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Title: Back On The Road
Description: "Why is my life so damn eventful!?"

Solidify - November 12, 2006 07:59 AM (GMT)
There was little relief from the heat upon getting out on Route 4. But as he did, Aiden felt an enourmous weight lifted off his shoulders. He found the nearest clearing off the side of the road and collapsed, grateful for the chance to take a break and relax for a moment. He leaned up against a small tree and wiped the remaining sweat from his forehead.

His first thoughts were, Man, I could really go for a sandwhich and a swim...

He took off his shoes, socks, and shirt and threw them into a pile by his pack, which he flung off to the side. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Zerk sat down next to him and did the same.

The two sat there for a moment in silence, connecting on an almost spiritual level, reflecting on what had happened, or in Aiden's case, trying not to focus on it. Finally, Aiden sat up and hoisted the bag into his lap. He opened it up and peered inside.

"Let's see if it was worth all that," he muttered grumpily.

Indigo - November 12, 2006 08:15 AM (GMT)
Inside the bag was four pokeballs, four potions, two Full Heals, a Super Potion, and a Burn Heal.

Just a little under a thousand Kuts worth of supplies.

Solidify - November 12, 2006 08:53 AM (GMT)
Aiden nodded and transferred the items to his pack. He was a little disappointed there wasn't a revive in the bag. He was still a Pinsir short. He gave a weary sigh and released the remainder of his pokemon.

He looked them over. He would have three pokemon to use against Ricky. Taste was a given. Not only did the Grimer have experience in battle, Taste was also the only pokemon Aiden had a solid strategy for. That left two spots open. Brick was the most experienced in battle, but she was at a disadvantage against airborne foes. Zerk was as well. Shade was the only one able to combat the flying pokemon in the air, but the gym was constantly affected with wind, which would provide a constant hinderence to the Gastly. That left Rae, who was an absolute beast in combat and would work herself to exhaustion. She had proved to be able to jump to great heights, and what she lacked in experience, she made up for in pure battle instincts. She'd make a good choice too.

Which left either Zerk, Shade, or Brick to take up the remaining spot. Zerk's main weapon was his mind. Aiden felt good knowing he could always rely on Zerk's head when his failed. Shade didn't have much in the way of attack power. In the end, it was a toss up between Brick and Zerk.

Too tired to decide just yet, Aiden rubbed the back of his neck and said, "Okay, I know we've just been through a lot, and I want to tell you guys that..." Aiden paused, struggling to find the words he was looking for. "That... that I'm just glad you're all here with me." The nice feel he had created made Aiden feel uncomfertable and so he quickly added, "I know you're all tired, but we're going to just do a little more training and then camp out for the night."

Aiden looked around really for the first time since he'd arrived in the area.

Indigo - November 12, 2006 09:16 AM (GMT)
Brick seemed to accept Aiden's words the most warmly. Taste yawned, Zerk remained silent, and Shade stared longingly back at Fleet Town to dream about what might have been.

Route 4 continued to unimpress with its flat, barren landscape. There was a somewhat shriveled, leafless tree nearby, and even farther than that was a collection of rocks. Other than that, there was the occasional bit of extremely brittle grass popping up throughout the dusty, rocky path. The trail led straight to Mura City, which sat on the horizon.

- Amongst the rocks, a Solrock spun around aimlessly and droned its own name.

- Wandering about blankly was a pokemon resembling a hippotamus, a Hippopotasu.

- A black, grey and white bird, a Mukkuru, fluttered down innocently on the path. Then, almost as if the scene had played out several times before, a Sandshrew lunged out of its burrow and began to drag the bird down.

Solidify - November 12, 2006 07:38 PM (GMT)
Aiden watched as the bird was dragged down. He'd seen that before, even fought that Sandshrew.

He pulled out his pokedex and aimed it at the Solrock and the Hippopotasu.

Indigo - November 12, 2006 08:02 PM (GMT)
This Solrock is male and level 9. Then the PokeDEX paused.

Scanning... This Hippopotasu is female and level 8.

Solidify - November 12, 2006 09:02 PM (GMT)
"Excellent," Aiden said. "Okay, you're going to go in two teams of two. Shade and Taste, you two go take out that Solrock. Taste, Sludge him and then wait for Shade to put him to sleep. Then grab him and drag him towards you. Brick and Zerk, you take out that Hippopotasu. Zerk, you use a Focus Energy first. Then surround it and take turns darting in with Defense Curl Tackles and Gore Tackles."

