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Title: We Will Ef You

Whivit - April 12, 2010 05:37 PM (GMT)
Kyle paused when he heard that voice; it was so much like his own, but so much cockier. He felt bile collect in his mouth. This was not the time for battle, uhg, he had come here to challenge his stupid stupid stupid brother but not when he's only just gotten his pokemon, didn't even meet the thing yet, hadn't even slept yet - uhg.

But he couldn't let his brother see his weakness, he'd abuse any sign of it he got. Assface. "Hello. Nice to see you again." No it wasn't. Craphead douche wanker (he wished he was better with insults). "What a surprise to see you here. I am utterly surprised." Asshat.

Malice Aforethought - April 14, 2010 11:31 PM (GMT)
The smile on Aaron's face as he trotted up the hill was, in fact, decidedly asshattish. "Kyle!" he exclaimed again, pointing at his older brother just to make sure he knew who he was. "You didn't just come from getting a new pokémon from Professor Willow, did you? What was wrong with the ones you had? Other than the fact that, you know, they weren't the most impressive battlers ever."

((Short post is short but the shinything has drastically reduced my ability to engage in witty repartees.))

Whivit - April 14, 2010 11:55 PM (GMT)
(( kinda freaky when you can imagine your character completely because they're based on a real person. and they're smiling like a douche. and you see it. freakyyyy. ))

Kyle took a breath, gritted his teeth, closed his eyes, told himself his brother was just trying to irritate him - but it didn't matter. It worked. He hated him. That stupid piece of shitty tardness was just such a shitface that Kyle's brain sort of melted into a jumble of swearwords. It took him a few seconds before he could clear his mind enough to reply.

"That's great, Aaron. Lovely. Yep." He realized he wasn't acting replying to anything his brother had said. What had his brother said? Probably insulted him in some way. And even if he hadn't, his tone of voice would have. "Look, what do you want? I'm tired and I just got here - I'm not in the mood for your... you." He realized as he said it that he really wasn't; he wasn't ready to take on this challenge quite yet.

Malice Aforethought - July 3, 2010 11:14 PM (GMT)
((sdgkah sorrrryyyyyyy))

The asshattish smile never wavered. "Don't be ridiculous. You could never be tired of my me. In fact, I bet you followed me here. That's it, isn't it? You're so in awe of all of my awesome me that you wanted to watch me take on Kutho. Isn't that right, Kyle?" He winked and, once he'd climbed further up the hill, attempted to throw his arm around his brother's shoulder. "Well, brother, you're in luck. Magnanimous and generally awesome guy that I am, I'll treat you to a demonstration right now. I'll beat up your pokémon for you if you like, and I'll take your money, too! Seventy-five Kuts sound good?"

Whivit - July 3, 2010 11:55 PM (GMT)
(( s'okay, I've disappeared too ))

Again, Kyle's brain failed him. He was normally very quick-witted, in fact he prided himself on his ability to think of a quick sarcastic comment - but he failed in epic proportions when it came to an actual fight. His fight/flight instinct could never make up its mind; he wanted to both flee and punch the person (namely his brother, regardless of whether he was actually arguing with his brother) in the face. Or groin. Groin would work too.

So instead of responding to his jerkwad of a brother, he let out a sound that was something like a cat being skinned alive. The sound was only made worse when his dickhead wanking asshole of a brother draped his arm around his shoulder. He felt a tremendous desire to flee, accompanied as always by that urge to round-house-kick his ass into next year, Chuck-Norris style.

His brain clicked at the idea of a battle. That's what he'd come here for - right? Right? He found it hard to remember at the moment. Probably. It was probably that. It felt right, anyhow. He was very confused and tired, but it felt like a good idea. He could beat up his brother that way, and then maybe be rid of him, and go to sleep... and then... stuff would be better.

"Why not. You've taken everything else."

Malice Aforethought - July 9, 2010 01:51 AM (GMT)
"Wonderful!" Aaron pulled his arm away and backed up, grinning broadly before removing a red and white ball from his belt. It struck the ground and disgorged a small shape, then bounced neatly back into his hand. "Magellan could use a punching bag right about now."

"Magellan" stretched its small body as the last of the whitish light faded away. It blinked dully at Kyle out of round black eyes and scratched its snub beak with a little flipper. "Pi-i-i-ii-iiiip," it yawned. It sat down and closed its eyes.

"So? What did you get, Kyle? This piplup here was the rarest thing I was offered; pretty cool, huh? That seventy-five-K is as good as mine." Magellan yawned again.

Whivit - July 9, 2010 04:29 PM (GMT)
"Very special, just like you," he muttered. He seemed to not hear most of what his brother said, for some peculiar reason.

There was a switch in his brain as the pokemon was released. Everything became just a little bit easier. He could ignore Aaron - sort of - as he focused on the battle; his thoughts, his actions, everything was focused. This was what he lived for. This was who he was. Though he never showed it, he had endless confidence in his battle technique; this was the one area in his life where he was mentored, taught, praised.

