, when she gets angry she gets very violent, and doesn't feel guilty afterwards.
History: Caught on Willow Walk.

Name: Skullcrush
Species: Cranidos
Level: 14
Gender: Male
Moves known: Headbutt, Leer, Focus Energy, Pursuit
Special Moves: Crunch, Mud Slap
Personality: Although he isn't supremely intelligent, he is very emotionally aware of those around him. He seems to be able to sense, at all times, what others are feeling, no matter what it is or how close he is to them. How he uses this depends on the situation - most often, he will try to support them, helping with any troubles they might have or simply offering a shoulder to cry on.

Occasionally though, he will use his ability to read others in order to manipulate them, often without even realizing he's doing it. Because although he's kind, his lack of simple intelligence means that occasionally his desires will get the better of him. If he wants something, he doesn't realize what he's doing, that he will manipulate others to get it - not until it's pointed out to him. Even after the fact, he'll remain dumbfounded.

He takes orders well and enjoys fighting, simply because it's a brainless experience that lets him get out his energies and doesn't require him to care about anyone, which can often be so exhausting.
History: Caught on Plains Ends Path.

Name: Nightclaw
Species: Shraith
Level: 13
Gender: Female
Moves known: Astonish, Disable, Powder Snow, Ice Shard, Shadow Sneak
Special Moves: Thunder Fang
Personality: Nightclaw is a deeply emotional pokemon; she is extremely internal, barely speaking or visually reacting to things, instead thinking them over and over in her mind until she can reach a satisfactory conclusion, which can take weeks. She is capable of thinking while doing other things, luckily, so even while she's battling or walking or doing something else, she will be digesting a thought, something that happened months ago, that still displeases her.

Her emotions are always turbulent, dissatisfied. She always takes things the wrong way, not how you intended it to be taken, and is positive that's how it was meant. She's deeply paranoid, thinks everyone hates her, is out to get her, and is equally depressive. She trusts nobody, not emotionally so, not to the degree that she'd share anything or feel free with them; but she doesn't care enough to actually care, to begrudge someone or be rude or mean or manipulative. She listens and obeys because life isn't worth arguing, and it tends to go better when she does - decisions she makes herself always turn out wrong.
History: Traded with a rocket for a ntau she'd caught on outskirts of fleet town.
Malice Aforethought
Posted: Oct 11 2010, 10:57 PM

Sjammpm\s mpt si[[psed tp ne moce/

Group: Moderator
Posts: 533
Member No.: 582
Joined: 30-January 08

OKAY SO NOW THAT THAT'S ALL FIGURED OUT (if you're still interested) approved. Go... do... something.
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