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Title: A-Rank
Description: Suna no Jutsu

Kazimaru - March 18, 2012 10:12 PM (GMT)
Quicksand in the Style of a Waterfall
(Ryūsa Bakuryū)
This technique requires a massive amount of sand to preform.
This technique allows the user to cause a massive amount of sand to rise up in the form of a wave, then rush towards and crash down on their target. Because of the scale, this attack is almost completely unavoidable and can easily bury the target alive.

Sand Binding Prison
(Sabaku Rō)
This technique allows the user to manipulate sand to surround the target and trap them within an airtight sphere. The size of the sphere can be changed to fit the needs of the user, which also changes the amount of sand and chakra that will be used. This technique is very hard to avoid, no matter if the target is on the ground or in the air, even flying.

Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral
(Sabaku Taisō)
To learn this technique one must first know Sand Waterfall Funeral. This technique allows the user to slam their hands down on the surface of sand, cause a wave of compression to wash over the sand, crushing anything within the sand. Normally this is used right after Quicksand in the Style of a Waterfall, which can easily cause the target to become buried in the sands.

Sand Manipulation Technique
(Suna Sosa no Jutsu)
This technique allows the user to flood the surrounding sand with their chakra, allowing them to, from that point on, control that sand with their will alone. This technique was based on Gaara's ability to have the sand he used move on its own to defend him. This also causes the sand to become permanently saturated with their chakra, making it much easier for them to use it in other techniques, and requiring them to use less chakra to control it.
The more the user uses this technique the easier it becomes, but in the beginning it requires a large amount of chakra to use, and once the user becomes too exhausted the sand will fall away.

Permanent Sand Palace
(Eien Suna Kyuden)
This is one of the few techniques that, once preformed, does not require a constant flow of chakra, however a very large amount of sand may be needed.
This technique allows the user to create a building made of sand that has been compressed to tightly that it becomes a solid sandstone structure. The side and detail of the building will determine how much sand and chakra are needed.

Desert Tiered Imperial Funeral
This technique requires a massive amount of sand to use.
This technique allows the user to first surround the target in sand, which hides an explosive tag, and capture them. Once captured the sand begins to build up on them, compressing around them, until it eventually forms a large pyramid. The explosive tag is then set off, and the body is destroyed within the pyramid.

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