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 Koton, Steel Release
Posted: Jan 19 2012, 03:40 AM

Wolf Of KC

Group: Members
Posts: 97
Member No.: 10
Joined: 30-January 11

Koton, Steel Release

Type: Elemental
Steel release is an advanced nature kekkei genkei. The elements combined to create this nature are unknown

Clan or Random*?:
. The Steel release Kekkei Genkei is relative to the Aomori clan, they specialize in the jutsu, and all of the Aomori clan contain the kekkei genkei from birth. Although the Kekkei genkei is treasured and prized, none of the relatives are looked down upon if they choose not to use it. Koton has been found outside of the clan, but this is very rare and unusual.

Gives the user the ability to create Steel, and use Steel release Jutsus.

Requires more concentration and chakra then other chakra natures.

Rank(s): No Ranks, kekkei genkei is available at birth.

Although the Aomori clan and Koton have existed for a very long time, the kekkei genkei was kept a secret from outsiders. For the past couple years it has been seen more often by outsiders and is making a name for its self. Reason being, the elders of the clan decided there was no longer any reason to hide their gift from the rest of the world.

Unlike other chakra natures or kekkei genkeiís, Koton is available at birth. The training of the child who possesses the trait is up to the parents. Training is usually started early, to train the child to hone their skills early on in life, although if the child chooses not to further their training after learning his or her chakra natures, they will cease the training sessions.

The Aomori clan is fairly small.
Posted: Jan 23 2012, 09:29 PM

Last Mod Standing

Group: Kage
Posts: 2,592
Member No.: 2
Joined: 22-December 10

D Rank

Steel Release: Steel Coating
A rather basic ninjutsu that allows the user to create a thin layer of durable steel coating around their body. This technique is the first technique all Aomori clan members learn. It also allows the user to withstand physical attacks and ups the damage of the of the users physical attacks. Makes the user slightly heavier. This jutsu does not hold up well against ninjutsu.

Steel release: Armor Manipulation
* Must know Steel coating or Ultimate Shield
This technique allows the user to manipulate the steal coating around their body and make it into weapons (sort of like Eds transmutation of his metal arm). It can be used to create spikes any where on the body and inflict damage on incoming physical attackers. Useful for other things as well.

Steel Release: Ninja Tools
This technique allows the user to make shuriken, kunai etc out of steel. The tools created look almost identical to regular ones, but have a darker tint to them. The amount of tools created varies upon how much chakra is used.

Steel Thread Skill
This technique allows the user to place their hands or fingers together, concentrate their chakra at that point, and when they pull apart metal wire is created. The length depends on the amount of chakra used, it is as strong as normal metal wire

Steel Release: Spike Field
This technique allows the user to focus their steel chakra in their arms, then slam their hands onto the ground and send it out into the area around them, causing steel spikes to rise up around them. The size and number of spikes, as well as the area affected, depend on the amount of chakra spent on the technique.


C Rank

Steel Creation Skill
This technique allows the user to create simple objects made of steel from their chakra. things like cubes, rings, plates of armor, etc. The larger or more decorative the object the more chakra it uses.

Steel Release: Ultimate Shield
A technique that will create a second skin of steel around the user, it is weightless to the user, allowing speed and free movement, whereas it is extremely heavy to others

Steel Release: Senbon Fury
*Must know Steel coating or Ultimate Shield
This technique allows the user to shoot multiple senbon from his or her skin. The amount of senbon vary on how much chakra is used.

Steel Release: Steel Clone Skill
This technique allows the user to make a clone from their steel chakra. The clone is very durable and takes 3-5 hits for it to be destroyed. The clone has the ability to use the Armor manipulation skill. When destroyed the clones leave behind powdered steel.

Steel Release: Speeding Bullet
This technique allows the user to create steel pellets in their hand, and then fire them at high speeds towards their opponent.


B Rank

Steel Release: Senbon Rage
A more advanced version of Senbon fury, this technique can be used without Steel coating, or Ultimate shield activated. It allows the user to shoot multiple senbon from their skin in a rapid succession. The amount of senbon created and shot, depends on how much chakra is used.

Steel Release: Steel Barrier
This technique allows the user to create a steel dome around themselves and others, for protection, or to capture. This technique can be altered by Armor manipulation skill, by converting the outside, or inside of the barrier into spikes and other things as well.

Steel Release: Steel Golem Technique
This technique allows the user to focus their chakra inwardly, then they open their mouth and spit out a large steel figure, a golem. This golem is usually about 1.5 times as large as the user and twice as broad. They cannot preform techniques or use chakra in anyway, but their bodies are very, very durable and they are very strong, and they will defend their creator until either the technique is released or they are utterly destroyed.
Only one golem can be created at a time.

Steel Release: Metallic Dragon Bullet Technique
This technique allows the user to make a metal dragon, either from scraps of metal lying around, for by crafting it all at once, which takes much more energy but give the user more control over the dragon. Like other Dragon Bullet techniques the user is able to control its movements with hand motions, or their will alone if they are skilled enough.
Posted: Jan 23 2012, 09:46 PM

Last Mod Standing

Group: Kage
Posts: 2,592
Member No.: 2
Joined: 22-December 10

Summoning Technique: Steel Release Golem
For this technique, the user must have crafted the golem beforehand.
This technique allows the user to summon their steel golem from wherever they keep it to wherever they are at the time of the summon. Unlike a normal summon it takes a minute for the golem to actually appear, due to the sheer weight and size. This golem is, on average, the size of a house and nearly indestructible, however, once summoned it drains a small amount of chakra from the user as long as it is summoned, but for this price it can also use Armor Manipulation, and other such Steel Release techniques that have to do with reshaping the steel once it has been created.
Unlike other golems, this one must be put together by hand from several pieces. While this takes time, it also makes it easier to fix the golem if anything happens to it, rather than having to create a new one each time.

Steel Release: Slag Technique
This technique allows the user to focus their steel chakra in their mouths, forming small drops of steel that, once breathed out by the user, sharpen and become rough as they move through the air. The effect if similar to having small, sharp rocks thrown at the target, except that the user can continue this technique as long as they have the chakra to do so.

Steel Release: Treasure Box Seal
This is a combination steel release and sealing technique which allows the user to craft a large box with a lock on it and a key. The size of the box varies by the skill of the user and the amount of chakra used to create it. It can be as small as a shoe box or as large as a house. Once something has been locked inside, only the key created at the time the box was crafted can open it.
For those inside the box, time seems to freeze. They fall into a deep sleep and will only wake up when the box is opened, and when they do it will feel as if the lid were only just shut on them and then opened back up.
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