Brick and Zerk nodded and ran off. Shade and Taste did as well, but with much less enthusiasm.

As he watched his pokemon head off for more training, Aiden pulled up his pants leg to asses the spot where the presurrised water attack had hit him. He also released Rae's still unconscious body. He positioned her so she was laying next to him against the tree. He didn't have any immediate ways of reviving her, but perhaps with a little rest she'd recover. He watched her silently. She was breathing quietly and calmly.

Aiden owed her his life. He smiled at her and then looked back at his leg.

Indigo - November 12, 2006 10:25 PM (GMT)
((Actually, Rae's a little bit worse off that that. XD And hurgh, long.))

Inside of the PokeMart, it was slightly more difficult to see the full damage done to Rae. But outside on Route 4, the injuries sustained came in clear--and looked rather serious. The faint scorch marks left behind by one of Ozzy's Dragonbreath attacks was completely overwhelmed by Rae's blackened and scorched torso. Like a far less severe version of Fleet Town's street, she had cracks in her armor, especially on her sides, as if she'd been hit repeatedly with a blunt object. The Staryu's Rapid Spin was a strong possibility, although some splinters and glass shards sticking from the cracks suggested that the other trainer got in a few hits of his own. The heat of Fleet Town had also sped up the drying process for blood, and there were quite a few dried trickles of crimson seeping from her form. None of them were still bleeding. She also still had a scar running down her face from where she'd accidentally been blasted with a jet of superheated gas.

Rae's breathing was fine, though a little scratchy, but from the way she'd been injured, it looked like it would be a long while before she woke up without medical help.

As for Aiden, he had a large, painful-looking purplish bruise on the back of his calf muscle from where Staryu had sprayed him directly. There was also a smaller, redder mark from the Staryu's second attack, the Rapid Spin/Water Gun technique, that it had used during the chase.


The floating Solrock didn't respond all too emotionally when he was abruptly hit in the back with a helping of poisonous Sludge, though he did twist as little as Poison found a way even into his rocky skin.

One of the football-sized rocks suddenly began to levitate and hover in place threatening as Solrock nearly willed it to fall on the Grimer, but Shade was there to stop the Rock Throw with a well-aimed shot of Hypnosis. The rippling waves washed over the sun pokemon, made him sag wordlessly, and then finally caused him to collapse on the ground with an audible thud.

The good news was that Solrock had plenty of sun ray-shaped handles to hold on to. The bad news was that Solrock was extremely hard to move. Taste's arms trembled with effort as he barely moved the Solrock towards him at all, and Shade just hovered around while sneering at the struggling Grimer.


Zerk closed his eyes and took a moment to focus his energies before he jumped into battle. Brick patiently waited for him, and when the Nidoran exhaled and nodded, the two of them set off to attack the hippo.

The large-mouthed creature snorted in alarm as she watched Brick and Zerk race to get into position. Zerk was faster, and therefore had the speed to run around behind the creature, while Brick was more experienced and gladly kept the Hippopotasu occupied with a Growl while Zerk ran to where he needed to go.

Extremely nervous at this planned attack on her, the hippo couldn't help but make panicked breaths through her large, prominent nostrils. Heavy amounts of wind began to shoot out from them with every exhale, and they soon took a life of their own. To Brick and Zerk's surprise, the wind swirled about Hippopotasu in a protective circle at first, quickly widened to consume the Sandshrew and Nidoran, and then progressed to a point that a great deal of the area surrounding the battlefield was being hit with blasts of wind. As the wind picked up the pace, it grabbed up small rocks, dirt, and dust, and there was eventually a very large and howling Sandstorm whirling about the battle and the general area.

Zerk winced as pebbles lashed across his face at high speeds, and though Brick covered her eyes a little, she seemed like she was completely at home in the weather that Hippopotasu had instinctively conjured. Just before that two on one battle faded from view entirely, one could see Brick and Zerk lunging at the hippo as one.

As dust and rocks flew through Shade, he made a rather agitated noise at all of this sudden wind and immediately abandoned Taste in favor of a pokeball. The ghost sped over to Aiden with the intention of returning himself. Taste lingered a little longer to glare at Shade from behind, but then he too was struck with debris from the Sandstorm.

