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 Gum Release, Gamuton
Posted: Mar 20 2012, 03:38 AM

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Group: Kage
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Joined: 22-December 10

(this is just a rough idea, i'll work on it more later and give some background and such...)

Gum Release: Bubble Shield
This technique allows the user to blow a bubble using their chakra which grows large enough to block them completely from the front. If anything sharp hits the shield the bubble will pop, but the object will lose most of its momentum and can then easily be dodged or reflected. If anything dull, such as a fist, hits the shield then it would bounce off at a random angle, then the shield would pop, allowing for a counter attack.

Gum Release: Sweet Scent
This technique allows the user to create a scent within them which they breathe out into an area to affect those around them. The scent itself is determined by how the user wishes to affect others. For example, a minty scent would calm those around them while something like cinnamon would anger them.

Gum Release: Bubble Clone
This technique allows the user to blow a bubble and then use chakra to shape it into a human form, giving it the appearance of themselves or someone else. The clone cannot attack, but upon being struck the bubble making it up will pop, covering whatever struck it in a sticky pink goo.

Gum Release: Gumball Technique
This technique allows the user to fire small, solid balls of gum from their mouth (like the gumballs you get out of machines). The speed at which they move, as well as how many can be fired, are determined by the skill of the user.


Gum Release: Sticky Explosion
This technique allows the user to very quickly blow a huge bubble that suddenly pops, covering an area in a sticky pink goo that works a bit like quicksand, the more you struggle the more you get caught in it, and the harder it is to escape. This causes no damage and a fire or water technique will dry up or destabilize the goo.

Gum Release: Gumshoe
This is a tracking technique which allows the user to imbue a small piece of gum and place it on anything, usually the bottom on a persons shoe, and then be able to track them by following their own chakra. The amount of chakra is so small that only a sensor type ninja would be able to detect it.

Gum Release: Sticky Screen
This technique allows the user to create a thin but durable sheet of gum and places it between two points, such as between two trees. Once placed the sheet of gum will become clear and invisible to the naked eye, but should anything try to pass through, the gum turns pink once more and whatever tried to pass through will become stuck, similar to a spiders web.

Gum Release: Sticky Whip
This technique allows the user to cover their hand in a thick layer of gum which will then lengthen with a flick of their wrist to form a whip. The length and thickness of the whip can be changed at will by the user, but with each strike that lands a small piece of the whip is left behind. This can be used as a distraction technique to place gum for later use.


Gum Release: Hot Air Technique
This technique allows the user to blow a bubble at least as large as their head, or much larger, which is filled with chakra. The bubble created with this technique will cause anything attached to it to begin to float upwards, the weight it can lift depending upon the size of the bubble and the amount of chakra within.

Gum Release: Protective Dome
This technique allows the user to blow a large bubble, which will rise up above them, then lower over them, allowing them and anyone else they wish to pass inside. Once the bubble touches the ground it forms into a thick dome, seemingly made of a very tough rubber, and any physical attacks will bounce off harmlessly, and otherwise a powerful technique of the same or a higher rank would be needed to break through.

Gum Release: Gum Clone
This technique allows the user to shape a large amount of gum into a clone of themselves or someone else. The clone is able to use any Gum Release techniques the user knows, as well as any taijutsu, but otherwise cannot use any jutsu. Upon being struck the clone will lose detail, becoming a human shaped pink blob, which will cause it to become very sticky to anything touching it at this point, then fall into essentially a wad of chewed gum.


Gum Release: Shapeless Guardian
This technique allows the user to split out a massive amount of gum which folds in on itself, condensing and shrinking a bit. It takes no exact form, instead staying in a general blob shape, able to somehow move on its own to protect its creator. It can engulf anything that it can catch, trapping it inside, suffocating anything alive.
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