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Title: Ver'tas
Description: original fantasy world

Sparrow - May 5, 2011 04:31 PM (GMT)
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The land of Ver'tas is one of great wonder and mystery. The main continent holds three countries: the cold and unforgiving tundra of Ugaia, the mage's domain of Mtenur, and then Ethanor, a kingdom in power for less than a decade, by the grace of Risoh. This roleplay is mainly played from the point of view of Ethanor, however it does switch depending on the player characters, and the way the world goes is entirely dependent upon you, our players.

Settled on the lower half of the main continent, King Segar rules his people as well as he possible can-- when he is not with his mistresses. Whispers of his infidelity has filled the courts to the brim with juicy gossip, but also with doubt at the ability of their new king. The King's advisors are busy coming up with a plan to solidify their king's popularity when up in the North, war breaks loose between the ever warring tribes of Ugaia and the aristocratic mages of Mtenur. The ever impulsive Segar sees this as his chance to show off his new army and generals, but to regain the trust and love of his people-- what better way than to put down an uprising that could hurt the kingdom?

In Ugaia, the tribes have momentarily joined up under the leadership of the Tribe of the Elk, the Tribe of the Crow, and the Tribe of the Bear. As always with barbarians, they just can't agree on who should be leading the troops. The older Chieftain of the Tribe of the Elk is set in his ways about how things should go, and for that, he has earned the respect of many. But there have been rumors of assassination plots against the old one, and even worse, rumors of Mtenur sympathizers within their very ranks, one of them being the Shaman of the Crow Tribe. Will their campaign survive, or will it be defeated from the inside before any of the real action can be met?

Mtenur sees the other two countries it shares a landmass with as annoying little bugs. Can no one see what important work they do here, in the mage tower? Although, it does seem to be a bit inhumane. Human experimenting, of course. There has even been talk of daemon involvement, but who can know for sure? (There is). They are more than a little miffed at the uncultured barbarians invading their lands, but so far have not been too worried about it. It seems that Ethanor is worried enough for the both of them.

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