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SAM?! Posted on Sep 12 2011, 03:26 PM
Sep. 12 2011
Admin Posted on Aug 18 2011, 03:25 AM
  Are originals welcome?
    Yes they are. Not only are canons from any time period welcome, but you can also make your own historical figure if you like. Remember that we need people from this time as well, and most of those will most surely be originals. If you have any questions regarding a character you want to make, and whether or not you can bring them in. Than just post your question in the Q&A forum and I'll be sure to clarify any confusions.

Is there an age limit?
    For originals born in this century yes. Since the disease kills most people in their prime, there will not be that many people between the ages of twenty-five and forty. Not all of them are dead mind you. But they are not as common as they once might of been, especially in countries with few medical resources/hygiene and in the towns closest to ground zero.

What is the site's literacy level?
    I would like to consider us rather laid back. I'm a nice person and will generally give anyone a chance to join. I'm not going to hound you over length and whatnot since I prefer quality over quantity. But I consider us an intermediate literate site.
Historical people are allowed, what about legendary people?
    Legends are allowed, yes. King Arthur, Robin Hood, Merlin....they can be brought in. But you have to know that no magic is allowed at all. So if you bring in BBC's Merlin, keep the magic out.
So no magic at all?
    Nope. None. No vampires or werewolves either. I love them all dearly, but not for this roleplay.
How do the past/present thing work?
    Basically the machine targets a historical consciousness from any period in time. According to Dr. Fields your thoughts and mind are still working even though you've died ages ago. By targeting a person's mind he can bring them forward from any period of their life, with all their previous memories intact. Of course this whole experience is rather dramatic. Most of those brought forward go into shock for at least a couple of days. Depending on how open minded they were in life...
They can be taken from any time of their life?
    No, obviously the scientist would be sure to target them when they are older, most likely after they've done whatever they're famous for. It would be a waste of time for him to bring them in from their it would be a disaster to have a bunch of children running around in adult bodies.
Can they go back?
    Yes, if the host body is killed or dies. The mind just slips away, back to where it came from. The Doctor is unsure whether they remember their experience in the present or not. He figures they don't.
Is it painful at first?
    Yes, very much so. First they feel like something is tearing (when their mind is pulled from the past.) that's the first feeling they experience, but not the worst. Then the body starts to wake up. These are bodies that have recently died, so nothing is working. All of the bodie's functions have stopped because the mind is no longer making them work. When a new mind is put in the bodies restart like a busted car. There is a surge like a lightning strike that races from their head to the tip of their toes, as their nervous system kicks in and sends out a thousand....million different signals at once. The heart come alive, pound fast and hard and the blood has to start moving again having settled. Their hearing returns and is uncontrolled at first making the first couple of minutes sound like they are listening with their head pressed up again a speaker, which is why the scientists are urged to keep the room quiet. To avoid deafening the patient. The last thing that starts working are the eyes, and like the ears they are incredibly sensitive at first. Which is why lights in the room are dimmed.

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