He realized he still had the pokeball in his hand. Damn you, Aaron. Obviously it was his brother's fault, because it could be. He stuffed the pokeballs into his pocket, along with the pokedex - he doubted he'd need it at the moment - and left the heavier, full pokeball in his hand. Not the best circumstances to meet his pokemon, but... what could you do.

He pressed the button on the ball, released his pokemon, and pocketed it with the others.

The swinub materialized on the ground in front of him. He felt bad for it, for a moment, so hairy and in the sun and all - he hoped it didn't burn. He didn't have enough sunblock. "Right... Sorry 'bout this, but we're going to have to battle before we meet." He spoke a bit quietly, not wanting his stupid shitfaced brother to hear him. "I'll explain the circumstances afterwards, but it's very important that we win. The asshole over there is my brother - unfortunately - and he's a piece of... shitty... doucheyness." God he wished he could swear coherently.

He paused to think. He knew piplup, obviously, but not well. Not many people used them in an electric-type gym. They were starter types, so they probably knew very few moves - the generic tackle or pound and leer or growl or something. His swinub didn't know much better though. Swinub, being ground types, were quite common at their gym, and he knew them well.

"Okay. You should have decent speed, so - the moment you can, tackle it, and don't get off. Just sit on it. Let your weight and your uh, mass, make it... heat up. If your speed allows you to attack again, flail around with Mud Sport on top of him."

(( Kyle is the most fun I have ever had writing. For serious. sdfds ))

Kusarigamaitachi - July 13, 2010 09:56 PM (GMT)
"Let him," Aaron said, grin as cocky as ever. "Then growl and pound."

Magellan yawned a third time (perhaps Aaron had been trying to teach it something?) and waddled toward the swinub.

Who immediately launched herself forward.

Her little feet moved rapidly beneath her, but the hair hiding them gave her the appearance of gliding over the gravel. She jumped as high as she could, forepaws landing on Magellan's chest. The piplup staggered backward and fell over; the swinub's paws slid off its chest, but she scrambled to climb on top as soon as it fell.

A surprisingly fierce snarl burst from Magellan's stubby beak. The swinub froze with her forepaws on Magellan's stomach, long enough for a tiny wing to smack her across the nose. The slap was weaker than it would have been with Magellan's full weight behind it, but the swinub whined at the impact. Still, she pushed herself a bit farther, paws scrabbling for purchase, then flailed and rolled as though she were in a puddle of mud. Magellan grunted at the weight quickly shifting on top of her and the tiny paws slapping at her, but not being particularly flat or easy to stay on, she found the weight shifting too far to one side and rolling off.

"I don't blame your swinub for feeling that way," Aaron said. "My awesomeness must have rubbed off on Magellan, after all. But this is a battle, not whatever you seem to think it is." His smirk hadn't faded. "If she does that again, Magellan, roll. Otherwise, just keep pounding. Hit the nose - it won't take long."

Update: Swinub's attack fell (-1).

End stats: Swinub's attack is lowered (-1).

Terrain: The hill outside the lab. There is a gravel path winding to the base of the hill, surrounded on either side by grass. There are a few willow trees on the hill, their long fronds moving with the breeze.

Whivit - July 13, 2010 10:11 PM (GMT)
It was much easier for Kyle to ignore Aaron's jibes; he barely heard them. He was focused. Whatever Aaron had said, Kyle's entire outlook on it was different: he knew his brother was a douche. He knew his purpose in life was to belittle him. And he knew that there was no reason to let it work. Now that he had something to distract him, to let his mind focus on, it was easy to let the insults slide off his back.

So far is was going pretty well. But he didn't like the idea of continued pounds, definitely not on his swinub's delicate nose. If he could recall correctly, swinub had its own weapon right under their noses - and he could use that.

"Okay, wait for it to approach you, and when it's about to strike grab hold of its fin with a bite. Bite down as hard as you can, do as much damage as you can- grind your teeth and chew and everything - we don't want that fin hurting you in the future, and then let go and tackle him."

Kusarigamaitachi - July 13, 2010 11:00 PM (GMT)
Focus wasn't always a good thing, as shown when Magellan went for the attack anyway; he evidently either hadn't heard or was completely ignoring what Kyle said, because he didn't even hesitate as he slammed his fin toward the swinub's nose, throwing his weight behind it.

Having no training or experience with catching much of anything in her jaws, the swinub only really managed to jerk her face upward, mouth opening, so Magellan's fin slammed into her teeth instead. Both pokémon made startled noises, and Magellan pulled his fin away. The swinub's teeth snapped on nothing. Still, Kyle could see what must have been a fairly deep gouge in Magellan's wing, with scarlet quickly covering the pale blue feathers.