Taste decided that pulling a giant rock around in the middle of a Sandstorm was not something he was going to do for the glory of victory, especially not without orders. He too began to move towards Aiden--or rather, his pokeball.

And as the Sandstorm raged on, the smaller rocks about Solrock began to roll a little.

Update: Solrock is Poisoned and Asleep. Hippopotasu's Sandstream ability has summoned a Sandstorm. Hippopotasu's Attack has been lowered (-1). Brick's Sand Veil ability has increased her Evasion (+1) in the Sandstorm. Zerk is Focused (Critical Hit rate up). Shade, Taste, and Zerk have taken damage from the Sandstorm.

Terrain: The ground is made of loose dirt, rocks, and the occasional spot of dead grass. There is a collection of rocks near a sleeping Solrock. Rae is unconscious and sitting under a shriveled tree. A Sandstorm is blowing throughout the battlefields and sending rocks flying about.

Solidify - November 12, 2006 10:43 PM (GMT)
Aiden scowled as he realised the Solrock was a bit too big to be moved by Taste. When Shade and Taste both started back off towards him he sighed and saved them the trouble by recalling them. He'd resume that battle after the Hippopotasu had been taken care of. He did mutter a consequential, "Pansies," at them with a small laugh before they disappeared back into their pokeballs.

Aiden shielded his eyes with his hands as the sandstorm blew. He squinted, but couldn't tell what was happening. He wasn't too worried though. Brick was used to this sort of thing. He was confident she could handle things.

Aiden ignored his injuries for the most part. He pulled his pants leg back down. He'd live. But he was much more concerned about Rae. His potions and burn heal were no good so long as she remained unconscious. As if it would help at all, he rested a hand gently on her face.

Indigo - November 12, 2006 11:10 PM (GMT)
Even as they were being converted into energy, Shade shot Aiden an irritated look, and Taste was well on his way to flipping his trainer off before both Gastly and Grimer disappeared.

There was nothing particularly different about the battle, at least not with the Sandstorm obscuring things so badly. The Solrock also continued to sleep soundly where it lay, although it twitched a little more from the Poisoning dealt to it.

Rae didn't move as Aiden put a hand to her face. Her breathing, however, seemed to lose quite a bit of its scratchiness and relax slightly, although one couldn't be sure if it was coincedence or a direct response to Aiden.

End Stats: Solrock is Poisoned and Asleep. Hippopotasu has lowered Attack (-1).* Brick's Sand Veil ability gives her increased Evasion (+1) in the Sandstorm. Zerk is Focused (Critical Hit rate up).* Zerk has taken damage from the Sandstorm.* A Sandstorm is raging.

(* = Last known conditions.)

Terrain: The ground is made of loose dirt, rocks, and the occasional spot of dead grass. There is a collection of rocks near a sleeping Solrock. Rae is unconscious and sitting under a shriveled tree. A Sandstorm is blowing throughout the battlefields and sending rocks flying about.

Solidify - November 12, 2006 11:38 PM (GMT)
Aiden continued to try and decipher what was happening through the sandstorm. He squinted and flinched when a bit of sand that had been kicked up got in his eyes. He uttered an irritable curse an rubbed at his watering eye vigorously.

Indigo - November 13, 2006 01:22 AM (GMT)
The Sandstorm didn't show any sign of subsiding, although there was a particular moment when the wind didn't pick up enough dirt to cover up the battle. Then it was fairly easy to see the Hippopotasu was still standing, though she had the standard wobble of a Poisoned pokemon. Zerk was jabbing valiantly at the large target's side, and Brick was suddenly not looking all that comfortable anymore.

She tried a Defense Curl Tackle, and it missed completely. Then, as she unfurled and wiped at her eyes, Hippopotasu kicked up a spray of dirt and rock directly into Brick's eyes. The Sandshrew staggered back from the Sand Attack, blinded. She had to estimate where her enemy was, jumped forward for the Defense Curl Tackle... And missed again.

Meanwhile, Zerk lunged forward and jabbed his horn into the rotund hippo a second time. When he pulled out, he faltered a little due to the rocks in his face. Hippopotasu used that to her advantage by opening her huge mouth, spinning around, and snapping up the Nidoran entirely in her giant mouth. She clamped her massive jaws shut, and suddenly Zerk was gone from the battlefield.

