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Title: Flash Rp Recruitment

Negrek - April 19, 2010 07:09 AM (GMT)
Flash RP Recruitment

If your flash character has been approved and you need some people to inflict him or her on, this is the place to start. If you're going to do a solo RP, of course, you can just start posting in the main forum; alternatively, if you've already arranged to play together with a group of people, then you don't need to post here; once everyone has their characters approved, one of them can start the thread and the others can jump right in. This thread is for people looking for a mod to handle their RP or looking to gather a group of other players.

People browsing for an RP scenario should post in response to one that they like and include a link to the character they would like to join with. The person putting out the request should review the character and post a response stating whether or not they accept the player into their RP. If a player doesn't have a character they would like to use for an scenario advertised here but would like to play in it, they may ask to reserve a spot in an RP here as well.

Requests should include at least this information:


[b]Open To:[/b] The number of other people you want to play with, or "moderator" if you want a modded thread. If you aren't going to wait for exactly X people to show up, then you should also indicate how long you plan to wait before starting up the RP even if you don't get the desired number of players
[b]Characters Allowed:[/b] If you are running a scenario where you'd prefer characters of a certain type (e.g. only Rockets, only non-trainers) you should specify that here.
[b]Scenario:[/b] Describe the premise of your RP.

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