The swinub darted at Magellan again, not bothering to jump this time, pushing him back several steps before she stopped and let him stagger on his own. Magellan recovered quickly and ran forward, raising the bloodied flipper—and stopping awkwardly and pulled back. His other, undamaged flipper struck the swinub instead, and this time on her cheek; it seemed Magellan had learned her lesson about the nose, even if the bite hadn't been totally successful.

Update: Swinub is learning bite (5%).

End stats: Swinub's attack is lowered (-1).

Terrain: The hill outside the lab. There is a gravel path winding to the base of the hill, surrounded on either side by grass. There are a few willow trees on the hill, their long fronds moving with the breeze.

Whivit - July 13, 2010 11:09 PM (GMT)
Okay. Think. Things were working well. The bite hadn't been perfect, but he should have expected that, of course. His pokemon didn't actually know bite. Pokemon, for some reason, could never do anything if they didn't know the move. It was weird. Didn't they, you know, bite things? Like food? It was weird. But it was going well.

He figured he'd keep up the biting, with a mix of tackles thrown in. Maybe his swinub would actually improve with bite. Couldn't get worse. At least the piplup didn't aim for the nose anymore - though he didn't doubt Aaron would change that.

"Okay, hun. Listen to their commands - if he's told to slap you on the nose, wait and bite his fin again. Try to get it in your mouth this time, just focus on that. Otherwise, just keep tackling him. And don't get dissuaded by a leer - you're much better than him. You're doing great, sweetie. We're gonna win this!" Oh yes, he was gaining confidence, and he was not short on the compliments. Definitely not to pokemon that were on his team. Definitely, definitely not when he was feeling good. And he was. Finally.

Kusarigamaitachi - July 14, 2010 12:17 AM (GMT)
"So you've realised your pokémon's moves aren't good enough," Aaron said. "I completely understand. But we can both play at that game, can't we, Magellan? Pound, and go for the nose. Move faster if you don't want to get bitten, but if you do, hit its nose with your beak as hard as you can."

The swinub stilled, suddenly nervous. (This was the difficult part about listening to the opponent's commands; sometimes they said something unexpected and you didn't know what to do.) She didn't want to be pounded or pecked on the nose, and she only had one mouth to catch something with. But she remembered what Kyle had said, that she was much better than the piplup, and chose to follow her commands.

Magellan shifted on his feet, looking completely miserable, but ran forward with his bloodied flipper at the ready. He swung forward, but his hesitation made him slow and easier to catch, and the swinub was more ready. She opened her mouth wider and clamped down as hard as she could. Immediately she started grinding her teeth, chewing, digging down harder. The unfamiliar taste of metal filled her mouth.

With a screech, Magellan slammed his beak into her nose. It just caught the edge, but that was nearly as sensitive as the centre, and the swinub yelped and released Magellan's flipper. The flipper wasn't that much bloodier than before, but Magellan held it close to his chest. It was probably at least bruised.

It probably was even more bruised when the swinub darted forward and threw herself into Magellan's chest, crushing the flipper between their bodies.

"This is as easy as it was last time," Aaron said. "Now, do it again."

Update: Swinub is learning bite (10%).

End stats: Swinub's attack is lowered (-1).

Terrain: The hill outside the lab. There is a gravel path winding to the base of the hill, surrounded on either side by grass. There are a few willow trees on the hill, their long fronds moving with the breeze.

Whivit - July 14, 2010 12:30 AM (GMT)
Kyle pouted. He didn't like his pokemon getting hurt. Poor swinub was clearly working hard, she didn't deserve to be hurt. But he'd make up for it. Afterwards they'd have a nice rest. It'd be fun. He gritted his teeth and focused again. So - bite was pretty much out, unless he wanted another peck. He could bite and then let go, maybe. But he knew Aaron's commands. He felt he should use that.

What did his swinub know? Mud sport, tackle, odor sleuth. And it could sort of bite. What else could it do? Sit on things. Dodge. ... It was hairy.


"Alright, that was good, don't worry. Now, wait till the piplup comes near you to slap you and then tackle it, disrupt its attack. Then immediately tackle it again. Try to knock it off its feet and don't let it get up. If you can, kick it around a bit, on the ground, to prevent it from getting up." He paused, thought over his commands, and figured they were ok. As good as they'd get anyhow. "Keep it up, you're doing great, hun."

Kusarigamaitachi - July 14, 2010 12:56 AM (GMT)
For a moment it looked like Magellan wouldn't attack, but then he waddled forward—maybe a little slower than usual—with his undamaged flipper raised. The swinub stayed still, tense, and when he was just about pulling back it's too late now she ran forward, turning her nose slightly so only her weight slammed into him.

