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 Oshawa Clan
Posted: Apr 3 2011, 08:29 AM


Group: Members
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Joined: 31-March 11

NOTE: I posted this before I noticed the Admin's post about no bloodline characters. I'm sorry to have not seen it beforehand.

Private or Public: Private. Will become slightly more public when the site expands.

Clan Name: Oshawa Clan
Location: Kirigakure no Sato
Clan Traits:
- All members of the clan have dirty blond hair. Eye color can vary, but blue and green are common.
- Every member of the clan uses Dekiton- the Boil Release. ((Note, this boil release is very different from the Fifth Mizukage's bloodline limit.))
- Members of the clan have very warm blood- more so than the average human. This means they can withstand the cold easier.
- Members have very low control of their temper. hose who have some control will not always keep that coolness.
- When they are angered, their eyes turn a fierce red color.
Clan Strengths:
- The Boil Release is an advanced form of Suiton (Water release), therefore it can defeat Katon (Fire release). In-fact, Katon techniques would only make the Dekiton jutsu stronger. Despite the heat, it cannot defeat Fuuton (Wind release) like Katon can.
- The angrier the members get, the more their blood boils, and the hotter their scalding jutsu become.
- Their Chakra storage is also very high- a high Jounin leveled clan member similar to Hatake Kakashi can be on par with a Kage.
Clan Weakness:
- Despite the huge amount of Chakra, they can easily lose stamina when it comes to movement (traveling is very tiresome).
- Genjutsu abilities are below average. They are lucky enough to use Kirigakure no Jutsu.
- The more heat they give off, the easier it is to detect them.
Bloodline: Dekiton - Boiling Release.
Clan History: A long time ago, when it was of the times of the first Kage of each village, the Kyuubi no Youko attacked Kirigakure, simply because it was bored. The stories say that a man known as Hiro Oshawa, a skilled Jounin of the mist village, fought the demon, and with greed, took some of it's chakra and made it his own. This story is known by the village itself and even the families that knew Hiro came to believe that story, and thought wrongly of him. However, Hiro's family, also known as the ancestors of the clan, told the story as though he saved the village. In both stories, the demon fox fired a chakra beam at the village to cause mass destruction. In the common story, Hiro used a forbidden water jutsu that absorbed Chakra and converted it to his own. In the ancestral story, Hiro created a giant wall of water to block the attack, protecting the village.

The water then rained down on Hiro and his family, which was scolding hot from the heat of the fox's chakra. However, instead of burning them alive, the chakra became one with it's original owners, and the water became hot, and although demonic, it was used to drive away the Kyuubi. But because no one took the story in the positive way, the family was hated, and as a clan emerged, the clan was just as despised. Even today, members of the clan are frowned upon for stealing so much chakra, and having to keep a demonic presence in the village.
Members: Hiro Oshawa
Bloodline Description: Dekiton - Boiling Release
The Dekiton techniques are similar to common Suiton jutsu. However, the water is boiling hot, and can be more lethal then simple water. Techniques will also resemble abilities the Kyuubi can use, though to such an extent where the clan members cannot go through stages of looking like it like Naruto can. The angrier clan members get, the hotter the jutsu become.
Clan Jutsu

Name: Dekimono Chishio - Boiling Blood
Art: ???
Rank: ???
Description: Members of the clan have extremely warm blood, but it can get incredibly hotter. From their lava-like blood, the jutsu for the Oshawa clan are produced. Even at Genin rank, the jutsu can get too hot for even Katon users, and they are part of their fire. However, the blood can only get hotter for two reasons. Either the member must get angrier, or the environment is hotter than their blood, though they simply just adapt to the temperature, and don't get hotter until anger kicks in.

Name: Dekiton (Boil Release) - Boil Bullets
Art: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Description: The user expels small water bullets at the opponent. They are non-lethal, but very hot, and capable of burning rock.

Name: Dekiton (Boil Release) - Steam Release
Art: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Description: The user expels steam similar to how Kirigakure ninja use their namesake jutsu. The difference is that the steam is hot, and will often make the opponent feel drowsy if they can't "take the heat".

