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 Mock Battle in the Land of Earth, Jin and Sensha vs Eiga and Tatsumaki
Posted: Mar 25 2012, 10:56 PM

Last Mod Standing

Group: Kage
Posts: 2,592
Member No.: 2
Joined: 22-December 10

We find our heroes, and villains, standing on a cliff on the edge of the northern border of the Land of Earth. There is frost on the ground this high up, snow on the mountain tops, and a chill wind blows through the mountain passes.

Jin has tracked down the Akatsuki member, Fubata Eiga, a wanted S-Rank criminal, to this location and found he is meeting another high ranking criminal from the Land of Wind, someone called Kataiyo Tatsumaki. Seeing as how dangerous such a duo might be, he has called in an old friend and a member of the Explosion Corp., Bakusho Sensha. The two of them had worked together a few times, and their combination of techniques would make the match easier.

Hidden in a small cave above the cliff, Jin looks down, waiting for Sensha to move into position and make his move. The plan being for Sensha to cause a distraction while Jin moved in to try and take one, or both, of the men down.

"Earth Release: Mountain Sandwich!" Sensha calls out from somewhere below.

Suddenly the cliff rumbles before two huge walls of stone rise up on either side of the duo and slam together in an instant. Or at least, that's how it should have worked. Instead, the two walls didn't make it together, because a huge black demon skeleton was standing between them, hold his arms out, causing the technique to stop short.

"Earth Release: Storm of Stones!" Sensha calls out, having appeared now on the far side of the two walls, in sight of Jin, who watches as his partner causes chunks of the two walls to come loose and swirl around the iron giant and the puppet master who controlled him. "If there's one thing I know, it's that big guys are never as fast as they like to think they are. And you're one big son of a bitch."

"Gaikotsu may be large, my friend, but your stones cannot harm him." Tatsumaki says, making a chain hand hand seals, "However, what my puppet hides will be the end of you."

There is a clink, then a clank, and suddenly the mouth of the giant opens, and sand begins to pour out all around his feet. When the hand seals are finished, the sand shivers once, then surges towards Sensha like a hand trying to grab hold of him.

The stones, still swirling about, were slicing through the sand, but not slowing it down one bit, and so instead of focusing them on the sand, he turns his attention to the cloaked figure, but as the stones should have been slamming into him, bashing his body, the cloak was ripped aside to reveal a much smaller, human-sized version of the black giant Gaikotsu.

"Shit..." Sensha says as the sand envelopes him.
Posted: Mar 25 2012, 11:24 PM

Last Mod Standing

Group: Kage
Posts: 2,592
Member No.: 2
Joined: 22-December 10

What Sensha could not see, but Jin could see all too well, was that Eiga had been anticipating this ambush from the beginning. He had seen the subtle hand movements the former Stone-nin had made just seconds before Sensha had made his move, watched as he sank into the ground and was gone.

"Shit..." Jin says, making hand seals as he stands up, having been crouched at the edge of the cave entrance to get a better view. "There...Dust Control: Expand!"

Slamming his hands down onto the floor of the cave, the stone begins to disintegrate into a deep pool of dust that goes down and at an angle under him, so that it creates an opening below the cave, and the dust flows through this opening to create a thick cloud. Only a ninja trained in the art of the Dust Control methods would be able to tell that among the stone dust there were tiny bits of red and black fabric.

Jin hadn't gotten lucky enough to get Eiga, but he had come close, and now would come the counterattack...right on time.

The dust cloud outside is suddenly gone, and through both the new and old entrances of the cave come a flurry of shimmering shuriken and kunai of varying sizes.

"Earth Release: Earth Style Wall!" Jin yells, finishing the hand seals and spraying a mass of mud from his mouth which quickly forms a wall before him, blocking him off from both entrances. "Thankfully I thought ahead enough to make a tunnel escape path behind this cave..."

Turning Jin begins to dash through said tunnel at top speed, sending a small amount of chakra to his legs to make his strides longer. As he runs, he makes hand seals, and every now and then form an earth clone from the walls, all together he leaves about ten between himself and his wall, each with the order to use Dust Control: Expand on themselves, ensuring that Eiga gets covered in dust, which with a dust master, is a death sentence.

The tunnel, and the clones, all of them, are taken out before this can happen, however. With the end of the tunnel in sight, huge diamond shards burst from the walls, floor, and ceiling, trapping him, making a few cuts.

"Nice try Yamamoto, but not good enough." A voice echoes down the tunnel, reverberating off the walls and the diamonds and the mounds of dirt that used to be Jin's clones. "Now, let's see if you can raise a wall in time to block this? Diamond Creation: Shower of Shards!"

Suddenly, the diamonds shatter and the shards fly at Jin from every direction.
Posted: Mar 31 2012, 05:59 PM

Last Mod Standing

Group: Kage
Posts: 2,592
Member No.: 2
Joined: 22-December 10

By the time the smaller puppet had gotten close enough to do anything to him, Sensha was already being squeezed by the sand. The grip was tight enough that he couldn't move to make hand seals, and looking back at the puppet, he notices that the left arm of the puppet is shaking, and a moment later it pops out of place and floats in the air beside the body. The other arm does the same, then the head, legs, eventually all the bones come apart from one another...and then blades and spikes start to appear from the tips of the joints, and something dark drips from them.

"Poison...the damned bastard..." Sensha mutters between breaths, the sand making it hard to inhale now. "Fine then, if that's how you want to play..."

Focusing his chakra, spreading it throughout his body, the large man closes his eyes and smiles, and the next instant there is an explosion that blasts the sand away and knocks the puppet parts away.

"So, he uses his explosive chakra to remove the sand from his body and disrupt my techniques. He must either be very brave or a fool." Tatsumaki says, using the Hiding With Camouflage Technique to cling to the surface of the nearby cliff but remain unseen. "With all that sand, he shouldn't have been able to breath, let alone focus his chakra like that...I can see why the Akatsuki would want him..."

When the cloud of sand settles it reveals that Sensha is gone. There are no footprints in the sand nor any trace of him, save for the crater at the center of the sand where he caused the explosion.

Having used the explosion to get rid of the sand, while still in the cover of it, Sensha body flickers up to the top of the mountain halves he had created, and there he begins making a long series of hand seals, focusing his chakra at his feet. Once he has a large amount gathered there he drops down, and activates his technique as soon as his feet touch the ground.

"Earth Release: Underground Torment!" he yells out as the ground around him begins to shake and crack, then seems to crumble in on itself before chunks of stone and earth begin rolling and the wave of destruction moves outward.

As the earth turns it pulls down the sand, the mountains he had created, and even the massive iron puppet. Even as the ground settles he makes another chain of hand seals, not going to let up on this enemy.

"Earth Release: Summoning Technique: Mountain God!" he calls out, then begins rising up in the air as the ground beneath his feet opens easily to reveal a giant golem made of solid stone that rises up to be larger than the iron puppet Sensha had just buried. It looks as though the golem is wearing a long coat with fur around the collar just like him. "Now, Taru, let's take this guy down!"
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