Magellan, no better at taking her weight than ever, stumbled backwards, but even though the swinub had stopped for a second she wasn't finished. She leapt, shoving her paws into his chest, while he was still reeling. This time he fell, with her already mostly on top of him, the way he was supposed to. Her back legs kicked at his feet, trying to give her more stability, but there was no way to get on completely. Still, with her stomach on top of his, he was more or less stuck.

Doing the only thing he could think of, Magellan jabbed his head forward to give her something like a light peck. It didn't hit her nose, though, missing by quite a bit, and instead just gave her what would likely be a bruise on her cheek.

End stats: Swinub's attack is lowered (-1).

Terrain: The hill outside the lab. There is a gravel path winding to the base of the hill, surrounded on either side by grass. There are a few willow trees on the hill, their long fronds moving with the breeze.

Whivit - July 14, 2010 01:04 AM (GMT)
Yes. That was perfect. He finally let himself feel like maybe, maybe he'll win this. Maybe - just maybe - he could beat his douchebug of a brother. But he can't get distracted by those thoughts. He's in the middle of something. He wouldn't let his brother take this win from him, one way or the other.

"Lovely job, perfect." Okay. he had a... sort of idea, but he wasn't sure if it would work. Or if it was ethical. But screw ethics. Right? "Now - er - bite his beak. Just uh, stick it in your mouth and don't let go. You have a nose, so, so you can breath through that. But birds, their noses are on their beaks... so he'll have some difficulty. Er, if you can't hold on, or you get knocked off or something, just keep using tackle." Perhaps not so ethical. But not so bad either. He wasn't going to kill the bird. Probably.

Kusarigamaitachi - July 14, 2010 01:47 AM (GMT)
"That's a little distasteful, don't you think?" Aaron's voice actually sounded a little disturbed, and there was a moment where even his expression was incredulous. But then it was gone. "Roll and throw your weight around until it falls off. Your head, too. Don't let it catch your beak."

Magellan certainly wasn't about to let the swinub catch his beak even without orders. Every time the swinub went for his beak, he whipped his beak away to the other side. At the same time, he flailed his limbs and tried to rock on his back, rocking harder and harder until the swinub fell off. He scrambled to stand, but the swinub, having landed on her feet, recovered faster and threw herself into him again.

Magellan fell again, but this time without the swinub on top. The swinub glanced at Kyle questioningly, but took a few steps back when Magellan tried to stand again. It took longer, this time, and Magellan only managed to get to a sitting position before Aaron seemed to decide it was time to give orders again.

"Do that—rolling—any time he tries to climb on you again," Aaron said. "Otherwise, growl when he next goes for a tackle, and then pound him on the nose while he's still recovering."

End stats: Swinub's attack is lowered (-1).

Terrain: The hill outside the lab. There is a gravel path winding to the base of the hill, surrounded on either side by grass. There are a few willow trees on the hill, their long fronds moving with the breeze.

Whivit - July 14, 2010 02:05 AM (GMT)
Kyle couldn't help but grin at his brothers' remark. He hadn't thought of it as distasteful until he'd brought it up, but any opportunity to actually get under his brothers' skin was beautiful, in his opinion.

"Don't let him growl. Get in there fast and tackle him to the ground. Don't get on him, just push him onto the ground. Then don't let him get up - when he tried to get up, tackle him down again. If he does growl, ignore it - you're way better than him. Look how well you're doing - he's barely hit you at all. You're doing great! If you get intimidated, just look at his fin. He's wimpy and you're fierce." He wondered if his attempts at boosting confidence sounded as ridiculous as he thought. Doesn't matter. It was the err, thought that counts. Sort of.

Kusarigamaitachi - July 14, 2010 02:52 AM (GMT)
Even though physical movement usually took longer, the swinub darted forward and threw her forepaws into Magellan's chest before he could get out a sound. But no sooner had the piplup's back hit the ground than a (whumpf and a) sharp snarl emerged from his beak. This time, it was backed by real anger and frustration, and despite what Kyle said, the swinub couldn't just ignore it. Her hesitation was costly, and Magellan rolled out from under her forepaws.

The swinub hesitated, the snarl still bouncing within her skull, long enough for Magellan to stand up. But she ran forward, anyway, perhaps a little slower than before, running until impact rather than jumping. Magellan fell for the umpteenth time, onto his butt this time. With a low growl, he stood up and stepped toward her, raising his bloodied flipper, but then, another step and a twist of his body.

Magellan swung as hard as he could with his uninjured flipper—and, finally, got a perfect strike on the swinub's nose. Pain shot through the swinub and she let out a squeal. She backed off, shivering.

Despite that, Magellan was obviously still worse off. One fin was bleeding, and although his other injuries weren't that visible, he wasn't standing upright. Rather, he was hunched over around his injured flipper. The swinub was breathing harder and still making noises, but Magellan probably wouldn't last too much longer.

Update: Swinub's attack fell (-1). Magellan's pound was a critical hit.

End stats: Swinub's attack is lowered (-2).