Update: Brick's Accuracy is decreased (-1). Zerk has disappeared into Hippopotasu's mouth. Hippopotasu is Poisoned.

End Stats: Solrock is Poisoned and Asleep. Hippopotasu has lowered Attack (-1) and is Poisoned. Brick's Sand Veil ability gives her increased Evasion (+1) in the Sandstorm and she has lowered Accuracy. Zerk is Focused (Critical Hit rate up) and has taken damage from the Sandstorm. A Sandstorm is raging.

Terrain: The ground is made of loose dirt, rocks, and the occasional spot of dead grass. There is a collection of rocks near a sleeping Solrock. Rae is unconscious and sitting under a shriveled tree. A Sandstorm is blowing throughout the battlefields and sending rocks flying about.

Solidify - November 13, 2006 01:56 AM (GMT)
Aiden stood up suddenly, a little alarmed at this turn of events.

"Brick, get Zerk outta there!" he shouted.

Indigo - November 13, 2006 03:18 AM (GMT)
Brick managed to hear Aiden through the Sandstorm and tried to pick out the blurry shape of Hippopotasu in the storm. The fact that both of them were desert pokemon and had skin colored specifically for such an occasion did not help matters at all.

Finally, she ran for what she hoped was the hippo's dark snout and reached out for the mouth. She found it, and she dug her claws between Hippopotasu's lips to try and pry open an escape for Zerk.

In response, Hippopotasu opened her huge mouth and Bit down on Brick's head. Instead of reeling back, Brick actually threw herself into the hippo's mouth all the way up to her chest. Her clawed feet thrashed violently as she tried to pull Zerk free, but he caught fast in Hippopotasu's throat.

As a result, Zerk became a living, breathing, twenty pound choking hazard as the would-be devourer gagged and swayed helplessly. Although it wasn't entirely certain what half Brick was holding on to, she had a pretty good grip on Zerk. Unfortunately, no one had a grip on her. Brick's legs and tail continued to flail about uselessly as half of her body was inside the choking Hippopotasu's mouth.

And all the while, Solrock slept on.

Update: Hippopotasu is choking on Zerk. Brick's upper body is inside Hippopotasu's mouth. Zerk is in Hippopotasu's throat.

End Stats: Solrock is Poisoned and Asleep. Hippopotasu has lowered Attack (-1), is Poisoned, and is choking. Brick's Sand Veil ability gives her increased Evasion (+1) in the Sandstorm. She also has lowered Accuracy and is stuck in Hippopotasu's mouth. Zerk is Focused (Critical Hit rate up) and is stuck in Hippopotasu's throat. A Sandstorm is raging.

Terrain: The ground is made of loose dirt, rocks, and the occasional spot of dead grass. There is a collection of rocks near a sleeping Solrock. Rae is unconscious and sitting under a shriveled tree. A Sandstorm is blowing throughout the battlefields and sending rocks flying about.

Solidify - November 13, 2006 05:24 AM (GMT)
((How did Hippopotasu make a sandstorm if it's only at level 8 and has the ability of Sand Veil? o.o))

"Christ!" Aiden muttered crossly. He grabbed Shade and Taste's pokeballs and released them. "Long time no see, eh?" he said sarcastically. They both seemed a bit disgruntled by the continued sandstorm. "I wouldn't have called you out, but Brick and Zerk need you. See that Hippopotasu?" Aiden pointed as best he could at the vague shape he knew as the hippo pokemon. Shade, I needed you to go put it to sleep. Taste, you go harden and pry his mouth open and reach in and grab out Brick and Zerk."[/color]

The grimer looked at the sandstorm gloomily and didn't budge.

"Oh for the love of-" Aiden said exasperatingly. "I'll take you out to eat, but only if you hurry!"

Food. Food was a good incentive. In much better spirits, Taste gave Aiden a salute and began slithering into the depths of the sandstorm as fast as he could.

A much more loyal, albiet equally as displeased Shade reluctantly hovered into the sandstorm as well. Perhaps now he could finally quench his desire to kill...

Aiden watched them go uneasily. This was getting a little serious. He was ready to spring up and dash into the sandstorm himself if he needed to.

