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Jiyuu Reborn > News > Oi! Go post characters!

Posted by: Mazrith Apr 3 2011, 03:02 AM
Do eet!

Posted by: Haraki Apr 3 2011, 10:00 PM
Hey just a quick note!

In character applications, when any of the admins offer advice or ask that you make changes to your application, don't get discouraged! We're not trying to be super strict hard asses, we're trying to give everyone an equal opportunity to grow and have fun!

All the admins currently are really experienced and good at what they do. Like I said, we're not trying to be jerks about it, but we've all learned from the mistakes and faults of the old website, and we're trying to correct those here.

So don't think because we ask you to change something, that we want you to leave the site, or banish yourself or whatever you might feel, but know that we're just trying to do it right.

Have fun guys! Be sure to read all the news, rules and registration posts, so you can get your character accepted as quick as possible!


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