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Posted by: Mazrith Apr 2 2011, 11:28 PM
I just wanted to post some more information for everyone regarding Character registration. Please check in here from time to time since things may be added or taken away.

-The first is that we are only allowing Genin to be made right now as the Admins will be handling the Jounin stuff for the time being. This may be expanded at a later time.

- We currently only have one village open right now. We decided to use Kumo to get away from the commonly seen Konoha. We plan on opening the other villages up for registration as we see fit.

- We are not allowing Bloodlines to be used right now. One reason is that we currently don't have any bloodlines for Kumo for people to use. The other reason is that towards the end of old Jiyuu, everyone had a bloodline character. This didn't end well. While we don't have anything against Bloodlines they will remain closed for the time being. As soon and we decide on a way to do them the way we want this will change.

- We ask that members use the jutsu trees that have been accepted when creating characters. Something else that goes along with this is only picking the first two or three jutsu from a tree when they start out. You are a ninja that is not or anywhere near their prime. Everyone starts somewhere. Please be reasonable about this.

- Once again keep in mind, Genin are not majorly experienced ninja to begin with. You are just out of the academy. Does it make sense for you to be able to take down someone as powerful as Kakashi fresh out of the academy? Progression for ninja is an important part of roleplaying. Everyone starts out week, but ends up being strong.


Posted by: Mazrith Apr 3 2011, 09:46 PM
Updated 4-3-2011

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