Indigo - November 15, 2006 11:34 PM (GMT)
((Because you're probably looking at Psypokes while I, not all that pleased with the incomplete movelists on Psypokes, have gotten in the habit of using Serebii for anything D/P. If Psypokes is right, just pretend you're fighting a unique Hippo-po-however the heck you say it. And if Serebii is right when Psypokes isn't--which has yet to happen, I think--then I can dance in victory.))

Taste did not grunt in pain as the small, flying debris of the Sandstorm struck him in the face, but he have to cover his eyes in an attempt to protect them as he ventured further into and towards the battle.

Shade too followed, though even more reluctantly than Taste had before Aiden had promised food. The normally calm ghost grew more wary as he approached the storm, and then panicked as the winds threatened to draw him into the swiftly moving, relentless circle that the storm followed. Hissing, he sped away from the violent weather and floated back to Aiden with dark glare. The message was very clear: potential kill or not, he would not be braving those winds just because Aiden said so. He moved to go and return himself to his pokeball.

The Grimer didn't seem to notice or care that the second half of the cavalry was no longer headed for battle; after all, that just meant more food for him. Bombardments of debris hindered his progress only slightly, and before long he'd gotten into range. At the sight of Brick kicking like mad while Zerk--of all pokemon--remained jammed inside of a choking hippo's throat, Taste couldn't help but laugh loudly at all three of them. He ended up with a mouthful of dirt and rocks and flashed a slightly sour look at no one in particular before Hardening his liquid form. Taste clenched his toughened fist experimentally as he slithered towards the completely oblivious and weakening Hippopotasu. He pried the giant mouth open fairly easily since she was already choking and in a panic, and with one hand he dutifully copped a feel from Brick.

Fearing this was another opponent, Brick did the sensible thing and kicked Taste in the face, which sent the perverted savior backwards with a splutter. After yelling (with increased irritation as he ate more sand) his identity to the Sandshrew, Taste delivered the closest thing to a vengeful grope as possible before finally grabbing Brick about the legs and pulling. Brick was also hanging on to Zerk, and the Nidoran was most likely doing his part to get free. And, with a sudden jerk, the three pokemon chain came flying out of the Hippopotasu's mouth. Zerk's back spines raked across the inside of the unfortunate hippo's throat mouth as a parting gift.

Hippopotasu didn't even have time to enjoy her newfound oxygen when a point-blank Sludge to the face knocked her unconscious.

It was Taste who had to lead the way out of the Sandstorm, since a mixture of Hippopotasu saliva and Sandstorm debris had covered up Brick and Zerk's eyes and entire bodies. And, even more unfortunately for Zerk, this disgusting combination had completely stopped up his large ears. After a while, Taste casually let Brick go on ahead of him before he followed again.

He wanted to see what else he could get away with. He didn't mind Brick being covered in saliva either--hey, he was always this slimy.


Finally, the sleeping Solrock woke up, Hardened warily, and began to drift off to a less chaotic pile of rocks. The Sandstorm was still going from its own will, but it looked like it would die soon enough.

Update: Hippopotasu has fainted. Solrock is awake, Poisoned, and has increased Defense (+1). Brick's Accuracy is lowered due to saliva and dirt smeared across her face. Zerk's Accuracy has lowered due to dirt and saliva smeared across his face, his hearing is essentially gone due to the same mixture stopping up his ears, and he has taken damage from Sandstorm. Taste has taken damage from Sandstorm and he has increased Defense (+1).

End Stats: Brick's Sand Veil ability gives her increased Evasion (+1) in the Sandstorm and she has lowered Accuracy. Zerk is Focused (Critical Hit rate up), has taken damage from the Sandstorm, has lowered Accuracy, and cannot hear. The Sandstorm is weakening.

Battle Rewards: Brick has gained +1 EXP and is at 60% health. Zerk has gained +2 EXP and is at 40% health. Taste has gained +1 EXP and is at 45% health.

Terrain: The ground is made of loose dirt, rocks, and the occasional spot of dead grass. There is a collection of rocks near a Solrock, who is leaving. Rae is unconscious and sitting under a shriveled tree. A Sandstorm is blowing throughout the battlefields and sending rocks flying about, though it is weakening.

Solidify - November 19, 2006 12:25 AM (GMT)
((Ahh, okay. I'll start using serebii too, since they seem to be more complete anyway.

And let me just pause to wave a "Taste rox my sox" flag. o.o))

Aiden grinned as he saw the three of them emerge from the storm. "Taste, you're awesome," he said. "As soon as we get into town, we'll stop and get something to eat." As he said this, Aiden found his stomach grumbling irritably.

