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Title: Showdown!

Awaken - November 19, 2006 06:25 AM (GMT)
Dart walked out of the laboratory, gripping the Pokeball containing Swiney. He glanced down at it, and the Pokeball wiggled in response. Dart sighed and continued walking, hoping he would not get lost again. It was time to get down to training. He did not know how long he could stand with a Swinub. He really, really, did want a Piloswine.

Walking down the path leading out of the lab, he suddenly stopped, unsure of where to go.

( while actually waiting for the rival battle xP )

Umbreon - November 19, 2006 03:56 PM (GMT)
A series of all too familiar humming erupted behind him, for the moment Dart turned his head, he'd be staring into a pair of nauseously azure eyes and a bright, merry smile set on pale features. Kiara.

"Hellooo, Darty-boy!" she cried joyously. Her smile expanded, if even physically possible, as she spectated him as though uncertain of whether or not to be friendly. "Whatcha up to?" Kiara added. Such a simple query, but she inquire nonetheless. She was supposed to be rivals with him, but everyone had to be cheery with their enemies once and a while. Kiara briefly wondered if he had become a bit more... social... but shoved the thought out of her mind and kept up her good-natured attitude.

Awaken - November 20, 2006 12:54 AM (GMT)
Before he even saw Kiara, Dart knew from that all-too-familiar voice that she was there, and he sighed, feeling a headache coming on. Why now of all times? Why did she have to turn up at this very moment?

"I've just got a Pokemon," Dart answered quickly, hoping that Kiara would now leave him alone.

Knowing Kiara, his hopes were slim.

Indigo - November 24, 2006 02:45 AM (GMT)
Dart knew Kiara all too well.

"Hey, what do you know?" She tossed a pokeball into the air and grinned hugely at this opportunity to start a conversation. "So did I! Professor Willow gave me a-" Then she paused, and her grin eased into a sly smile at a coming idea.

"Hee-hee, nearly said too much! Since I know you're a big grump, maybe we can chat about our pokemon by means of a little bash-and-greet? Y'know a pokemon battle?" She laughed a little at this new phrase of hers. "And I've got moooney...!"

Awaken - November 24, 2006 03:29 AM (GMT)
Dart stared at Kiara and her impossibly crazy self. Giggling to herself? Why oh why must God punish him this way? After getting his first Pokemon, his most hated person would have to materialise in front of him and challenge him to a Pokemon battle?

"Alright then, battle it shall be," Dart sighed, hoping to get this over and done with. "What money?"

Surely Kiara wouldn't be so confident as to challenge him to a battle after having just obtained a Pokemon, and be willing to wager money on it? This was going to be easy money, Dart thought. If Swiney can actually battle well...

Once again, he cringed at his decision to name his Swinub Swiney, and looked back at Kiara.

Indigo - November 24, 2006 04:01 AM (GMT)
She clapped a little. This was technically an accomplishment, after all. "A hundred Kuts!" she declared. "Hmm? Yes? No? Maybe s-"

She hadn't gotten any farther when the lab doors opened and a rather familiar mewling cry rang out from inside of the building. "Go on, get!" growled the aide that had led Dart to Professor Willow, and then two aides--one normal, one "feline"--came running out the door. The regular aide had a broom, and he was waving it angrily in the air.

Lionel the Meowth-man/aide had several red items in his paws. He scrambled towards Dart with only occasionally glances down to make sure he didn't drop anything. "Nyaaa... Professor Willow's gotta be underneath a curse, he is," Lionel reported miserably. "He completely forgot to give you your standard shiny: five empty pokeballs and a PokeDEX!"

There were five pokeballs in his hands, and a small flat red device with a screen. He held these out to Dart. "Pokeballs catch wild pokemon, and the PokeDEX give you level and species name, nya. You get more info if you catch the pokemon," he reported. Then he twisted his head towards the broom-wielding aide. "I'm giving it to him!"

The other aide snorted. "Good!" was his grunting reply.

Kiara just stared on.

Awaken - November 24, 2006 04:14 AM (GMT)
Dart looked at the cat-like aide and his feline ways. He shook his head in exasperation as well as pity for the aide. He must have an identity crisis. Taking the items from the aide, he looked down at the collection that was now in his hands. Five Pokeballs and a Pokedex. Those items would really help him in his journey... He looked back at Lionel, feeling an odd wave of gratitude to Professor Willow. He did not look happy after receiving his Swinub, yet the kind Professor still gave him these items to help him with his journey. He shook away the thought and turned back to Kiara.

"A hundred Kuts it is," he answered, unsure if he made the right choice to wager with her for a battle he wasn't even sure if he could win. "Let's go."