Name: Dekiton (Boil Release) - Steam Burst
Art: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Description: The user makes an explosive blast of steam pop out from their body. It doesn't really hurt anybody, it's just a repelling force. One can use this on their feet or back to boost upwards/forwards.

Name: Dekiton (Boil Release) - Hot Hands
Art: Taijutsu
Rank: D
Description: The user's hands literally become extremely hot. Can be lethal if the user is angry enough and they are holding something like the opponent's head.

Name: Dekiton (Boil Release) - Boil Blaster
Art: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Description: A stronger version of Boiling Bullets, only the user fires a single stream of hot water.

Name: Dekiton (Boil Release) - Lava Water
Art: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Description: The user makes the water around them rise up way past boiling level. A ninja not careful of this will be destroyed by the amount of heat coming from it. ((Note: if you use Water walking, the boiling water will not harm you.))

Name: Dekiton (Boil Release) - Steam Geyser
Art: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Description: The user breathes in deeply, the fires a wave of extremely hot steam at the target from their mouth. This steam can melt metal, so watch out.

Name: Dekiton (Boil Release) - Boiling Shield
Art: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Description: When in danger, Oshawa clan members can shield themselves with a jelly like shield of blood red water. Their are bubbles floating in this jelly, and it's very similar to the Kyuubi no Youko's shield. This technique expels demonic aura.

Name: Dekiton (Boil Release) - Boiling Claw
Art: Ninjutsu/Taijutsu
Rank: B
Description: The Oshawa clan can attack with a jelly like claw of blood red water coming from their own hand. Their are bubbles floating in this jelly, and it's very similar to the Kyuubi no Youko's claw. The user can only use one arm at a time. This technique expels demonic aura.

Name: Dekiton (Boil Release) - Steam Engine
Art: ???
Rank: A
Description: Oshawa clan members use this advanced form of the Boiling Blood technique to become more powerful. This technique can only be achieved if something extremely drastic happens that angers the clan member to an extent where his skin, ears, even his eyes are creating steam. Their entire body goes past boiling point, and all their techniques heighten in power. This technique expels demonic aura.

Name: Dekiton (Boil Release) - Water Geyser
Art: Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Description: This is the clan's most powerful jutsu that doesn't reek of the Kyuubi's rancid Chakra. The user focuses their chakra down into the Earth, and when they find a water source, they begin to boil it, and force it to surface past the ground. In a literal sense, they create a geyser jet right under the opponent. The water shot from this geyser is enough to kill somebody, and will melt just about anything caught in the stream. This takes a ton of chakra and concentration.

Name: Dekiton (Boil Release) - Roar of Devilish Power
Art: Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Description: The final demonic technique of the clan. Before the jutsu even begins, the user's canine teeth and nails become much more sharp. After the transformation, the clan member cuts their palms open with the newly obtained claws, and puts his hands forward, and manipulates the heat around him into a ball. Then, his blood, magnetized by the heat ball, fuses with it and swirls into the sphere. Then comes the evil chakra now surrounding the user. All of this mixes together and forms a glowing red ball of the jelly like substance, the bubbles moving wildly. After a good amount of charging, the user fires this ball as a beam of raw chakra combined with heat into an almighty death cannon. Like the Water Geyser, it will melt anything caught in the blast, but this beam continues until it hits rock, where it will still melt it, but refrain from destruction of more area. ((Note: This technique is VERY similar to the Menacing Blast 4-Tailed Naruto uses, yes I'm aware. However this attack is nowhere near as large as Naruto's version, and it's easier to dodge. I just want to have a fire mah lazor because I'm cool XD))

Name: Dekiton (Boil Release) - Blood Rejuvenation
Art: Healing Ninjutsu
Rank: ???
Description: In dire situations, the user can transfer their blood into an ally to be able to heal them. This blood, if it's at it's lowest ((a.k.a, not angry)), the target's wounds will heal and bring back some of their strength. If the target has died very recently, transfer of all blood can restore the target back to life. However, this act upon reviving the dead kills the user.
Posted: Apr 3 2011, 09:53 PM

Game Master

Group: Admin
Posts: 82
Member No.: 2
Joined: 29-March 11

Hey, I've not had a chance to really review this yet, but I'm going to lock it and leave it in here for now. We'll hang onto it and will let you know when we are ready for bloodlines to be allowed.

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