Oh shut up, I've enough to deal with right now without you biting my ass too, Aiden thought irritably to his stomach.

When he finally saw how slime covered Zerk was, he cringed slightly. "You did good," Aiden said to the Nidoran. Zerk only shook his head and clawed at his large saliva filled ears. Aiden recalled him and looked at Brick. "You too." She shook herself, but little of the sand saliva mix came off. She looked up at Aiden with pleading eyes. He recalled her, saying nothing else, leaving only Taste and an unconscious Rae for company beside him.

"You really are pretty cool," Aiden said to the Grimer with a sort of strained grin. Taste grunted in response, frowned, and stared at Aiden blankly. Aiden frowned back. "I told you we'll eat once we get in town." And Taste was recalled as well.

Aiden watched the Solrock drift off. It was poissoned and would fall eventually, and it made for an easy target. But Aiden was just too tired. His pokemon too. He looked down at Rae, who's breathing had stabalised. He gave a long, drawn out sigh and leaned his head back against the sad tree he was sitting against.

Aiden threw his shirt and shoes back on. He tried to relax, but he found it next to impossible. Fleet Town was still nearby, and from where Aiden was, he could still pick out individual buildings that were still on fire. Smoke was still looming above the town and lava was slowly engulfing it all.

On top of that, there was the constant threat of Garuda. The psycho bird man that had vowed to rip Aiden limb from limb.

And what about Nicolai? The one man Aiden had learned to trust, and ironically one of the many men who had also tried to kill him. Even now, Aiden wasn't sure why he had grown to like the strangely opptimistic, helmet wearing, freak. The man's constant bubbly and upbeat personality annoyed him to no ends. But now, as Aiden sat there, he wondered what had become of Nicolai. No doubt his life was going more smoothly than Aiden's.

And even Tyson and Willow. What were they doing? Sitting around, munching on donuts and drinking coffee? While Aiden was out here in a timeless duel with life.

What about that woman? That had kicked Nicolai? She had called him Loki. What was that all about? And who was she? Somehow, without even knowing her, Aiden felt very similar to her. As if they had a strange and unique connection...

And Riley? The man Aiden had just snapped on and attacked for no reason? Something inside Aiden's head told him that this was only the beginning.

"Why does my life suck so much?" he finally asked to no one in particular.

He looked back down at Rae and leaned his head back against the tree. It was slowly getting darker, although it had still yet to be dusk. He shut his eyes and waited for sleep to come.

((Wow. Loooong. x_x))

Indigo - November 19, 2006 12:53 AM (GMT)
((What's this? Do I hear a time jump waiting to happen?))

Solidify - November 19, 2006 12:59 AM (GMT)
((Wait, ooooone laaast thing.... X3))

As Aiden started to doze off, the ever looming threat of Garuda entered his mind again. He wearily released Zerk, Shade, and Brick. He checked to see how Brick and Zerk were doing, and ignored Shade's glower that appeared to be aimed at everything.

Indigo - November 19, 2006 01:12 AM (GMT)
Brick had cleaned off most of the gunk on her eyes. Though the sand irritated her eyes enough to make them water a little, and she was still covered in hippo saliva, she was all right.

Then there was Zerk.

Lacking opposable thumbs or even fingers to wipe saliva/sand away with, the poor Nidoran was relentlessly rubbing his head against the ground to try and get the gritty mixture out of his eyes. His completely blocked ears were also twitching spastically to try and free themselves of their obstacles. And, just like Brick, Zerk was drenched in saliva.

To the Nidoran's credit, he didn't look panicked or even fazed. He was trembling a bit, but it was with a completely straight face.

Solidify - November 19, 2006 01:50 AM (GMT)
Aiden sighed a little and sat back up. "Brick, Rapid Spin it off. Zerk, I'm sorry but there's really nothing I can do." Aiden certainly wasn't going to reach in and start scooping out hippo spit out of the Nidoran's ears. Aiden looked around for anything he could use as a sort of spoon to scoop the crap out.

Indigo - November 19, 2006 02:02 AM (GMT)
Brick was more than happy to try and get the saliva off of her. She wasn't thinking about whoever else was nearby, however, and she ended up flinging saliva every which way upon curling into a ball and spinning like mad.