Terrain: The hill outside the lab. There is a gravel path winding to the base of the hill, surrounded on either side by grass. There are a few willow trees on the hill, their long fronds moving with the breeze.

Whivit - July 14, 2010 03:10 AM (GMT)
Great. That should happen just when he was getting confident. Just to show him. Of course. Kyle clenched his jaw and stuffed his hands in his pockets. Think. His swinub was losing confidence by the moment, as well as strength - but they were so close. So close.

"Okay - hang back. Wait until he tries to smack you again, and then bite, but this time make it a quick bite and let go. Make it a strong bite but still let go fast, don't wait for him to peck you. Try to immediately push him down with a tackle after you let go. If he doesn't use pound at all, or he waits for you to attack, then do it. Just tackle and knock him down, and when he gets up, knock him down again." There were flaws in his commands (when weren't there?), but he didn't know how much his pokemon would be able to remember... he had to hope Aaron didn't see those flaws. Or didn't use them.

Kusarigamaitachi - July 14, 2010 03:50 AM (GMT)
"Growl, and use a pound immediately afterwards," Aaron said.

The swinub was tense, ready, as Magellan took several steps toward her. Her teeth were bared, her jaw was ready to snap open and shut, and her legs were tense beneath her. But it all amounted to nothing when Magellan's third growl rumbled in his throat and the piplup glared with his flipper raised. The memory of the last hit returned to the forefront of the swinub's mind, and she froze long enough for Magellan's healthy wing to smack into her face.

There was one positive aspect, though: at least Magellan had missed the swinub's nose. Even with aiming, it was a small target, and the swinub had turned it away when she'd flinched.

The swinub had missed her first opportunity to attack, but she realised she still had another. With a squeal of determination (maybe, or fear), she ran forward and tackled Magellan again. Magellan didn't fall this time, though she stumbled more than was warranted by such a slow, hesitant attack.

"Reduce his attack to nothing, the way it should be," Aaron said. "Another growl if he goes to attack, or if he doesn't, growl and follow up with a quick pound."

Update: Swinub's attack fell (-1).

End stats: Swinub's attack is lowered (-3).

Terrain: The hill outside the lab. There is a gravel path winding to the base of the hill, surrounded on either side by grass. There are a few willow trees on the hill, their long fronds moving with the breeze.

Whivit - July 14, 2010 04:09 AM (GMT)
Kyle closed his eyes and sighed. Uhg. Stupid piplup and its stupidness. Focus. Right. That's what he needed, to talk to himself. Yup.

Well, he still had one thing, sort of.

"Ok, let's try this. Don't attack. Ignore the growl, close your eyes, and relax. Chill. Take a breather. Focus on you know, zen-stuff; we're doing good, just ease up, calm down. Don't let him get to you. Okay? Then -" - then what - "- dodge the pound. I want you to cool off and remember that you're the better one here. He can't even hit you if you don't let him. Just wait till he comes near and run." If nothing else, this would at least tire the piplup out a bit. Hopefully though, it'd give his swinub a bit of her confidence back. ... Hopefully.

Kusarigamaitachi - July 14, 2010 04:43 AM (GMT)
As Kyle talked, the swinub closed her eyes and breathed in deeply through her sore nose. Then out. Chill... yes. She was still doing better (even if it still hurt). She tried to focus on that. But then she was focusing on her attacks again and then there was Magellan, still real and still capable of hurting her. And also still bleeding.

They stared at each other for a long moment, both waiting for each other to attack. Magellan, having orders to cover this, moved first, running toward the swinub with his flipper raised, but right before he might strike—

The swinub's heart stopped for a second, but she was already running around him by the time his flipper came around, and he nearly spun in a circle when his wing just sliced through air.

Maybe... maybe she could do this, after all.

Update: Growl failed to have an effect.

End stats: Swinub's attack is lowered (-3).

Terrain: The hill outside the lab. There is a gravel path winding to the base of the hill, surrounded on either side by grass. There are a few willow trees on the hill, their long fronds moving with the breeze.

Whivit - July 14, 2010 04:49 AM (GMT)
Kyle nearly fistpumped the air. "Yeah baby! Great job. That was perfect, see?" How ironic that he'd get a pokemon who so doubted herself. It was destiny or some other bullcrap. "We just gotta keep that up. Okay."

He thought for a moment. When the piplup had missed, that was their opportunity. They needed to use that. "Keep dodging his attacks. But this time, when he misses, tackle him off balance. If he growls again, take that opportunity to chill, relax. You're doing great."

Kusarigamaitachi - July 14, 2010 05:13 AM (GMT)
"As though we're going to allow that," Aaron said. "It's simple, Magellan. Don't miss. Feint a pound, then actually do it when it goes to tackle." His lips twisted into a grin. "Remember, aim for the nose."

