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Title: Featherwing Badge

Junahia - August 2, 2006 02:59 AM (GMT)
Featherwing Badge

The Mura City Gym is the Flying-Type gym. There are two trainers that you must fight to prove your worth to battle the leader. For your convenience, there's a pokemon healing machine in the gym, to prevent journies to the Pokemon Center. This can be used between battles, but not during them. The battleground is fairly empty. The battlefield is in the center of the Gym and his overheaded with a large dome, providing flying types with plenty of room to soar through the air. The flat arena is decorated only with a few scattered wooden pillars that reach up to the very top of the dome. There are several metal bars sticking out from each of the pillars, providing bird pokemon easy landing sites throughout the entire arena. Also, two massive fans are positioned in the back of the arena, so this gym is constantly effected with slight winds. The trainers are:

Ronnie. A nineteen year old male with a passion for pokemon battles. He has a level 10 Hoothoot and a level 10 Pidgey.

Jessica. She's a 25 year old lady who cares deeply for her bird pokemon, and wants them to avoid damage, so be prepared to face fast and evasive pokemon. Jessica owns a Level 6 Wingull, a Level 9 Natu, a Level 10 Starly and a Level 11 Tailow.

Ricky. The leader. He's ruthless in his tactics, with all out attacking style. His pokemon follow the same nature. Ricky supports a Level 11 Chatot, a Level 13 Spearow, and a fearless Level 15 Skarmory. Note that Ricky has a potion on deck for this battle.

The rewards are the Featherwing Badge. You will also receive an Arial Ace TM, and all pokemon that participated in the battle will gain the first Gym bonus of 2 EXP. You'll also win 500 Kuts after defeating Ricky.

Featherwing Rules
  1. The challenger must select three pokemon to battle with.
  2. The battle will be One-on-One throughout.
  3. The three pokemon may be switched at any point, but only those three.
  4. Items may be used only once in each battle. No reviving items.
Gym History: N/A

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