Indigo - November 24, 2006 04:29 AM (GMT)
"A wager? Then that means... Oh." Lionel nodded slowly. The he jumped back. "Oh! L-lemme get out your way then, nya," he stammered, and ran back to the lab.

"Bye, Lionel!" Kiara called after the cat-aide. Then she turned to face Dart with eyes filled with determination. "So you'll take the wager, eh? All right. Chicky, come on out! Time to show your stuff!"

She tossed her pokeball out a little. On contact with the ground, it popped open and white energy spilled forth onto the battlefield. This rapidly materialized into a small, orange form, and soon enough a little Torchic was out on the field. It chirped merrily and hopped around with the same joy and energy of its trainer.

"Aww!" Kiara gushed.

Terrain: The ground is made of a simple dirt road that is surrounded on either side by grass. To the right is Professor Willow's Lab. To the left is a willow tree. Up ahead are a few houses.

Awaken - November 24, 2006 04:37 AM (GMT)
Dart took out Swiney's Pokeball, praying that the Swinub would be able to battle well enough to win this for him. Torchic may have the type advantage here, but if Kiara really did just get her Torchic, then it probably did not have any fire type attacks in its arsenal yet.

Dart tossed the red and white sphere, releasing Swiney out of her Pokeball, and the little Swinub sniffled the ground around her, looking up at her opponent, Kiara's Torchic.

"Okay Swiney," Dart told his Pokemon. "Play defensive. If it comes at you to attack, Tackle it back, if not, just wait here and, well, try to ignore any of its growls by, um, sniffling around," Dart finished lamely.

Solidify - November 25, 2006 09:09 PM (GMT)
((Just my luck. I come in right as a battle starts... xD))

Upon hearing the orders, Kiara got into a rather dorky stance and raised her fist, "Alright, Chicky! Here we go! If he won't start this battle off right, we'll bring the battle to him!" Kiara said, giggling. "Chicky, growl to startle him and then dive in with a scratch!"

Chicky, who had been hopping around merrily to the whole time, suddenly stopped to face her opponent. She let out a cute chirp and then followed it up with a very surprising and very sudden hissing growl.

Swiney, who had been sniffing around just as lamely as Dart, suddenly flinched at the sudden hostile noise.

Chick took this time to run forward with another chirp and leap at Swiney. she leaned back and started kicking out and scratching him with her tiny, but sharp, talons. Swiney squeeled out in pain and snorted loudly. As Chick continued to kick out and sratch at him with her talons, Swiney instinctively charged forward, completely mowing Chick over. The Torchic couldn't stand up against Swiney's brute strength.

"Oh no!" Kiara yelled. Her distress was very momentary and she soon got a better outlook on the situation. "No matter!" she said with a grin. "Chick, can you get up? Stay back and regroup."

Awaken - November 26, 2006 07:08 AM (GMT)
(( We have to make our own mud for Mud Sport, right? *evil grin* ))

"Um, Swiney?" Dart asked. "You alright there?"

Swiney snorted happily. It seemed fine, if a bit scratched by Chicky's attacks. Honestly, Chicky and Swiney? This was going down to be a cute match, Dart was sure of it. Dart thought hard. How was he to win this battle? Brute strength might do it, seeing as how Kiara would surely not wish for her Pokemon to be hurt. He smiled.

"Okay Swiney, stay back and don't worry, her growls aren't even scary," he told his Swinub. "If she even starts to run at you, Tackle her and mow her down."

Solidify - December 2, 2006 04:14 AM (GMT)

Both pokemon, taking heed to their trainers commands, backed off. Chicky was obviously the more wounded of the two and limped back. Swiney backed off a little as well. His thick hair provided weak, but constant, protection and it looked like most of Chicky's scratches didn't even get to Swiney's skin. He snorted again, this one as a bit of a challenge.

But Kiara's Torchic was far from valiant and didn't take heed to the battle call, continuing to stay back to nurse what looked like an injured leg.

Awaken - December 2, 2006 06:11 AM (GMT)
(( Dart and Kiara are just not aggressive enough in battle. xD ))

"Okay Swiney," Dart commanded. "Since she seems injured, why don't we take the offense? But first, let's get a defense first. Pee on the ground around you to make some mud and use Mud Sport to cover yourself with it. That should give you some protection from any Scratch attacks."

He looked at Swiney, hoping that the Swinub wouldn't mind being covered in mud made from her own pee. Then again, she was a pig. Pigs liked mud of any kind. Dart smiled, thinking that Kiara would be disgusted at his command.

"If you don't think you can do it, just continue tackling her. But if you manage to, then Tackle her all the same," Dart finished.

Solidify - December 2, 2006 06:34 AM (GMT)
((Oh dear Jesus... XD))

And disgusted Kiara was. "Oh, gosh! Dart, that's disgusting!" Kiara's face crinkled into a cringe.