The swinub saw Magellan charging with his undamaged flipper at the ready, so with a little smile she turned slightly to the side and ran as fast as a tackle. She circled around him, to his back, not noticing that he hadn't taking a swing and was already whirling around to meet her, his wing still prepped for a powerful blow.

But Magellan was naturally slower than a swinub his level, and very much hurting besides. He didn't turn fast enough, and the swinub smashed into his side. He staggered, flippers flailing, and barely managed to stay on his feet. He went to smack the swinub again, but she saw it coming and managed to turn her nose out of the way.

"Magellan. Your attacks are still stronger." Was that frustration in Aaron's voice? "Pound. Don't miss, and strike again if you do. You've hit him several times and at full strength. He won't last long."

Aaron wasn't wrong; the swinub was breathing hard, and though the fur covered any injuries she might have, her nose was reddened and obviously sore. Still, Magellan was the one with a change in posture, both flippers over his chest, hunched over, and with drooping, slightly unfocused eyes.

End stats: Swinub's attack is lowered (-3).

Terrain: The hill outside the lab. There is a gravel path winding to the base of the hill, surrounded on either side by grass. There are a few willow trees on the hill, their long fronds moving with the breeze.

Whivit - July 14, 2010 05:21 AM (GMT)
He took a deep breath. This couldn't last much longer. It had gone on too long already. At least his swinub seemed more confident now, after a short - or long, he had already decided it was too long - battle. That was good. That was success.

"Okay, let's end this. Bite his good flipper, don't let go, and push him down with a tackle. Don't get on him - stay by his side and keep the flipper in your mouth, chew on it, just be... vicious. And don't let him peck you. If he gets near your nose, let go of the flipper and dodge."

Kusarigamaitachi - July 14, 2010 05:49 AM (GMT)
Magellan walked toward the swinub like he barely saw her, flipper raising and pulling back for another swing. But his pound was nowhere near as slow, and he successfully smacked the swinub across the face. Pulling back was another story. The swinub easily darted forward and grabbed onto the flipper with her mouth, then bit down hard.

That brought Magellan's consciousness back to full. His eyes widened and refocused on the swinub, but it was too late. She grinded her teeth and, after a moment's thought, bit down harder before running forward. Her teeth and this movement were rather unkind to Magellan's flipper, and his eyes widened as the skin tore. Forcing him backwards was harder, but perhaps the pain helped; his stubby legs seemed to collapse beneath him. Blood filled the swinub's mouth and she found her mouthful of flipper was deeper than she really liked, and she was gagging so much she had to spit out.

Magellan sat there, blinking away what might have been tears, both flippers bloodied and, though they were not strictly useless, he was obviously loath to use them. He held them close to his chest, apparently not caring about the blood soaking into his feathers.

Update: Swinub is learning bite (15%).

End stats: Swinub's attack is lowered (-3).

Terrain: The hill outside the lab. There is a gravel path winding to the base of the hill, surrounded on either side by grass. There are a few willow trees on the hill, their long fronds moving with the breeze.

Whivit - July 14, 2010 05:56 AM (GMT)
Now he just felt mean. He would probably win, but his douchy brother was too douchy to even return his pokemon at this state. He felt just bad for the poor piplup. Bad for having to do this to it, but mostly for having his brother as a trainer. Poor thing.

But it was almost over. "Er - just tackle him. Until he faints. It should be soon. You did great, hun." He restrained himself from adding 'you too, Magellan', even though he really wanted to. Poor thing. He wished he hadn't have had to get so nasty. With anyone other than his brother... he wouldn't have. Well - probably.

Kusarigamaitachi - July 14, 2010 06:12 AM (GMT)
"Peck at its nose," Aaron said. His voice was completely emotionless now, unsympathetic, but if Kyle looked closely he'd see Aaron's hand lingering above the poké ball on his belt.

It was hard to tell if Magellan even heard his orders. He didn't move, except for his harsh breathing, as the swinub ran forward again and slammed herself into him. He fell easily, this time, even though the swinub didn't jump at all.

He didn't get up, but his eyes were still open. Uncertain if Magellan was still conscious, and a little disturbed, the swinub pulled back and tackled him again. The piplup just rolled onto the grass and started rolling down the hill.

"...hmph." Aaron, finally, lifted Magellan's poké ball and recalled him. A thin red beam struck the piplup, turned it into red light, and sucked it into the ball. "I suppose you learned from my awesomeness last time," he said. His voice was cool, though, rather than cocky. "It would be different if what matters to a trainer—the training—was a factor." He removed a few blue bills from his wallet and held it out, though he didn't move closer to Kyle. "You probably need the spending money, anyway. This is a favour, really."

Update: Magellan has fainted.
Swinub has gained 7 exp (level 6, 2/10) and is at 27% health.