The hit targets included Aiden and Zerk, who continued to have no idea what was going on. He hadn't even heard what Aiden had to say, though he actually made an extremely quiet and stifled, choking snort when he found himself subject to yet more unpleasantness.

When Brick ended her Rapid Spin, she was mostly free of the spit, but she soon realized her mistake and began to apologize profusely.

As for tools, there were a few sticks around since Aiden was near one of Route 4's only trees, though they looked a bit brittle and sharp. Or, if Aiden was feeling a improvisational, there were a few rocks about.

Solidify - November 19, 2006 11:31 PM (GMT)
Aiden only managed a, "No, wai--!" before he was hot. And he paused for a brief moment as he was splattered with saliva to look up to the heavens and ask why.

Ever the pessemist, Aiden stared glumly at Brick and said, "Great. And we're in the one place without water." He scrapped off what he could, gagging disdainfully as he wiped some dripping spit from his eyes. He took off his shirt and wrapped it around one of the tree's brittle branches.

After he'd cleaned himself off as well as he could, he wiped his hands off and glowered at the useless tools around him. He couldn't risk damaging Zerk's sensitive ears with the sharp sticks, and the rocks wouldn't be much help.

In the end, Aiden grabbed a surprised Zerk by his hind legs and hoisted him into the air. Zerk let out a small grunt of disapproval, but Aiden held him firm and shook him slightly, trying to get some of the crap to drain out.

Indigo - November 19, 2006 11:49 PM (GMT)
Some of the sand clinging to Zerk's wet body came flying off, as did a few clods of the moist material, but the good majority of the sand and saliva mixture held fast. This was especially true for Zerk's large ears, whose bowl-shaped structure was excellent for picking up both sound waves and debris, apparently.

Zerk was clearly not having a good day. As he was blind, he didn't see or expect Aiden to grab him, and he didn't hear his trainer's approach. He'd just recently been hit with yet more spit, and now he was being held upside-down and shifted about.

Still, he was doing a fine job staying calm and rational about this. Zerk took in deep breaths to maintain his concentration.

Deep, deep breaths.

Brick looked at the Nidoran sympathetically. After a moment of thought, Brick waved to get Aiden's attention and motioned for him to put Zerk down.

Solidify - November 20, 2006 12:00 AM (GMT)
Aiden frowned at his failed attempt. He set Zerk down gently and looked at Brick. "What?"

Indigo - November 20, 2006 12:23 AM (GMT)
Brick glanced at Aiden once, gave a somewhat resigned "Shrew," and then patted Zerk on the head in a very motherly fashion. Then, with a disgusted squirm, Brick carefully began to scoop out the grime in the Nidoran's ear with her own hand.

Solidify - November 20, 2006 12:50 AM (GMT)
Aiden groaned softly. He always knew Brick was a motherly figure and an overall nice pokemon - but this?

Aiden sat back down with an exasperated sigh and watched as she scooped the gunk out of Zerk's ears. "Problem solved, I guess," he said weakly.

Shade, who's been hovering nearby silently the whole time, watched as well. Brick's compassion was sickening, and he frowned.

Indigo - November 20, 2006 01:10 AM (GMT)
Brick bravely pressed on. She was always careful not to scratch Zerk's ears with her claws, and eventually she'd gotten out the good majority of the moist sand from Zerk's ear. She repeated this process with Zerk's other ear, and with that soon accomplished, she wiped away the sand covering Zerk's face and eyes with the back of her hand.

Zerk had small chunks of the mixture all about him when Brick was finally finished, and his natural tears cleansed what irritating grains of sand lingered in Zerks' eyes. He looked up to Brick gratefully before shooting Aiden a mild, but withering glare for the rough treatment earlier.

The Sandshrew shuddered a little and went about wiping her muck-covered hand furiously on the ground.

Update: Zerk's hearing and sight are fully restored. He is still very slimy.

Solidify - November 20, 2006 01:20 AM (GMT)
Aiden grinned slightly sheepishly at Zerk. "Glad to have ya back. You two did really well. And Brick, extra points for you." Brick beamed, although it was slightly strained. Digging saliva sand out of her partners ears wasn't exactly her cup of tea.

"We're going to take a rest. You've all more than earned it. You too, Shade," Aiden said to the ghost who was mostly secluded from the conversation. Aiden looked back down at Rae, thought of Garuda, and then continued, "Take turns every hour keeping watch. Any volunteers for starting?"

