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Title: Bug Type Attacks
Description: You know what's gonna be here...

Awaken - November 29, 2006 09:52 AM (GMT)
Bug Type Attacks

Attack Command: The Beequeen (only Pokemon to learn this move) issues a command to the nearest swarm of bees, who are forced to obey her command, zooming forth as one single swarm to sting the Beequeenís opponent, attacking from all sides as they unleash their deadly stings on the targeted opponent. This command can only be issued if there are nearby bees. (Type: Bug. Base Power: 90. Accuracy: 100%.)

Bug Devour: The user enters an eating frenzy, and while the user is in this hunger-induced condition, it attacks the opponent, biting as it attacks without abandon, not stopping until the user manages to consume the berry held by the opponent. The user then receives the effect that the berry gives after consuming it. (Type: Bug. Base Power: 60. Accuracy: 100%.)

Bug Upheavel (Iím taking this to mean upheaval Ė extreme agitation or disorder): The user, when annoyed or agitated, will suddenly enter a state where the user is extremely angry and agitated, thus attacking without stopping, launching slash or bite or sting with each move until the user calms down. This attack usually results in the user brutally beating up the opponent, the sheer fury and speed of the blows giving the opponent no chance to react. (Type: Bug. Base Power: 90. Accuracy: 100%.)

Defense Command: The Beequeen issues a command to the bees around the area, who are summoned forth to coat the user in a protective layer made up of a special honeycomb, which is made from the beehives, and the bees then apply the protective layer onto the Beequeen, giving her an increase in protection from all kinds of attacks, but also slowing her down due to the weight of the honeycomb. (Type: Bug. Base Power: N/A. Accuracy: 100%.)

Fury Cutter: The user utilizes any claws or sharp appendages to slash at the opponent, gaining momentum with each successful strike, and the userís attacks increase in speed and power as attack after attack is launched. Once the attack misses or is blocked, the user is left off-balanced due to the intensity at which the blows are being delivered, thus losing the momentum and having to restart the attack. (Type: Bug. Base Power: 10. Accuracy: 95%.)

Leech Life: The user injects its teeth into the opponentís body, and a short and sharp pain is felt as the teeth puncture the opponentís skin. But the attack only truly begins when the user starts to suck out the opponentís blood, drawing out the energy and life force of the opponent, and the opponent shudders was it feels its own strength and energy leaving its body. The drained energy is then consumed by the user, restoring some lost energy. (Type: Bug. Base Power: 15. Accuracy: 100%.)

Megahorn: The user lowers its head, aiming its horns at the opponent, before doing a running charge, surging forward while thrusting its horns, dealing tremendous impact damage and also potentially impaling the opponent on its horns as it crashes into the opponent. Usually the opponent is knocked back from the impact, possibly with internal injuries from the powerful crash. (Type: Bug. Base Power: 120. Accuracy: 85%.)

Pin Missile: The user releases many sharp pins from its body, be it from needles or spikes, or simply hardened fur, launching many of it in a wild barrage at the opponent. Due to the attack being spread out as the pins are launched into the air, only a few of them, usually about two to five of the pins, actually hit their target, puncturing the opponentís skin as it does so. (Type: Bug. Base Power: 14. Accuracy: 85%.)

Restore Command: The Queenbee issues a different command, the third of its kind, directing this command at the nearest beehive and calling for the bees to bring along the honey they produce, and this honey is specially mixed with the juice from the different kinds of restorative berries. Some of the honey is applied on the userís wounds, while some of it is fed to the Queenbee, and the combination helps cure some of the userís wounds as well as soothing the rest. (Type: Bug. Base Power: N/A. Accuracy: 100%.)

Scissor Cross: The user crosses its arms or claws, before running up to the opponent and slashing downwards both appendages, dealing two slashes that slide downward from each side, drawing twin wounds that cross each other. (Type: Bug. Base Power: 80. Accuracy: 100%.)

Signal Beam: The user brightens the light in its firefly tail end, creating an intense brightness, before converting the light energy into a beam, launching the beam from its tail. The fired beam acts like a signal from a torchlight, blasting forward in a straight line, reflecting many different lights as it blasts into the opponent, and the many dazzling lights causes the opponent to become confused and disoriented after the attack. (Type: Bug. Base Power: 75. Accuracy: 100%.)

Silver Wind: The user flaps its wings, creating air currents in the air while also releasing the dust gathered on the userís wings, creating an air wave that is filled with silvery dust, and this wind is pushed to the opponent, striking it with a lot of force from the driven wind. The userís wings are also freed from the dust, giving it an overall increase in its stats as it no longer is hindered by the dust, and is free to move faster and attack with more power. (Type: Bug. Base Power: 60. Accuracy: 100%.)

Somersault: The user launches a quick attack, striking at its opponent with blinding speed, giving the opponent no time to react as it is hit by the user. The user retreats as quickly as it had attacked, jumping backwards and somersaulting back into its Pokeball, and the userís next Pokemon is released, ready to battle. (Type: Bug. Base Power: 70. Accuracy: 100%.)

Spider Web: The user releases a sticky substance from its spinneret, forming a spider web made for capturing its prey, and the web is extremely sticky, catching any Pokemon in it and then preventing it from escaping, unless the opponent is very heavy or strong, and only then can it break free of its prison. After catching the opponent in the userís web, the user can attack it without fear of its opponent or prey escaping. (Type: Bug. Base Power: N/A. Accuracy: 100%.)

String Shot: The user fires sticky thread from its mouth, binding the opponent in the material. The string can be utilized in two ways, one for tying the opponent to an object, and the other to bind the opponent in the thread. Both ways, the user would be unable to move, due to the sticky material tying their limbs together, or stringing it to an object. The user takes time to release all the thread, and it can be broken out of by cutting through or burning it. (Type: Bug. Base Power: N/A. Accuracy: 100%.)

Tail Glow: The user releases a bright light from its firefly tail end, and this light sends sparks running through the userís body, increasing its potency at using special attacks as it feels refreshed and strengthened from the strange light emitted from its tail. The attack can also be used to light up dark places. (Type: Bug. Base Power: N/A. Accuracy: 100%.)

Twineedle: The user aims both of its needles on its forearms at the opponent, before lurching forward with the lethal needles leading, and the sharp appendages are quickly thrust forward with the attack, striking the opponent and puncturing its flesh, dealing two quick blows that leave stinging wounds behind. (Type: Bug. Base Power: 25. Accuracy: 100%.)

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