Whivit - July 14, 2010 06:23 AM (GMT)
Kyle stared blankly at the area the piplup had fallen to before being returned. He was scarred. For life. It was just too disturbing. He knew his brother was not a good person, and he always exaggerated it to epic proportions because he hated him, but he assumed he wasn't honestly that bad - not so bad that he'd do that, you know. Just let his pokemon roll down a hill. Like that. He shivered.

Right. Stuff was happening. Wait - wait - he just beat. His brother. He just fucking bloody hell he just beat his brother. For some reason it didn't feel as impact-full as he felt it should, but in his mind he knew it was huge. It was a big deal. He'd just beat his brother. The dude who let his wounded, fainted pokemon's body roll down a hill, he just beat him. Hah. Hah. Suck it, sucker. Suck. It. The grin was just painted on Kyle's face.

Was he the kind of person that would boast? He didn't know. Hadn't had the chance to before. Let's find out! "Yep, it was probably your awesomeness that helped me win. That's it." Not sarcastic at all. He grabbed his brothers' money, perhaps too greedily, but you can't really be too greedy with money, can you? ... Well, nevermind.

He hoped his contact with his brother was now over. For good. He'd come here for this, to beat his brother, and he did. He needed sleep now, and to bond with his pokemon, and to be rid of his brother. Like, not death-rid, though that would be nice - uh - but just get away from him. That kind of rid of him. "So, since the battle's over, that was fun, I guess this is goodbye. Fun seeing you." He was never good at goodbyes. Fail. He predicted Aaron wouldn't want more than that, though, being Aaron.

One last thing he had to do before he could go - heal his swinub. Poor thing. He pulled out the pokemon's pokeball and returned her. And then he awkwardly stood there, waiting for Aaron to say something, or not say something, so he'd know this was over and he could go back into the lab and heal his pokemon.

Kusarigamaitachi - July 14, 2010 06:33 AM (GMT)
"Right," Aaron said. "Fun. That's why you battle, isn't it? Well, then, continue to have fun on your travels. If I see you again, it will be when my pokémon have earned their strength and I have trained them. Perhaps we'll battle then."

And—here was the awkward part—he walked up the path to the lab. For healing, mostly likely, because his pokémon had after all just fainted, but unless Kyle wanted to wait or skip the healing process, he wasn't yet rid of his brother.

Update: You have gained 75 kuts.

Whivit - July 14, 2010 06:58 AM (GMT)
He chewed his lip and stared as his brother entered the lab. The holy lab. The lab of healing. Oh, he wanted to enter so badly, but uhg - why did his brother have to exist? Why? Why did the world hate him? What had he ever done to the world? He was such a good person, really. He would never let his piplup roll down the hill. Why, world?

He sighed. Suck it up man. Sigh again. And step forward. ... Another step forward. A whole bunch of forward steps, and eventually he was in front of the lab door.

And then he was inside.

Just heal your swinub and get out. Ignore what's-his-name. Yep. He'd pretend he didn't see him. He was blind! Temporary blindness. Or amnesia. Forgot who he was. Completely plausible. Happened all the time.

Kusarigamaitachi - July 14, 2010 07:48 AM (GMT)
Who ever said there was no benefit to procrastination?

Because in this case, there totally was. By the time Kyle stepped into the lab, Aaron had reached the healing machine on the far wall, and before Kyle had crossed halfway across the room, the healing cycle must have finished, because Aaron removed Magellan's poké ball and had turned around.

Kyle, being a temporary blind amnesiac, did not see the random stranger glance his way with raised eyebrows or pass by him silently. In fact no one interrupted him as he made his way to the healing machine. There also wasn't the police officer watching his every move or a luxray who'd raised its head and then looked at all disappointed when it relaxed again. While also still staring at Kyle. Or the lab aide talking to him.

"Back again?" the aide asked.

Whivit - July 14, 2010 08:15 AM (GMT)
Sometimes being blind and an amnesiac was sorely underestimated.

"Er, uh, yes - just, uh, to use the healing machine." Wait, why was he so nervous? He'd just beaten his douchebag brother (he really had to think up some better insults, maybe write them down or something, have a list he could use in case of emergency) and - well that was it really. But that was sort of a big deal. At least he thought so. Didn't he? His amnesia (temporary) made it hard to remember.

He placed the pokeball in the healing machine and turned it on. Faster that worked, faster he could leave, and go to sleep. Maybe the aid thought was was back to sleep here or something. He wasn't that weird, was he? (Did he mean himself or the aid? Who knew.)

Once the healing was done he'd grab his pokemon and leave. Not too quickly, normal quickly, but definitely not slowly. No need to hang around here, nope.

Kusarigamaitachi - July 14, 2010 08:43 AM (GMT)
The aide nodded, a knowing smile on his face. "A lot of trainers here like to get into battles as soon as they leave. Half the time they seem to bring someone from home just so they can have a battle right outside the lab. It's perfectly normal and doesn't break any rules."