She wasn't the only one cringing. Swiney seemed to be focusing intently. It was difficult to pee on command, but eventually, the Swinub got some results. Very little results. Hardly anything to make a decent amount of mud out of.

Swiney seemed to shrug and instead opted for option two. Locking onto Chicky, he snorted loudly and charged forward.

"Chicky! Watch out!" Kiara called. "Get out of the way! Growl or something!" she yelled in desperation.

Chicky saw Swiney coming towards her and tried to get out of the way. But indeed, her left leg seemed to be damaged. Swiney's first brutal tackle had done its job well. Chicky barely had time to let out a growl before Swiney crashed into her. The impact was great and Chicky even gained some air as Swiney knocked her away. He snorted again in sucess and prepared for another tackle.

Kiara's normally bubbly mood was now gone and had given way to distress, "Chicky! Hurry and get out of the way!"

Awaken - December 2, 2006 06:40 AM (GMT)
(( Aw... darn. That would have been fun. xD ))

"Good job, Swiney," Dart complimented his Swinub, nodding his head in approval. Swiney was indeed brutal in its attack. "Continue your assault, repeatedly Tackle her. She won't be able to do anything with her injured leg. Aim for the same leg, to cripple her even more."

Dart considered his moves. Was he being too brutal? Even as he turned his attention back to Chicky, he couldn't help but feel a pang inside his heart as he looked at the pitiful Torchic. He quickly shook the notion away, turning back to Swiney and observing her as she began her next attack.

Solidify - December 22, 2006 05:26 AM (GMT)
Chicky cheeped out in desperation as it kicked out at the incoming Swinub. It was all it could do. Swiney seemed nearly oblivious to this attempted defense and plowed yet again into and through Chicky, who was again hurled away like a mere rag doll.

"Chicky!" Kiara yelled in distress, fumbling with a pokeball on her belt and quickly recalling the Torchic, who hadn't fallen unconscious yet, but was pretty close. The battered and bruised Torchic only gave a weakened chirp as it was recalled.

Once Chicky was safetly back inside its pokeball, Kiara visably relaxed and smiled, as if the loss hadn't even affected her. "Well," she said cheerily, pulling out the promised hundred Kuts and walking over to Dart. "You won." She stretched the prize money out towards him.

"And geez, Dart. Since when did you get so brutal?" she asked with a joking giggle. Swiney snorted in victory and raised her snout into the air. The Swinub hadn't even been scratched. Her hair was a bit jostled where Chicky's first assault had hit, but otherwise, she was fine.

You have gained 100 Kuts. Swiney has gained 5 EXP. Swiney is at 95 Health.

Awaken - December 22, 2006 06:35 AM (GMT)
Brutal? Dart thought to himself. Well, he had felt pity for the Torchic, but this was battling. He had to get used to this, or he would never become a powerful trainer. Dart shook his head and took the prize money, before turning his back to Kiara. Despite his win, she still seemed cheery, and Dart could not help feeling a small amount of dissatisfaction as she did not seem the least sad at all. He looked to Swiney.

"Good job, Swiney," he said. He was not accustomed to encouraging anybody or any Pokemon, but this time he felt proud of his new Swinub and her quirky ways. "Come back." With that, the victorious Swinub was returned to her Pokeball.

( Now I need a Pokenav somehow. Stay here, or move to the Routes? )

Solidify - December 23, 2006 12:34 AM (GMT)
((Also, just by the way, it only takes five EXP. for Swiney to get to level 6. So right now she's at level 6, 0/10.))

"Right then. I guess I'll be seeing you then, Dart." She stepped past him and the turned back. "And Dart? You and me both know battling not exactly my thing. But Chicky and I will get better, and next time we run into each other, you better hope you've gotten better too." For a moment, she almost seemed serious. Her smile had faded and she stared at Dart. But then it vanished and was replaced by her usual grin. She winked and then started walking down along Route 3. "Don't be a stranger, Darty!" she called.

Just as soon as she had left, an aide, the one wearing cat ears and a cat tail, came running out of Willow's lab, clutching a small golden device. He looked around frantically and then saw Dart. He breathed a sigh of relief and raced over to him, panting.

"Good thing I caught you, nyaa," he said nasally, thrusting the little golden device into Dart's arms. "That's a PokeNAV Professor Willow wanted you to have. He didn't remember until you had just left. I trust you know how to use it? It has a map of Kutho, and a cellphone feature, and all that stuff," he said semi-boredly. "Oh, and Willow's number is already in there. So give him a call if you need anything." The aide paused, nodded akwardly to Dart, and then started back off towards the lab.

You may now post in Route 1 or Route 3.

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