Indigo - November 20, 2006 01:39 AM (GMT)
Before Brick could even begin to volunteer, the exceedingly loud screech of a Fearow rang out on Route 4 and the great bird flew directly for Fleet Town. Moments later, there was another, far more agonized death cry from some rodent-like pokemon on the ground. The cause of the death was an ambulance speeding full-tilt down the road. It had no sirens on as it passed, and then it went out of its way to run over a Nincada.

Although the identity of the driver couldn't be placed because he or she was going by so fast, one could spot two people in the front seats. There was a great deal of blood smeared across the front of the vehicle, and, as it retreated into the distance, there was also a little blood from the back. But strangely enough, the obviously homicidal driver swerved wildly to avoid a Spearow that flew in front of the ambulance's path.

The vehicle was headed straight for Fleet Town.

After this bizarre interruption, Brick raised her hand. Then Zerk nodded quietly to say he'd be second. Shade didn't respond at all, making him the automatic third.

((Speaking of Garuda... XD Wow, Team Rocket members can't drive at all, can they?))

Solidify - November 20, 2006 02:00 AM (GMT)
Aiden blinked dumbly at the passing ambulence. After seeing it go out of its way to run over the Nincada, and then go out of its way again to avoid a Spearow, Aiden had a suspicion of who the driver was.

And it was that driver's fault why Aiden was constantly on edge now. He tensed up and held his breath as the ambulence sped by. As it vanished into the distance, Aiden let out his breath and leaned his head back up against the tree. Without even realising it, he was breathing heavily.

They hadn't seen him.

But Aiden couldn't figure out why even someone as psycho as Garuda would want to head towards the melting Fleet Town.

Not really caring and hoping in vain that Garuda got stuck in some magma or something, Aiden nodded to his three pokemon and rested his head back. He didn't close his eyes for quite some time.

But after awhile, his eyes closed and sleep devoured him.

((Ehh, time skip?))

Indigo - November 20, 2006 02:09 AM (GMT)
((*grabs the sun and flings it across the sky* Yep. All right, your post.))

Solidify - November 20, 2006 02:23 AM (GMT)
Aiden awoke to the unpleasant heat of Route 4. He sat up and rubbed his sleepy eyes. The sun was already high in the sky and was peeking through the clouds and so he guessed he'd slept through into the afternoon.

The first thing he did was look around. He realised he'd gone to sleep with his shirt off and reached blindly above himself to grab it.

Indigo - November 20, 2006 02:45 AM (GMT)
The shirt was right where Aiden left it.

Brick was the one that was awake when Aiden stirred, and she sat on the ground patiently to wait for him. In the distance, Fleet Town was burning still. But other than that, it was quiet and peaceful on Route 4.

Solidify - November 20, 2006 02:59 AM (GMT)
Aiden thrust the shirt over his head and ran his hands through his hair as he stood up. He stretched a little and looked at Rae for any sign of her condition bettering.

((Do Zerk, Brick, and Shade gain HP for resting?))

Indigo - November 20, 2006 04:38 AM (GMT)
Brick is at 90% health. Shade is at 95% health. Zerk is at 90% health.

Rae was breathing normally. Her bleeding wounds were all clotted and any trickles of blood were dried up now, but her body armor was still cracked fairly badly and she had both glass shards and wood splinters lodged in it. The long vertical scar on her face also remained.

She continued to show no signs of waking up. All in all, Rae's condition appeared to be mostly the same.

Solidify - November 20, 2006 04:56 AM (GMT)
With a sleepy sigh Aiden almost regretfully concluded that Rae's well being was more important than a long, grueling trip through Route 4.

He recalled all his pokemon but Brick and Zerk and headed off towards the large city of Mura, where he'd visited only briefly before to heal his pokemon with Nicolai. His second visit wouldn't be much different.

As he walked, he talked with Brick, and even got Zerk to join in a little conversation as well.

The destruction of Fleet town was now second priority in Aiden's thoughts, and it continued to glow and burn behind Aiden as he walked away...

Indigo - November 20, 2006 11:34 PM (GMT)
Nothing in particular was hindering Aiden's progress. Overhead, a Murkrow flew about aimlessly.

If you do not wish to remain here, you may now post in Mura City.

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