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Posted by: Haraki Mar 29 2011, 02:42 PM
The Uchiha clan:
Village of origin: Konoha
The Uchiha clan posses a special eye commonly called the sharingan. This ocular jutsu allows the clan to mimic opponents moves and predict future moves. The sharingan eye is commonly seen as a red iris with multiple black pupils. A more advanced sharingan eye is possible, called the mangekyo sharingan.

The Hyuuga clan:
Village of origin: Konoha
The Hyuuga clan also posses an ocular based jutsu, called the byakugan. The byakugan allows the user to see their opponents chakra flow and attack it directly.

The Nara clan:
Village of origin: Konoha
The Nara clan uses their chakra to control and weave shadows, this can be used to halt or control their opponents or they can also use it in an offensive manner, sending them as hands or spears.

The Aburame clan:
Village of origin: Konoha
This clan allows bugs to live inside and on them, feeding on their chakra. The bugs are also used to defend the user or attack their opponents.

The Akimichi clan:
Village of origin: Konoha
Typically larger than most other ninja, akumichi clan members are also considered clumsy and enjoy food and eating. Their clan skill allows them to expand body parts and ad massive force using chakra.

The Inuzuka clan:
Village of origin: Konoha
The Inuzuka clan are known for their special techniques and more notably their strong connection and ability to fully understand canines.

The Yamanka clan:
Village of origin: Konoha
Members of the Yamanaka clan typically run flower shops, but their real skill comes from the ability to invade and control their opponents minds.

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