Perhaps he was trying to comfort Kyle. That's what people did, sometimes, when someone looked nervous and scared. That or they teased them.

Turning the machine on was as simple as pressing the green button (which was also, conveniently, labelled "Heal"). The machine thrummed as it worked, though there was no visible sign or change in the pokéball, for perhaps half a minute until the sound quieted. A quiet ding! let Kyle know the machine was finished.

Update: Swinub is fully healed.

Whivit - July 14, 2010 08:54 AM (GMT)
He tried very hard not to breathe a sigh of relief. Very hard. He grabbed the pokeball and held it while he stared at the aide. Talk. Say something. Why was the aide trying to comfort him? Was he really that awkward? He must be really tired. "Yep, we have fascinating behavioral paterns, us humans. Quite fascinating." Was he mocking the aide or just really really tired? "I have to go now... sleep, you know."

He inched away from the man and then hurried out of the lab, praying that Aaron had disappeared somewhere (or maybe the earth had opened up and swallowed him but that was probably too much to hope for). Really though, now that he'd beaten his brother, he should be much easier to deal with. He'd have a nice thing about that after he slept. Afterwards. Now, sleep.

Kusarigamaitachi - July 14, 2010 09:10 AM (GMT)
"Good luck with that," the aide said.

No beds presented themselves immediately outside. There weren't even any cots or sleeping bags. What there was was an unchanged terrain, with the path and the hill and the town, mostly made up of small shops and houses.

There was, however, a nice carpet of grass on either side of the gravel path, probably only holding a few hundred thousand bloodsucking insects. And trees. Or buildings, if Kyle was into that. There were also three paths visible from the hill; one obviously led back to the airport, but the two others led elsewhere and at the very least might provide some good camping ground.

Whivit - July 14, 2010 09:32 AM (GMT)
There were few things he knew. One: don't steal from little people. They get angry. And they're faster than you'd think. Two: always remember where you put your stuff. Your stuff is important. Don't forget it. And three: Never ever sleep on grass.

Hell, his skin was so sensitive that he'd probably get a grass rash or something. But the thought of all those bugs crawling in his clothing was just - he didn't want to think about it. No. Uhg.

Considering how tired he was, the best bet was probably right where he was. Against the wall of the lab. It was shady and cool and no bugs that he knew of. He slumped down against the wall, taking his bag off and using it as a pillow; he was practically asleep before he closed his eyes.

Kusarigamaitachi - July 14, 2010 05:54 PM (GMT)
The main problem with sleeping out in the open like that, of course, was that people often didn't think you were doing it on purpose.

After about an hour, Kyle woke up to a teenager crouching by his face. "Hey," he said, finger still pointing at the shoulder he'd prodded. "You alright?"

Further down the hill, there were two girls battling, using a slugma and a seel. The seel was asleep at the moment, while the slugma sat before its face and blew out purple smoke.

Otherwise, the area was more or less unchanged. Different people visible around the streets, probably, not that Kyle could really tell. The sun had continued its descent through the sky, but it was not yet that close to dark.

Whivit - July 15, 2010 09:45 AM (GMT)
Kyle blinked.

He had been holding a fishing rod and sitting in a boat - no, it was on a gyarados - there were little kids running around and, it was dark out, and he'd caught a swinub on the fishing rod and his brother was there - and he'd gotten a sunburn - what.

He blinked again. What.

He was awake. Now. Or before. Was he asleep? Possibly. No. He was awake. Why wasn't he sleeping? Uhg, he was supposed to be sleeping, he was so tired, uhg, let him sleep. Stupid kids. Kids weren't that bad except for when they were bothering him, which was sometimes, like now, he wanted to sleep, where was he? He was on the floor, his head was against something hard - that's what he said? - Kutho.

Right. Kutho. Uhg. Why had he come here? ... Oh, yes.

He should speak. The kid was probably expecting him to speak. But he was rather tired. Which was why he had been sleeping. Didn't the kid realize that he'd been sleeping because he was tired? That's why people slept. Right? Was he wrong there? Did people sleep because they were excited to be awake? Maybe he was all wrong. ... He should probably get back to sleep.

He mumbled something. No, that didn't constitute speaking, did it. "I was sleeping. You woke me." Wow, that was friendly.

Kusarigamaitachi - July 15, 2010 10:15 AM (GMT)
"Sleeping," the teenager repeated, as though he couldn't believe it. "Right here? Right outside the lab? Lying down like that makes me think you died or something. But you're alright, then? You weren't attacked with hypnosis and stolen from or anything?"

He relaxed, slightly. Mostly just around the shoulders. "Why not stay at a motel or something? Or I hear there are free tents around Fleet Town. Because, sleeping here..." He waved a hand vaguely. "You know."

If Kyle looked back down at the town proper, he'd see a woman on dodrioback approaching from one of the streets. The events of the battle hadn't changed, although one of the girls was shouting more loudly.

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