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 Poison Type Attacks, yes.
Posted: Jul 13 2008, 01:14 AM

Any rational society would either kill me or give me my books.

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Poison-Type Moves

Acid: Poison, special. Base Power 40. Accuracy 100%.
The user spits out a corrosive liquid at the opponent. While this liquid isnít that potent, it may still leave a nasty skin burn on the victim.

Acid Armor: Poison. Base Power N/A. Accuracy 100%.
The user coats itself in a thick layer of a strange, slimy fluid. This fluid serves to disgust opponents enough to make them reluctant to touch the user or hit them hard, but it also allows the user to slip around attacks so the attack doesnít hit it directly. This can make vaporeon appear to melt invisibly in water. Grimer and muk instead change the properties the outer layer of their fluid bodies, to the same effect. The fluid feels corrosive but doesnít cause any actual damage without prolonged contact, although it can somewhat neutralise many other corrosive attacks, weakening them. However, the fluid is highly flammable and can be burned away by flames.

Cross Poison: Poison, physical. Base Power 70. Accuracy 100%.
The user slashes at the opponent with a poison-coated appendage. This can leave a nasty cut on the opponent in a vital area, as it is too quick to deflect to a less painful body part.

Gastro Acid: Poison. Base Power N/A. Accuracy 100%.
The user throws up gastric acids on the opponent. The digestive enzymes in the fluid nullify the targetís ability until and for a short period after the acids have been removed from the victimís body.

Gunk Shot: Poison, physical. Base Power 120. Accuracy 70%.
The user shoots solid waste material from its body, mixed with poison, at the target at a high speed. There is a limited amount of waste material available at any one time, and the process of extracting and shooting the waste is somewhat tiring. Additionally, the pokťmon generally doesnít have to defecate for a while after using this move.

Poison Fang: Poison, physical. Base Power 50. Accuracy 100%.
The user bites the opponent with fangs that drip poison and injects a powerful toxin directly into the opponentís bloodstream.

Poison Gas: Poison. Base Power N/A. Accuracy 55%.
The user spews a cloud of poisonous gasses at the opponentís face. It can cause eyes to sting and water, and if inhaled, will enter the victimís bloodstream. However, the poisonous gas disperses quickly, and refraining from inhaling it can prevent poisoning. The gas reacts explosively to flames.

Poison Jab: Poison, physical. Base Power 80. Accuracy 100%.
The user attempts to stab the opponent with a poison-covered appendage. There is a high chance that poison will be left in the wound and enter the bloodstream.

Poison Sting: Poison, physical. Base Power 15. Accuracy 100%.
The user sprays several small, thin, poison-tipped needles at the opponent. The pins themselves are easily breakable and donít cause much damage, but there is a high chance that enough will inject poison into the victimís bloodstream to have noticeable effects.

Poison Tail: Poison, physical. Base Power 50. Accuracy 100%.
The user secretes poison from its tail and strikes the opponent with a slashing or jabbing motion. It can easily get under the opponentís guard to strike more effectively than normal.

Poisonpowder: Poison. Base Power N/A. Accuracy 75%.
The user scatters a cloud of poisonous dust in the opponentís direction. The cloud is fairly easy to blow away, and somewhat difficult for the user to control, but it spreads rapidly as it falls to the ground. As long as the dust is in the air, breathing it in is dangerous and nearly guaranteed to cause poisoning. It will not affect a target that does not or cannot inhale it.

Sludge: Poison, special. Base Power 65. Accuracy 100%.
The user spews out a dirty mixture of liquid god knows what at the target. The sludge has a high bacterial content which can infect the pokťmon and cause all sorts of effects. Immediately after contact, the victim can feel as if it has been poisoned, but without treatment it can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and all sorts of nasty symptoms.

Sludge Bomb: Poison, special. Base Power 90. Accuracy 100%.
The user spits out or throws a crude, dripping sphere made of a thick goopy liquid at the opponent. The liquid, containing waste material and digestive bacteria, has poisonous effects that can be absorbed through the skin.

Smog: Poison, special. Base Power 20. Accuracy 70%.
The user spews out a large cloud of poisonous gasses, although the gas is slow-moving and canít easily be controlled. Upon contact, it can cause eyes to sting and water, and has a high chance of poisoning the opponent if inhaled. It is also somewhat corrosive, so coming into contact with it causes a little damage. This gas reacts explosively to flames.

Toxic: Poison. Base Power N/A. Accuracy 85%.
The user spits out a horrible mixture of toxins at the opponent, covering them with a highly poisonous liquid. This liquid is absorbed into the skin over time, steadily worsening as it attacks the pokťmonís insides quite painfully.

Toxic Spikes: Poison. Base Power N/A. Accuracy N/A.
The user scatters poison-tipped caltrops around the opponent. The needles are too thin to cause much damage, but can effectively inject poison into anyone who steps on them. Stepping on the caltrops several times can lead to more severe poisoning. These spikes can be cleaned of poison by flames.
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